Magician of Insa-Dong – Chapter 14: Martial Arts 1

The Black Bear Group had various legal companies in public, but that didn’t mean they gave up on having influence in the underworld.

They thoroughly divided it into two and the person who oversaw both sides of the organisation was Chairman Jo DongHo. He was also the older brother of the assault leader of Black Bear Group, Jo DongPal.

The reason Jo DongPal could run around without care, and the reason he could cultivate one of the top martial arts, one of the most powerful even in the underworld, were all thanks to Jo DongHo watching his back.

On the other hand, the one who contributed the most in bringing Jo DongHo to this level was Jo DongPal.

So, wouldn’t Jo DongHo care tremendously for Jo DongPal? The age difference of the two was quite large, so for Jo DongHo, Jo DongPal was closer to a son than a brother.

“The guy who made DongPal like this… Find him. At any cost.”

“Yes, Chairman-nim.”

Jo DongHo didn’t even glance at the secretary who left after bowing his head, and only silently looked at Jo DongPal who was lying down on the bed.

He had already given an order to not hold back on money and equipment for the treatment, but they said it wouldn’t be easy.

What had happened on the day, he checked it repeatedly through numerous different reports. He couldn’t believe it.

“His dantian was broken with one hit? Who, my bro DongPal?”

Jo DongHo was clearer than anyone on how strong Jo DongPal was. He couldn’t believe how his dantian was broken with one hit, and added to that, only one of the guys who had went with Jo DongPal had come back without injury.

That one person was only uninjured because he was the one who brought Jo DongPal back, while the others had been attacked and put to a state similar to Jo DongPal.

Once the dantian was broken, the person wouldn’t be able to use martial arts anymore. In other words, they would just be a normal gangster without supernatural powers.

They couldn’t be used in official companies. What use would they have in legal places?

That didn’t mean they could be used in underworld organisations either. They had learnt martial arts and would have been living while buried in privileges, so how could they now live among normal members?

‘It would’ve been better if they were dead. Tsk.’

He couldn’t kill them with his own hands which made it even worse.

Overall, there weren’t many members who had learnt martial arts, since they only taught it to people who were ready to die for the organisation.

With Jo DongPal included, it was only a loss of four people, but to the Black Bear Group, it was quite a decrease in war potential.

And their face was also ruined. If he didn’t quickly deal with this matter, there will be people who look down on the Black Bear Group.

‘That can’t do. All my efforts for the organisation.’

Chairman Jo DongHo gritted his teeth. He looked down at Jo DongPal lying on the bed.

“If it’s holy water… would it be able to restore a broken dantian?”

His eyes changed lights multiple times.


Sitting in his workshop, after placing all the items he had gained on the tabletop, Han JinHo was having a rest.

His heart was still beating fast. It wasn’t actually that dangerous; considering just the level of danger involved, exploring the ruins were much more dangerous.

But exploring the ruins, he didn’t need to directly fight other people.

Of course, sometimes, there were monsters.

In any case, he had gone to an auction with many vicious people, obtained a good item, and fought with people that tried to steal it.

Such an experience was a first. Thus, it wasn’t strange for his heart to be beating this fast.

“Well… I should get used to it after doing it for some time.”

But it would also get increasingly dangerous.

This time, he stole the sedan from the Black Bear Group so he could hide his tracks more effectively. However, he couldn’t do this all the time. He had no intention to beat up people that didn’t even harm him.

Even this time around, if Jo DongPal didn’t come provoking him, he wouldn’t have stolen the sedan.

He had completely erased all the traces.

Riding the sedan, he went to the underground of a random building, parked the car there, and moved to the building next door through the toilet.

At that place, he had changed his appearance and clothes back to his original state, so no-one would know that the person who participated in the auction was Han JinHo.


What he got from this auction was the Lightning Bomb and the Hidden Box.

He first grabbed the Lightning Bomb. Inside was a condensation of mana, and completely surrounding it were complex magic circles.

Perhaps, even if someone scanned the inside, they wouldn’t discover that much, as the magic circles were made up of pure mana.

With Han JinHo’s current level, it was difficult to immediately grasp the high-level magic circles. In addition, they were also complicated so it seemed like it would require a fair amount of time to analyse it.

He first turned his laptop on. Then, he opened a magic circle composition program. It was a program he had made by hiring a few skilled programmers and telling them step by step.

The program allowed a free manipulation of magic circles, freely drawing them while also being able to enlarge and shrink at will.

In truth, you can’t do anything with just this.

After composing the magic circle with this, he printed it through a 3D printer, and analysed it. He sometimes also used 3D printers when making actual magic circles, but actual magic circles required a much more delicate handiwork.

Recently, he had more equipment that were meant for accurate construction, and some tools were even hand-made.

That was why as one delved deeper into the world of magic, they gradually needed more skills and more studying.

Han JinHo read the flow of mana inside the Lightning Bomb with his senses, and started to draw a magic circle on his laptop. As he continued doing this sort of work, he became increasingly more adept at sensing magic.

With an amazing concentration, he finished making the 3D magic circle. He found it easier to inspect this after printing it through a 3D printer instead of rolling it around on the laptop screen.


