Magician of Insa-Dong – Chapter 18: How to handle an attack 1

“What do you mean? What about the bank account?”

When Han JinHo asked with a completely clueless expression, Choi MiKyoung enlarged her eyes.

“Do you really not know?”

“Like I said, what do you mean?”

“It’s impossible to trace.”

Only then, did Han JinHo understand what she was trying to say. He had applied a new magic as a security measure between the accounts, and she seemed to be talking about this.

The other day, seeing how easily Che MinYoung was able to trace those accounts made him feel insecure so he had added some more measures.

In fact, even Han JinHo hadn’t checked how effective that thing was. It was only an action he had carried since he was uneasy about it.

After all, he had gotten a spell related to it.

“Actually, if you hadn’t told me beforehand about the accounts, I wouldn’t have thought about trying it.”

Han JinHo had told her the details of a few bank accounts already. It was to bring the money into Korea and use it to purchase the buildings.

He had felt slightly anxious because he thought he had been transferring money too carelessly, so he had wanted to receive an inspection from an expert.

“I tried digging around the accounts you told me. By using a few methods.”

The fact that those methods weren’t legal by any means didn’t need to be said. Choi MiKyoung took out a small laptop from a bag she had placed on the adjacent seat.

“This is the result.”

Han JinHo looked up and down at her face and the laptop she pushed forward. What was she trying to say?

“Please try turning it on.”

He opened the laptop and pressed down on the power button.


Normally when a laptop is turned on, it would display the logo of the production company, but this laptop was different.

“What is this?”

The screen was filled with an array of bizarre texts. It was as if to say nothing could be done anymore with this laptop.

“It’s a super expensive one, okay? I used a lot of money to remodel it.”


Choi MiKyoung continued with a self-deprecating expression.

“At first, the tracing was going smooth. I was able to check up to the recent deposit and withdrawal history. Based on that, I was trying to get my head around the flow of money but…”

She said up to there and faced the laptop.

“It became like that. It wasn’t just hacked; the laptop itself stopped functioning.”

“It stopped functioning?”

“I didn’t do nothing; I left it to the experts to analyse.”

She could not believe the results that came out. All pieces of the laptop were broken. They weren’t normally broken but instead strangely broken. They still worked, but all of them gave out slightly wrong results.

[PR: As an IT engineer, I have to call BS here. OH wait… magic. duh]

Even the experts could only raise their hands and feet. They too, had never seen such a thing before.

“Please tell me now. What exactly did you do to it? How could something like this happen?”

Han JinHo replied with a deadpan expression.

“Isn’t it your job to investigate about those kinds of things?”

“That isn’t… no you’re right. That is my job…”

She couldn’t hide her sorrow even while being convinced. If she could find out the secret to this, she felt like she could become unrivalled in this industry.

But who in the world would disclose the details of such an amazing secret? It was already incredible enough that she had been given this kind of opportunity.  

“So, I assume there’s nothing to worry about regarding the accounts?”

Choi MiKyoung nodded her head with a face full of confidence.

“It’s a bit weird saying this myself but, I pride in myself being the best in this industry when it comes to setting up measures against others’ tracing.”

After saying that, she became slightly downhearted and glanced at Han JinHo.

“Well… I guess it’s not so much now, but, in any case!”

She returned to her confident posture and continued.

“I’m confident that no-one will be able to trace it. However… if someone was to run around on their feet, doing it step by step, I’m not sure how it will turn out. Well… no-one does it that way these days.”

Usually, people use many fake accounts to avoid tracing, so no-one would run around on their feet, checking every one of those documents if they wanted to trace their accounts. There were, after all, lots of spectacular electronic devices as well as hackers with great skill recently.

Han JinHo nodded his head. He was finally at ease.

In fact, the measures he had taken were planned to be against people, and he didn’t think they would also work against electronic devices.

What he had applied was a very simple anti-recognition magic. He had added it between accounts, in an electronic process.

The research took a long time, and it wasn’t easy applying it. Thanks to it, he had also studied a ton regarding computers.

It was stuck in a stalemate until recently, where he found a few clues and finally he successfully finished it.

“So the conclusion is… you can use the accounts like you have been so far.”

He smiled at Choi MiKyoung’s words and nodded his head.

“Then I’ll buy the buildings now. Where should I transfer the money to?”

Choi MiKyoung stared at him with a baffled expression.

“You won’t be checking the buildings with your own eyes?”

“Why should I when the pictures came out this well? I think it should be fine to just continue it.”

She could only nod her head with a slightly stiff expression.

“Well… roger then. You can put the deposit into this account.”

“Let’s just put the whole thing in. I’m going to buy it anyways.”

“Well… that is also fine.”

After finishing the payment, he looked at Choi MiKyoung. The read deal would start now.

“What would you be doing after this job?”

“I will have to wait until a new request comes in. While I use the payments from the this one.”

She was to receive a fairly large amount for the fee this time, so there would be no issues for the time being. But even that money would one day be fully spent.

