Magician of Insa-Dong – Chapter 13: A treasure which only I can tell 3

Han JinHo left the storage after receiving the items. He placed the goods inside the inter-dimensional ring and now, it was time to leave the place.

In fact, it was now the time when things got serious. The people who had won items in the auction couldn’t hide their nervousness.

How many people here worked, and earned money through clean, legal methods? It wasn’t out of norm for them to attack others and take their items.

This auction was like that.

Of course, it was quite rare for the auctioned goods to be stolen. Not many attempted it in the first place, since many came to represent their organisations and would usually bring a few strong people so successfully stealing wasn’t an easy matter.

In addition, even if they do succeed in stealing, they had to leave no traces behind, and that too, wasn’t easily done. As a result, unless the item was attractive enough for them to wage total war, no-one would carelessly attack.

But Han JinHo was a bit different.

First off, he was alone.

Second, the final item of the auction – Hidden Box – was a treasure everyone desired. It was a treasure which might be carrying the Thousand Sword Clan’s secret arts.

Such an item was in the possession of one person, and that person didn’t seem very strong nor did he bring a vehicle.

Isn’t that an attractive prey?

Naturally, Han JinHo was very clear of that fact, and had thus somewhat prepared beforehand. Disguise was one of those preparations as it was also important to ensure no one knew of his participation in the auction.

He had no intention to leave these kinds of violent people be, and let them intrude on his daily life. The reason he planted subordinates inside the three organisations that aggressively approached him was also because of this.

It was due to the slightly unsafe part-time job he had, but nevertheless, protecting his daily life was quite an important thing for him.

And without a doubt, it would also be protected today.

The auctioning organisation might attempt to trace his account to find him, but he wasn’t worried. It wasn’t something that could be found so easily.

Han JinHo calmly passed by the people dallying around the storage.

Most likely, nothing would happen here. If they caused a trouble at a place with many eyes, there would be more demerits than merits.

After all, it would be much better for the one stealing the jade box to also stay under the radar. Since whether they found out the truth behind the jade box or not, they would still receive hostility from countless organisations.

As such, he wasn’t hurrying nor rushing. They would be happier if he appeared rushed. Wouldn’t they feel slightly doubtful, if he unhurriedly moved like this?

Of course, not everyone had such thoughts. Every place had someone out of the standard, and had an idiot who had contrasting thoughts to other people, and would try to wreck everything.

“Oi, brother!”

The man who shouted at Han JinHo and was approaching him with large steps was precisely that kind of person.

His name was Jo DongPal, the assault leader of Black Bear Group. Black Bear Group was a powerful group, one of the top three amongst all the syndicates gathered today. They owned various companies, both legal and illegal, and Jo DongPal was a man who focused on the illegal side of things.

The person himself was very satisfied with that.

Han JinHo glanced at Jo DongPal who was walking towards him. He was one of the people Han JinHo had eyed when he first entered the storage. It was because this person had the most amount of mana.

In other words, he was pretty much the strongest man here. Jo DongPal was unrivalled – limited to this place, of course – since the person with the second most amount of mana was only around half of what Jo DongPal had.

But Han JinHo wasn’t afraid.

Jo DongPal who now stood before Han JinHo glared at him and scanned him from top to bottom. It was a method he used to gauge at the other’s strength.

Normally, it would’ve been effective. With that huge physique and vicious gaze looking down, normal people would be frightened.

More so since a strong string of mana naturally flowed out and suppressed the surroundings, which added to its effect.

But his opponent this time was Han JinHo.

“What’s up?”

“The thing that brother has, the Hidden Box.”

“What about it?”

“I need that thing a little so why don’t you sell it to me?”

Han JinHo stared straight at him with an expressionless face. Jo DongPal continued.

“I’ll give you 500 million. 500 million plus a life, isn’t it a stunning deal?”

Han JinHo smiled.

“So, if I don’t sell it to you at 500 million, you’d kill me. Is that what you mean?”

Jo DongPal also smiled.

“Well, not exactly killing. I’m just asking for a deal, it’s good right? You get your life as well as money. Do you think I easily give a price of 500 million? Ask the people here if you want.”

He glanced over the crowd with a shameless expression. The people who knew about Jo DongPal all nodded their heads, as they knew how stingy he was.

Han JinHo smiled while looking at him.

“You see, I’m good at fighting.”


Jo DongPal speechlessly stared back at Han JinHo. Who’s talking about fighting skills in front of who?

“Ha! What the heck. Haha.”

He scornfully snickered and glared at Han JinHo with killing intent burning in his eyes.

“Hey boy. Be careful with your words or I’ll crush you. What? Good at fighting? So what, you wanna fight me?”

Han JinHo sneered at him.

“Not selling.”


“Not selling. Go away.”

Jo DongPal’s expression distorted into a frown.

“Talk after thinking. Your life’s on it.”

Han JinHo warmed up his body and cracked his neck.

“First punch, sure win.”

His punch, like lightning, drove itself into Jo DongPal’s solar plexus.


Jo DongPal was hit without even noticing what had happened. But actually, the people who knew him were not worried. Jo DongPal usually received all the punches while pummelling his opponent into a paste.

