Magician of Insa-Dong – Chapter 19: How to handle an attack 2

Han JinHo was on a van going somewhere.

‘Sigh, these people, are they super over-confident or are they stupid?’

He heaved a sigh inside. They didn’t restrict his hands nor feet, and simply made him sit there. It was actually because he had not shown any signs of resistance.

Han JinHo remembered the events from the coffee shop.

In truth, he had known that a few martial artists were around his surroundings from before he had arrived at the café. They had stealthily been following his car.

They were following in an extremely well-executed manner, but the refined mana they emitted was so obvious felt that it was impossible to not notice.

So, when they appeared in the coffee shop in large numbers, he wasn’t startled at all.

In the first place, when Park SeoJun appeared and blocked Lee SunHwa’s line of sight, he had already expected such a thing to happen.

Actually, it was the people that had captured Han JinHo that were feeling puzzled by the situation. Rather than themselves capturing him, it was more like him voluntarily following them.

The moment they appeared, he stood up from the seat, bid farewell to Choi MiKyoung and pointed towards the back entrance with his chin while saying, ‘Let’s go.’; what else could they do?

They just walked with him to the back entrance while saying, ‘uh, uh,’ and boarded the van like good friends.

That was it.

After moving for a while, the van moved onto an off-road. The place they were heading to increasingly became more eerie. On that spot, a place that seemed to be separated from the rest of the world, stood a deserted factory by itself.

“Uwah, I’m surprised you managed to find a place like this.”

It was odd enough that a factory was placed in an isolated location like this, but added to the fact that the factory was no longer functioning, it gave a spookier feeling.

When the van stopped, the men got off. Before they even got to tell him to get off, Han JinHo walked out by himself, and walked into the abandoned factory.

It was actually closer to a storage than a factory. Apparently, they had somehow managed to bring electricity over to this place, there were light bulbs attached on the ceiling. It didn’t seem like they could be turned on, though.

“It’s a bit… strange?”

Thinking about it, it was weird to build a factory on a bottom of a mountain like this in the first place. And he got a strange feeling about the inside of the factory as well.

“Is this really a factory?”

At one glance, it seemed like a deserted factory, but looking at everything one by one, he realised that it wasn’t just one or two oddities.

It was as if someone had made it to disguise it as a factory. And since the moment he entered the factory, a strange feeling made the back of his head itch.

He was trying to find out what that feeling was, but in that instant, the men who had been on the vans entered the factory.

“Why’re you looking around like that, you can’t tell what’s happening?”

The person who came in last, Park SeoJun sarcastically remarked. Around him, eleven men including Kim ChulMin stood their ground while giving off a strong aura.

Park SeoJun slowly approached Han JinHo.

This factory only had one door, and no windows either. There was a ventilating system but it was hidden from sight so there was practically no method of running away.

While he was walking, two from the men stood before the door and blocked the way to the entrance.

“No one will come save you, so don’t have weird hopes.”

Behind him, nine men moved together. They tensed their eyes and glared at Han JinHo.

“I won’t kill you. But you should be ready to have some parts broken, okay? Those broken limbs… would most likely be difficult to be used again. What to do? You won’t be able to walk again!”

But Han JinHo himself, no matter whether Park SeoJun approached, or the men giving off abnormal aura threatened, didn’t care at all.

He was just looking around the surroundings, trying to find out the identity of that strange feeling.

Park SeoJun clenched his teeth.

“This bastard is ignoring me again.”

He walked towards Han JinHo with large steps and glared at him with enraged eyes.

“You are going to become handicapped, you know? You will become a person who can’t even walk, then be sold to an island. Don’t you understand the current situation?”

In that instant, Han JinHo pushed his palm at Park SeoJun.


Park SeoJun was startled and came to a stop. He was taken off guard at such a timing that he had unintentionally stopped. Han JinHo’s voice was also quite loud too.

“Damn, you…!”