The 3D printer was turned on. A large solid magic circle was slowly created, starting from the bottom up. He let it do its own work and picked up the jade box after resting his brain for a bit.

“This looks like magic, but it’s not normal magic.”

He had felt it from the first time he saw this jade box – this wasn’t a normal information storage device.

The mana used in this case was refined mana. In other words, it had a specific attribute to it. Usually, when an information storage magic used mana with specific attributes, its efficiency tended to drop tremendously.

In fact, most magics were like this. When someone makes a magic circle that spits out fire magic, it may seem that the effects would be better if mana with the attributes of fire were used, but that was not how it was.

It would not just use fire mana, and instead, it would link various other magics in a complicated pattern, and thus, the huge drop of efficiency.

And yet, this jade box still used refined mana.

“The attribute of the mana is… metal?”

Due to using refined mana, the structure of the magic circle was slightly different to how it should’ve been, but with Han JinHo’s skills, it wasn’t difficult to analyse the whole thing while taking that into account.

Normally there would be a lock attached, but this one wasn’t locked either. However, the type of mana used acted as a lock in this case.

It was made so that it wouldn’t activate unless the same attributed mana was inserted.

“That isn’t too hard.”

The advantage to using normal mana was its versatility. It didn’t have an attribute, so anything could be done with it.

Han JinHo steadily placed both his hands on the jade box. Concentrating, he let mana flow into his hands.

With extreme care, he changed the attribute of his mana. It was easy to create mana, similar to the mana in the jade box, but it was a different story if he had to create mana that was exactly the same attribute as the jade box’s.

He exerted the highest level of concentration he could to change the attribute of the mana. Then, he flowed it into the jade box.

A gentle light gushed out from the jade box.

There was no need for a keyword to start. The jade box immediately began throwing up all the information saved inside.

The information emitted from the jade box was displayed on his retina. The special feature of the Shining Crystal was that it would send the information only to one person that had activated it.

This jade box also followed that special feature.

While checking the information surfaced on his retina, he made a strange face. A very tough-looking man demonstrated sword arts with his sword. He was naked, and also had red dots all over his body – they were the locations of the acupoints.

It wasn’t just a sword art. Every time he swung his blade, a blue line appeared among a few of the acupoints on his body.

It was an information with all the profundities of sword arts.

He didn’t know whether this was the sword art of the Thousand Sword Clan, but he could tell from just seeing, how powerful the sword art was.

When the demonstration of the sword arts had ended, there were now two men. One was facing the front, with the other turned around.

The blue lines along the acupoints travelled from front to back. It was a breathing method for learning the sword art. The procedures to storing the refined mana used in the sword art, into the dantian was clearly displayed.

“This… is martial arts, huh.”

Although he didn’t really feel the need to learn it, he felt it would be worth studying and examining. In the first place, he was practicing how to apply mana on his body (not refined mana), so researching this sword art and the breathing method would be a big help.

“There’s also ‘how to punch’.”

After the demonstration of the breathing method, it returned to being one man and he now displayed how to punch and kick, continuing with a demonstration of the footwork.

For some time, Han JinHo repeatedly re-read the information from the jade box without moving.


To test the newly learned martial arts, the workshop was too small. He needed a new place dedicated to physical training.

“It seems I have to buy another building.”

It appeared that buying a somewhat spacious building and remodeling it to fit his wants would be a good idea even considering the future needs.

Until now, when using money, he only used small amounts with special care, but the situation from now would most likely change a bit so he needed to deal with that as well.

At present, Han JinHo’s funds were separated into dozens of accounts.

By using fake passports, he set up corporations in tax havens and used bank accounts of those corporations to make small purchases.

In truth, foreign money was coming into Korea and being used inside so unless it was linked to criminal activities, there was no possibility of ever being investigated.

“Should I set up a company in Korea and start seriously moving around?”

He suddenly thought of such a thing. Regarding relics and antiques, he himself was number one in Korea – no, the entire world.

Was there a reason not to use such a talent?

“Make an antique appraising company, perhaps?”

In the future, he would be continuously involved in matters regarding ruins and relics, so a background or two might come handy.

Han JinHo didn’t believe that the secrets of the relics would last for that long. Even now, new ruins were constantly being discovered, and therefore, information related to it were no doubt, growing at a fast rate.

If they found out how to artificially create relics, there would be no reason for it to be kept a secret like it had been, nor would there be a reason for the skills to be stagnant like now.

It would probably grow at a fast rate, incomparable to the current growth.

What if he had already made a company in preparation for that, how much easier would it be to move around?

He remembered the three subordinates from before. It wasn’t urgent so he could probably deal with things comfortably by using them.

After they consume their own organisations, if the three companies were merged into one, wouldn’t the power and influence reach a reasonably high level?

Han JinHo could then add wings to that.

“That would be interesting.”

Of course, it wasn’t something to do immediately. He first had to find a building and remodel it to make it his own personal space.

“Work should be left to experts.”

He called Che MinYoung after saying that. He had no intention to take care of everything by himself like he had when making this workshop.

He didn’t even want to recall the immense hardship from back then.

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