Magician of Insa-Dong – Chapter 17: Bodyguard 2

Seeing the bodyguards that Yu CheIn called, he scratched the back of his head. She had called the bodyguards to the bar straight after her conversation with him.

The bodyguards had been waiting outside the bar, and approached them as soon as they left it after the end of the meeting.

“I’m Lee SunHwa. We will be with Han JinHo-nim for a while.”

All three of her bodyguards were female.

Thinking about it, it was obvious, but he had been too excited when she had mentioned attaching bodyguards to him, so his thoughts hadn’t reached that far.

‘Their skills are… so so.”

Probably because they were Yu CheIn’s bodyguards, all three had refined mana, or inner qi inside.

‘Slightly weaker than Park SeoJun, I guess?’

Indeed, if he had three bodyguards of this level, even Park SeoJun wouldn’t dare fight carelessly.

For starters, Han JinHo greeted them.

“I will be in your care from now.”

He thought it would be nice if Park SeoJun quickly carried out an ambush or something. The guy seemed to think he was looked down on, and those kinds of guys do not know when to give up. If he didn’t properly punish him, that guy would probably annoy him repeatedly.

After greeting each other, Yu CheIn who had been standing still to the side intervened.

“I’ll try my best to quickly deal with it. Actually there’s a much simpler method but, I really don’t like that method, so I think it would take some time.”

“Well, I don’t mind, do as you feel comfortable.”

He replied without thinking too much. In fact, it would most likely finish much earlier than Yu CheIn was expecting. That Park SeoJun or something didn’t appear to be a guy who postponed things.

Yu CheIn pouted her cheeks out with a wronged face.

“I was originally looking forward to after the meeting ended but, since it became like this, I have to get going. Sigh, really… what a cancerous person.”

“Okay. Don’t push yourself too hard. I’m really fine.”

“Yes. And use that car for yourself for a while, sunbae-nim. To make it easier for the bodyguards.”

Following her line of sight, he found a silver Rolls Royce car parked to the side of the road. He once again, nodded his head casually as if it was a trifling matter.

“Okay, thanks.”

His attitude caused Lee SunHwa and other bodyguards to stare at him with a different light.

Yu CheIn expressed her unwillingness countless times before leaving.

“From here, I will explain the things.”

After she left, Lee SunHwa approached with a step. She explained, word to word, to him how the bodyguarding would be carried out from here on. Two people would be bodyguarding at all times, while the other person would be resting.

“The principle is to be close guarding for 24 hours a day. But if it’s uncomfortable for you, we will stay outside the house while you’re at home.”

Han JinHo thought for a while. The officetel he was living in was quite large, so two more people living inside wouldn’t be too hard.

However, it was arranged for only one person to live in, so some preparations were required for three people to stay.

“Let’s just stay together. It would be a bit odd to buy another bed, and I think one sofa and a few blankets would be enough. Ah, if you’re uncomfortable with it, then it’s fine.”

“No, we’re not uncomfortable. It’s part of our work.”

“Then let’s go buy the sofa first.”

He got on the car after saying that. His confident attitude, as if he was using his own car, made the bodyguards including Lee SunHwa slightly speechless.

One of the bodyguards took the steering wheel and the other two got on the back seat with Han JinHo.

“Let’s first go to a nearby department store.”

He rested his back comfortably on the seat and started viewing his smartphone.

Han JinHo’s smartphone was an extremely special item. It was a phone that couldn’t be found anywhere on the market. Although not entirely, he had remodelled a large portion of it, that it could be called a half-handmade good.

Accessing the information on the smartphone, he started to study a spell which he had saved on it.

Training in magic was simple. One just had to repeat it many times and become used to it. But there was a process they had to go through before that; that is, to fully understand the spell itself.

How the mana is transformed and how it travels, as well as why that has to be done – all of these had to be understood before actually being able to use the spell.

Han JinHo saved the spells which he had not fully understood yet on his phone and studied them whenever he had time, but now there weren’t many spells left.

‘I have to start looking for new magic…’

The only method was secret auctions after all. The fastest way was to purchase shining crystals from there.

‘Or I could excavate the ruins but… information regarding those is secured way too tightly.’

It was natural for them to secure their information. Even after a ruin was fully excavated, its value wouldn’t completely disappear. From the information they got from the ruin, they could appraise relics, and estimate the usage of those relics.

Thus, it was normal for ruins to be under complete control.

In truth, Han JinHo was the same. Well, his controlling method and reason was slightly different to other people, though.

The number of ruins he possessed was only one, but that one ruin would have a value incomparably greater than adding up dozens of other ruins. He would sometimes visit the ruin and carefully check if there was anything he had missed.

To view the profundities of the ruin, one needed good knowledge, and to find proper relics, one needed sufficient skills.

Han JinHo still had yet to fully conquer to ruin. He had found it ages ago and still hadn’t passed more than half…

His ruin’s level of difficulty was so high that it was currently at a bottleneck. Unless he improved his skills by a reasonable amount, he wouldn’t be able to find any more from the ruin so he half-deserted the place.

Therefore, he needed another ruin.

He had to improve his skills while exploring other ruins, analyse the relics he would gain from there and train with them.

Thinking of such things while studying magic spells, they had arrived at the department store before he had realised it.

“We have arrived.”

He nodded his head to Lee SunHwa’s words.

“Let’s go.”

Han JinHo unhesitatingly walked to the furniture corner of the department store and bought the biggest sofa there. It was at an astonishingly high price, but he didn’t care.