He glared at Han JinHo with eyes filled with rage. He was about to run at him with killing intent.

But Han JinHo didn’t give a single glance towards Park SeoJun and only focused on his own task.

“No wonder it felt so odd. The placing of this table was the issue huh.”

It was originally meant to be a table with some mechanical devices, but it was currently empty. In fact, it seemed that it never had any devices on it in the first place.

He finally realised the reason for the strange feeling. There was no trace of there ever being a factory. For example, if the table previously had anything placed on it there should be some leftover traces or signs but there were none.

“I see!”

Han JinHo found a faint trace under the table. This large, heavy table was placed here to hide the door underneath.

“Such a deserted factory had an impressively hidden basement! Did you guys know about this?”

He brightly smiled and faced Park SeoJun. Not just Park SeoJun but all eleven martial artists had rigid expressions.

“You have good eyes.”

Park SeoJun’s tone was cold and serious. The atmosphere had considerably changed from before but Han JinHo didn’t care about that either.

“I have quite a pair of eyes, you see. But… from the looks of it, you guys had already known that there was a basement here. It’s not a factory that you guys found coincidentally, right?”

Park SeoJun nodded his head.

“You have good brain too… but did you know? Guys like you who stand out die early.”

“So, you want to kill me right now? It’s a bit different to what you had been saying previously, though?”

“You brought it upon yourself. Blame those good eyes and brain of yours.”

Han JinHo nodded his head as if he understood everything.

“There’s something very important there, I see. Somehow… I think I know.”

“You think you know?”

He nodded his head and said.

“There’s a ruin underneath, no? Am I right?”

Park SeoJun’s face turned solid.

“How… did you find that out?”

“Huh? There really is a ruin? I was just thinking maybe, but, it’s true? Damn, this is a jackpot!”

Park SeoJun felt like his brain would burst from anger if he listened to Han JinHo any longer.

“What are you guys doing? Cut his arms and legs first! I won’t let him die easily.”

Abiding to his commands, ten martial artists jumped at the same time. They moved quickly and surrounded Han JinHo.

Kim ChulMin neared Park SeoJun.

“He will be on his knees soon, in front of Manager-nim. Please hold it in for a bit.”

Park SeoJun gritted his teeth to temporarily swallow his anger and nodded his head. He was planning on giving Han JinHo all sorts of pain. They did not doubt that Han JinHo would soon be lying down before them with his limbs broken.

Han JinHo looked at the two and spoke.

“You think that’s possible? For your information, I’m good at fighting.”

All the people there made a stupefied face. Did he think those words suited this situation? Han JinHo scratched his head when he saw their responses. It was originally not meant to turn out like this, but it became complicated because of the ruin.

His original plan was to bring Yu CheIn’s bodyguards including Lee SunHwa here, letting them handle the situation. Quick-witted explanation would be necessary, but he was certain that it would’ve been possible for him.

“The Sun’s gonna set at this rate! Hurry and move already!”

Kim ChulMin’s shout urged the martial artists to run in.



Seeing the unrealistic scene unravel before them, Park SeoJun and Kim ChulMin made dumbfounded expressions.

Ten martial artists were sent flying in all directions.

Standing in the middle of all that, Han JinHo glared at them.


The ten men who had been sent flying had all collapsed and none of them stood back up. They had all lost their consciousnesses.

Han JinHo paced towards Park SeoJun.

In truth, he had brought many cards in preparation for the fight before coming here, but he only used one just then. From the looks of things, other methods seemed to be unneeded.

While walking, he nonchalantly swept his hand at Kim ChulMin who was standing next to Park SeoJun as if he found it troublesome.


Kim ChulMin’s face fell and he collapsed backward.


“W, w, what! What are you! Who the hell are you!”

Without caring whether Park SeoJun was horrified or was screaming, Han JinHo walked up and stood before him.

“Now, give me a reason why I should spare you.”

