Magician of Insa-dong – Chapter 021: The ruin in the abandoned factory 2

When Han JinHo came out of the lecturing room, he saw Yu CheIn who was waiting for him. She stood restlessly before him.

“What’s wrong? Just act like usual.”

“I, I’m sorry.”

Han JinHo smiled. What was there to be sorry about? She had provided him with a comfortable car and bodyguards. Plus, although it was small, he still got a ruin thanks to her.

“It’s alright.”

The words, ‘Thank you’ almost came out of his throat but he suppressed it in. If he said thanks in this situation, it would be really strange.

“It was a somewhat interesting experience. Well, I’m unhurt too.”

Yu CheIn still looked at him with a careful expression.

“Um… Sunbae-nim, can we move to a quieter place?”

Han JinHo nodded at her words.

It was because this place now had a huge crowd of people who had been following Yu CheIn, having a conversation wasn’t an easy task. All of them had their eyes wide open, staring at Yu CheIn apologising to Han JinHo.

“Did you bring a car?”

In response to his question, Yu CheIn nodded her head.

“Then, let’s go.”

He headed towards the parking lot, and Yu CheIn hurriedly followed after his back.

Soon, the two got on Yu CheIn’s car and exited the school grounds. While sitting on the passenger’s seat, Han JinHo shuddered.

“They’re even following the car, it’s ridiculous.”

The people that were following Yu CheIn moved along with her till the end. Even after she departed with the car, they stayed there and stared until the car was no longer visible.

Isn’t this closer to die-hard fans of idols?

“That’s why I prefer mornings; there’s no-one in the morning.”

He remembered how he had drank coffee with her when she was coming to school a few days back. Back then, they could have a conversation with ease, although it was short.

“Who exactly are those guys? What’s their purpose?”

He couldn’t understand.

“Are they trying to obstruct other people because they themselves can’t become one?”

But, they didn’t have that much jealousy in their eyes when they were watching Han JinHo get on Yu CheIn’s car.

Isn’t it exactly like the appearance of a fan looking at an idol?

“Or are they just not caring at all because I have no chance?”

While he was tilting his head and murmuring to himself, Yu CheIn who heard that quickly shook her head.

“No! That’s definitely not the case.”

“Is that so? Then I really can’t understand.”

He thought for a bit more before letting it go. He probably wouldn’t ever understand them. Maybe the special charm that Yu CheIn held made people turn into that.

If it was in his area of interest, he would’ve delved deeper into this unfathomable situation and closely analysed it, but since it wasn’t, he easily let it go.

After driving for who knows how long, the car came to a stop.

A quiet road in the suburbs, and in it, there was a café standing there like a picture. It was impossible to go by car, so they had to walk there, following the path that continued all the way to the café.

“I sometimes come here when I want to be by myself.”

“A place like this looks like it would get popular quickly, though.”

The café itself was pretty, but the surroundings were quite good too. Sitting near the window and drinking a coffee would probably be a great way to relax.

“They don’t accept random customers. Things inside are kept secret but the price is tremendously high.”

The café was bigger than he thought. After entering, there was a lobby but no tables. A wide, long corridor spread left and right, and there were doors separated by consistent spacing on the wall.

It seemed to be in the form of rooms to keep the secrets.

As soon as they entered the lobby, a male wearing waiter-like clothes came near and received the car key from Yu CheIn.

There were no parking area but apparently, they would bring the car to a separately provided area.

“The nearest parking lot is very far from here, so its even harder for anyone to come here.”

The place needed a car to come, but the nearest parking area was far away, so it was a café that no-one could come to unless they were members.

The two followed the guide of the employee and entered a room, a bit far away from the lobby. The entire room was made of glass. It was impossible to see the inside from outside but it was possible to see the outside from within.

The view was extremely good. In the distance, there was a pond, too small to be called a lake.

“Now, we got to enjoy the view for a while, so tell me what you want to say.”

Yu CheIn was still dispirited.

“You don’t have to be like that. I’m really fine, so speak freely.”

“What happened that day? Did Park SeoJun that guy do anything mean to you?”

Han JinHo made a warm smile. He could feel how much she cared for himself, so he was in a good mood.

“Nothing happened.”

While Yu CheIn looked at him, he slowly started talking. The contents were something he had discussed beforehand with Che MinYoung.

“I was on the van going to somewhere, but the car suddenly stopped, and the drivers changed.”

“The drivers changed? Did you by any chance see that person’s face?”

Han JinHo spoke while shaking his head.

“Of course not. After going for a long time, they let me get off, but it was really hard to tell where that place was; the place was isolated like this café.”