After purchasing the sofa, he asked while looking at Lee SunHwa.

“If there’s something else you need, please tell me right now. There probably won’t be any time to come here later.”

“Ah… there’s none.”

“Is that so? Then let’s go back. If you think of something on the way back, then you can say it any time, okay?”

“Yes. I will do so.”

Lee SunHwa strangely looked at Han JinHo who had started walking away after nodding his head.

‘Just who is he?’

She found it weird. It was as if the Han JinHo she knew from the documents was completely different to the Han JinHo she was seeing now.

From within Yu CheIn’s bodyguards, Lee SunHwa was the person who knew the most about Han JinHo. It was because she had been ordered by Yu CheIn’s grandfather, Chairman Yu MyungHo, to look over the investigated information of Han JinHo.

On it, it said he was a university student and an orphan who was working part-time as an antique appraiser.

‘Do antique appraising part-timers earn that much money?’

They obviously didn’t, and that was what seemed odd.

‘There’s a need for a close observation.’

Lee SunHwa was to the very end, on Yu CheIn’s side, and wanted Yu CheIn to be happy. She recalled what Yu CheIn had repeatedly told her just then.

‘She said to give him a positive image…’

Lee SunHwa shook her head with a troubled expression. She didn’t know where to start.


Han JinHo’s officetel was fairly large, and without the miscellaneous stuff in the middle, there was still space after placing the large sofa down.

On that sofa was one of the bodyguards lying down asleep. It was as expected from a sofa which costed 20 million won, there was no discomfort when sleeping.

Lee SunHwa sat down on the side of the sofa and looked towards the bed. On the bed, there was Han JinHo, deeply asleep.

Today was the second day after the bodyguarding had started. But those two days had given her a general idea of what kind of person he was.

First he almost never went to school.

He had gone to school just once during the two days, and he came straight back after listening to a one-hour lecture.

And he held onto his smartphone all day.

It was her first time seeing such a lax person. It wasn’t that he was lazy, since he woke up early in the morning, and lived a reasonably regular lifestyle.

But most of what he did everyday was related to his smartphone.

‘What exactly is he doing?’

She was extremely curious as to what he was doing with his phone. She knew she shouldn’t do it, but she still stole a glance once.

But couldn’t see anything.

That made her even more curious. Han JinHo would sometimes be so occupied that it made his head appear as if it was steaming.

If she could see what he was staring at, she could find out his preferences and hobbies, and plant a positive image in him, but even that proved to be difficult and it troubled her to no end.

Soon, the day broke, marking the start of another meaningless day.

A sigh unconsciously left her mouth.


On the fourth day after the bodyguarding had started, a change finally occurred in Han JinHo’s daily life.

“I have to go to Gangnam.”

Lee SunHwa’s eyes brightened as she replied.

“We’ll prepare the car right now.”

The bodyguard that was with them hurriedly left the building. It was to go to the parking lot and bring the car to the entrance of the officetel and wait there.

Han JinHo walked slowly with lee SunHwa.

Lee SunHwa was slightly tense. She wasn’t having a good feeling today, since it was about time for Park SeoJun to make a move.

If the bodyguards weren’t attached back then, something would have happened on that very day, but Yu CheIn’s bodyguards including Lee SunHwa all had considerable skills so even Park SeoJun needed some preparations.

The silver Rolls Royce started like it was sliding down the road. After about thirty minutes of driving, they had reached their destination. It was a small coffee shop in ChungDam-dong.

Getting off the car, he said to Lee SunHwa.

“Please wait here. It won’t take long.”

“Yes? But, it’s dangerous.”

Han JinHo gave a smile.

“It’s alright. I’ve prepared some things on my side as well.”


“It’s alright, it’s alright. The café is right in front of you anyway. Plus, the walls are transparent.”

In the end, she couldn’t follow and decided to look at the things going inside the coffee shop through the wall of glass.  

She could see Han JinHo who just entered nicely greeting a fashionable woman.

‘He came here to meet with a woman?’

Lee SunHwa’s eyes became slightly bigger. It wasn’t a normal woman and was an astonishingly fashionable and beautiful woman.

She naturally couldn’t be compared to Yu CheIn, but it still didn’t give her a good feeling.

‘Is that woman the reason why he ignored our lady’s approach?’

She came up with countless conjectures.

But Lee SunHwa didn’t become careless in the slightest. She had judged that today would be the most dangerous day.


The person Han JinHo met up with was Choi MiKyoung. She had cleanly taken care of his request.

All the procedures were done, so all he needed to do was sign the contract, and pretty much walk a thousand miles with one foot.

While listening to her explanations, Han JinHo repeatedly nodded his head. Her work was carried out cleanly and it was to his liking.

First, one of the buildings was completely empty. It was out for sale because the company had gone bankrupt during the remodelling of the building.

Anyone who wanted to start something new would greatly covet the building, and she had successfully gotten her hands on it.

And, the other building was located not too far away from that building. It was only recently built, and was therefore expensive, but it had enough of its merits.

The buildings had been prepared, and the people that would be remodelling the building were already found. They weren’t from normal companies; they were from special companies.

Speaking up to there, Choi MiKyoung’s expression stayed business-like. Her face, eyes and attitude all had no hints of any emotion.

But for the next topic, her expression completely changed. It was as if all the distilled emotions were now spiralling up like a tornado.

“About that bank account.”

Choi MiKyoung stared at Han JinHo with strange lights in her eyes and continued.

“Exactly how did you do it?”

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