“Wu, what? What did you say?”

“Is that your will?”

Han JinHo gripped his hand into a fist. Pure mana ruthlessly gathered into his fist.

“W, w, wait!”

Park SeoJun strongly waved his hands and screamed. But in that instant, he threw an unforeseen kick. From the front end of his shoe came out a blade in a swift, and that blade reached out towards Han JinHo’s lower stomach area.


Han JinHo’s fist, with mana violently revolving around, was thrown towards the approaching foot. Along with the blade, Park SeoJun’s foot was crushed.


Park SeoJun collapsed and held the crushed foot in his hands while screaming. However, the place was too isolated, and thus no matter how much he bellowed, no-one could hear it.

Moreover, this factory was a specially built one; the sound and the lights from the inside would not be leaked out.

“I tell him to give me a reason to let him live, and yet he gives more reasons as to why he should die.”

While mumbling that, Han JinHo stared still at Park SeoJun. Park SeoJun’s eyes were filled with horror. He could see that Han JinHo was definitely not an ordinary person.

Not because of his strength, but because of his eyes and his mind.

‘This bastard… he definitely has experience (killing)’

Or else, he wouldn’t be doing things like this so apathetically.

“I was planning on just breaking the mana path, but, it became slightly troublesome.”

The mana path Han JinHo was talking about was the dantian. If it were to be broken, the person would no longer be able to practice martial arts. To a martial artist it was no different to a death sentence.

Still, it was still better than dying.

However, he couldn’t afford to deal with this matter carelessly. Han JinHo hardened his heart, and mumbled while looking at the surroundings.

“Both you, and I were unlucky.”

Park SeoJun’s body trembled.


The moment she lost sight of Han JinHo, Lee SunHwa had contacted Yu CheIn. She judged that it was impossible for herself to deal with it.

She then tried to go after Park SeoJun’s car, but she couldn’t. His car, in the first place, was a bait. Park SeoJun had not boarded that car.

With Yu CheIn’s help, Lee SunHwa used every method possible and located Han JinHo.

First, she checked the security cameras in the surroundings to find out the number plate of the van that had abducted Han JinHo, and tracked their movement path.

However, ever since the van left Seoul, it became impossible to find any traces. Lee SunHwa regretted not attaching any GPS transmitters on Han JinHo’s body.

“What about the phone, did you try tracking it?”

“The van seems to have undergone a special remodelling. From the moment he got on the van, the signals have been lost.”

Lee SunHwa made a troubled expression. She then glanced sideways.

Next to her, Choi MiKyoung who had been focusing on her laptop felt the gaze and looked at Lee SunHwa.

“I’m about finished with all the work I can with a laptop, when can I leave?”

“Please wait a little more. Until we are certain that you are unrelated to Han JinHo-ssi’s abduction, I hope you could cooperate with us.”

She couldn’t just let Choi MiKyoung, who had been with Han JinHo until the moment he was kidnapped, go. In addition, Choi MiKyoung didn’t look uneasy in the slightest. It was possible that she was on one side with Park SeoJun.

When Lee SunHwa was hugging her head in agony, her phone rang. The name on the screen read Han JinHo.

She hurriedly received the call, but did not speak up first, since it was highly likely that the culprits were using Han JinHo’s phone to make the call.

It was better to not display any signs of agitation.

– Hello?

From over the phone came Han JinHo’s voice. While she was pondering on what to say, Han JinHo continued.

– Where are you right now?


Lee SunHwa was bewildered by the slightly unexpected question but still replied.

“In the coffee shop from before.”

– I knew it.

With that, the call had been cut off.

With an expression saying she was not sure of what had just happened, Lee SunHwa dully stared at the phone.

“Does that mean you had been here like this for eight hours?

To the sudden sound of the door of the coffee shop opening, the people were surprised, and they all looked towards the entrance.

Standing there was Han JinHo, safe and unharmed.

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