He was a man with a mysteriously resilient body.

But, after that one punch, Han JinHo leisurely turned around. The people watching all secretly clicked their tongues. People who lowered their guard like that had all suffered death.

However, the next scene caused everyone’s eyes to become round like a light bulb.

Jo DongPal’s eyes lost their former strength while his body fell on his knees, after which he collapsed forward.


The moment he fell, he vomited a puddle of black blood. It was only now that the others saw Han JinHo in a different light. He was definitely not a normal guy.

What he did in fact, didn’t amount to much in his opinion. He only shaped his mana like a sharp needle and poked the cluster of mana inside Jo DongPal’s body.

The condensation of mana was forcefully scattered and inflicted severe internal injuries along with pain. He probably took more damage than if he were hammered all around his body.

The instant the people’s eyes moved to Jo DongPal from him, Han JinHo immediately started running and left the place.

At an incredibly fast speed.

Using an acceleration magic, he then focused his mana onto his lower body to explosively increase his speed. Perhaps even if they were closely watching him, the people would feel he vanished into the darkness.

“Catch him!”

Somebody’s shout caused everyone there to quickly get moving. The one who shouted was from the Black Bear Group like Jo DongPal, but all the people here had the same purpose so they travelled together.



All around the place, sounds of cars starting and accelerators being pressed echoed through.

“You take our hyung-nim! The rest, come with me!”

The Black Bear Group’s member who had just shouted quickly gave more orders and everyone thus busily moved around. One car was sent to carry Jo DongPal back to the organisation and the rest pushed themselves into another car and quickly rushed.

There was only one road for a fair bit; there was nowhere to run to. Unless he could run faster than a car!

The area around the storage quickly turned silent. Then, the storage door opened and the man who was hosting the show walked out.

“An interesting man appeared. You can trace the account, right?”

“Yes. We will trace it.”

“From what I can see, he’s not a normal person. It probably won’t be easy, so leave it to an expert.”

“Yes. We will leave it to JeonPa’s people.”

The man nodded his head.

“Alright. Those guys should be able to do it somehow.”

The man’s eyes glossed like a snake. The subordinate standing next to him saw that and trembled his body.

The surrounding air had turned cold.



The members of Black Bear Group took out, and loaded their guns.

“Hyung-nim, do we really need to use guns?”

“Didn’t you just see that guy felling DongPal hyung-nim? Can you fight DongPal hyung-nim without a gun?”

“I can’t”

“Then shut up and listen. Don’t loosen your guards. That guy isn’t a normal person. I should’ve known the moment I saw him being alone yet carefree.”

But what would that have changed? Even if he had been careful, Jo DongPal wouldn’t even listen to him.

And honestly, he never thought Jo DongPal would collapse that easily. To think that he would fall after one hit.

Jo DongPal was someone who wouldn’t fall even if he received bullets head on. A man who could ravage around like a demon even with dozens of bullets in his body – that was Jo DongPal.

He couldn’t understand how a punch could make a person like that put into that state.

“Damn. It should be about time for us to catch up, why can’t we see him?”

“That’s very true. There were many who departed before us but it seems that no one has found him yet.”

“There’s no way he could run faster than a car, so…”

But even though he was saying that, he was thinking, maybe he really did run faster than a car.

They had never met a real master yet. However, according to all the stories they’ve heard, a real master could run faster than a car and cut a bullet with a sword.

They couldn’t believe it 100% but wouldn’t there be something about them, or why would such rumours be going around?

While they were pondering, a small sound was heard from the roof of the car.


It was as if someone jumped onto the roof.

There was no need to say anything; from the three people inside the car, the two people except for the driver immediately shot their guns towards the roof.

Pshoong! Pshoong!

The silencer was attached so the sound wasn’t very loud.

The roof of the car was riddled with holes.

Pshoong! Pshoong!

They continued to fire their guns. There were so many holes on the roof that the top of the car was visible from inside.

It was fortunate that the car didn’t have a sunroof. If it did, the glasses from the broken sunroof would’ve fallen inside.

“It seems there’s nobody above.”

“Yeah. I guess we were too stressed.”

Someone chimed into their conversation.

“No, I was on top of the roof until just then.”

The three people inside the car were startled, but they couldn’t react in any way. The two people that weren’t driving felt a sharp pain on their neck and were instantly paralysed.

Han JinHo pulled the guy sitting on the front seat to the back seat and moved himself to where he was sitting.

“Stop the car for a bit, won’t you?”

The driver was also a member of the Black Bear Group. He gritted his teeth and stepped on the accelerator – no, he tried to, but could no longer move before he realised it.

“Ah, what a hassle.”


The door opened, and the seat belt was unfastened. Everything was automatically done.

Han JinHo pushed him off with his foot.

The member of the group was falling outside but couldn’t even raise his voice. Han JinHo then sat on the driver’s seat and naturally continued driving.

The car staggered for a bit but that was it. The black high-class sedan which now had a new driver raced down the road as if sliding down.

None of the people who had been chasing Han JinHo had any idea of what had happened inside the Black Bear Group’s sedan.

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Proofreader : Uptime

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