“Do you have any plans to settle at one place?”


Choi MiKyoung gave a bitter smile. She did once think about such a thing. In this line of work, it was very rare for a female to work by herself.

They would usually regroup into an organisation. Especially so, since physical power was necessary to deal with matters in the underworld, and thus, everyone grouped together.

The reason she didn’t go into any was because she had a good appearance.

Even now, there were love calls coming from several places. They weren’t necessarily because they wanted her skills; it wasn’t uncommon for them to want things other than skills.

She had endured it well till now, but she was gradually being overpowered. Perhaps, if not for Han JinHo’s request this time, she might have crumbled down.

“Che MinYoung-ssi also agreed to working together. How does it sound; you two working together and gathering a bit more people?”

Choi MiKyoung first started doubting. Thus, she couldn’t easily reply.

“Discuss it with Che MinYoung-ssi later before contacting me. The door is always open. For your information, I have a lot of money and there’s also a lot of work to do.”

After speaking up to there, Han JinHo carefreely drank his coffee. One could see Choi MiKyoung’s eyes trembling violently.


Park SeoJun gritted his teeth while looking at the silver Rolls Royce parked in front of the coffee shop.

“I get annoyed every time I see that car.”

That Rolls Royce car was something Yu CheIn used when she officially travelled around. And the bodyguards standing next to the car were also the best of her bodyguards.

Especially, Lee SunHwa was the captain of Yu CheIn’s bodyguards and her skills were top level from within the industry.

The fact that such a car and such bodyguards had been provided to Han JinHo made him annoyed and angry.

“Who’s the woman he’s meeting inside right now?”

“She’s called Choi MiKyoung, an expert dealing with troublesome stuff.”

“Troublesome stuff?”

“She handles small things like laundering the sources of money and secretly dealing with fragile matters.”

“Why is such a woman meeting with that guy?”

“We will look into it.”

Park SeoJun tilted his head.

“Are you sure Han JinHo has nothing special?”

“I’m completely certain. But he might have formed some connections while appraising antiques.”

Park SeoJun scoffed.

“How resilient can a connection formed by appraising antiques be? A breath will be enough to tear it all.”

“Manager-nim’s words are correct.”

Park SeoJun glared at Han JinHo who was carefreely drinking his coffee and murmured.

“Today is the best chance but…”

“Then we can make a move today.”

He looked sideways at Kim ChulMin.


“Yes. If Manager-nim could catch their attention for a while, we will take care of it ourselves.”

Park SeoJun glanced at the two vans behind Kim ChulMin. The people inside those vans added up to ten people, and they had all learnt martial arts. Even for Park SeoJun, it isn’t easy to move ten martial artists.

In his clan there were less than fifty martial artists in total, and he had moved ten of them. He couldn’t fail this task ever.

In fact, they could fight the bodyguards including Lee SunHwa head on, before abducting. The people he brought were strong to that level.

However, it was preferable to not be noticed by them. Park SeoJun’s current preparations could even abduct Yu CheIn so kidnapping an ordinary citizen was no big deal.

“Then prepare. I’ll take care of Lee SunHwa’s side.”

“Yes. Please do so.”

After deeply bowing his head, Kim ChulMin took out his phone and contacted the martial artists waiting inside the vans.

Soon, Park SeoJun got off of his car and approached Lee SunHwa.

Lee SunHwa glared at the surroundings with sharp eyes once she saw Park SeoJun quickly approaching, but found no one else. But she knew very well that there was no way Park SeoJun would move by himself so she was even more tense.

“Why the need to be so careful? It’s between us.”

After he spoke while smirking, Lee SunHwa made a stiff face.

“Why are you here?”

“I just came here because I saw a few familiar faces while I was passing by.”

Park SeoJun covered both Lee SunHwa and the other bodyguard’s line of sight in an extremely slick manner. It was only possible because two of his bodyguards had come with him.

“We’re working right now. Please move away.”

“Ey, why are you so small-minded? More importantly, is our CheIn well? This friend isn’t receiving calls.”

“I don’t know.”

“No way. SunHwa-ssi is the captain of CheIn’s bodyguards right? If you’re like this, I have to go find Chairman Yu directly… SunHwa-ssi should talk to CheIn well, to ‘not worsen the situation any more’.”

“As I’ve already said, I don’t know. I’m currently undertaking another mission so I also can’t contact our lady.”

Park SeoJun gave a smile.

“That lie, I’ll believe it this time.”

He hesitated for a while but then, a bodyguard standing behind him approached and whispered to him.

“It is time to go now.”

“Ah, is it that late already?”

Of course, those words were the sign that the work had been finished. Park SeoJun waved his hand while wearing a bright smile.

“Then I’ll see you soon.”

When Park SeoJun turned around and walked towards his car, Lee SunHwa and the other bodyguard’s eyes rapidly trembled.

Han JinHo who was inside the coffee shop had disappeared.

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