Yu CheIn became surprised. Could this be considered as ‘nothing happening’? He was dropped off at a mysterious place.

“The driver told me to wait there so I just waited. It’s not like I could do anything even if I moved. If any car drove by, I was planning on asking for a ride, but not a single car appeared.”

He smiled and shook his head.

“So… did you continue waiting there? For hours?”

Han JinHo nodded and continued.

“After a while, a car completely different to before came. It was a suspicious-looking sedan with its number plate hidden.”

He rode that car and came back to the original place – was what he said.

“Where did they drop you off?”

“In front of the coffee shop where I was abducted from.”

Yu CheIn’s eyes sparkled. She finally found a clue.

“Anyways, for how much longer do I need the bodyguards? It’s becoming slightly uncomfortable.”

“Ah…! Please wait for a few more days. It should be fine now, but just in case.”

“Is that so.”


Yu CheIn hesitated for a while. Her face seemed to be wondering whether she was allowed to say this, but it soon turned into a determined expression.

“Park SeoJun disappeared.”


Han JinHo gleamed his eyes. Park SeoJun was undoubtedly dead. Saying he disappeared, she was either telling a lie, or the whole incident wasn’t openly known.

From Yu CheIn’s expression and atmosphere, it seemed to be the latter.

“Not just Park SeoJun, everyone that was with him had completely disappeared.”

“Is it the works of that new driver who made me get off?”

“Most likely, yes.”

While saying that, she carefully examined Han JinHo. She wanted to see if he was back to normal, and whether his body had any issues or not.

“Oh, this is delicious.”

Han JinHo widened his eyes while eating the piece of cake that came along with the coffee. Yu CheIn felt relieved after seeing that, and thought it was good that he seemed fine.

“This place is expensive, but they are all worth the price. If you want more, please feel free to order more.”

Han JinHo nodded his head after cleanly finishing the cake.

“This much is good enough. Are all your questions answered now?”


Yu CheIn replied like that. Although she needed more actions afterwards to really resolve all her questions but there was no need to say that in front of Han JinHo.

They spent their time speaking about this and that, and when they left the café, it was already dark outside.

“Thank you for giving me your time.”

“No need to thank me. I should be the one thanking since I got to eat tasty things.”

Yu CheIn smiled brightly. Her expression seemed to be of pure enjoyment, and without any ulterior motives.

Han JinHo also smiled after seeing that.

The two of them walked towards the car that was parked by the side of the road before anyone noticed.

After about reaching the halfway-point, he turned his head and glared at a place. He smiled again before turning around and walking towards the car.


Lee ChaBum was greatly startled. It felt like his heart was going to drop out.

“What the heck. What in the world is he?”

Just then, their eyes had met. His glare was so terrifying that Lee ChaBum was extremely surprised.

Plus, what was that suggestive smile? He had gotten goosebumps all over his body.

“It’s really so hard to follow.”

It somehow felt like Han JinHo was just letting him be.

“A guy like that was abducted? They’re telling me to believe that?”

Whenever he thought about it, he had mountains of regret. The fact that he wasn’t there during the time Han JinHo was abducted felt like a pity and angered him to no end.

The eight hours of his abduction – the information on what had happened during that period was the hottest issue between informants.

No-one found anything. No-one could find any trace or clue.

If he had been watching Han JinHo in that period of time, all that information would have been in his hands.

How much would it be? What he calls would be the price.

“Whenever I’m watching that guy, for some reason, I often feel danger.”

That day too, due to the sudden feeling of extreme danger, he had vacated the place. And within that time period, the abduction had been carried out.

So how angry would he be?

“Anyways, there’s really nothing I found out about this guy.”

No matter how much he investigated about Han JinHo, he found nothing. It was certain that an expert was on him.

And it was highly likely that that expert would be Che MinYoung. He had seen Han JinHo meeting Choi MiKyoung before.

Only Che MinYoung would introduce Choi MiKyoung to Han JinHo. Choi MiKyoung was pretty much isolated in this industry, after all.

“In any case, if that guy heard that Choi MiKyoung had gotten a job, it would get noisy.”

After checking that the car carrying Han JinHo and Yu CheIn had left, he also hurried to his own car which was parked nearby.

He felt rushed at heart.

Recently, many informants were moving around actively. Every one of their purpose would be different, but the one who had moved them was no doubt, Han JinHo.

Before others stick their nose into it, he had to get something good out. While completing Chairman Yu MyungHo’s request as a side.

It was just that he was lost in how to dig around Han JinHo.


Han JinHo came to the workshop after a long time of absence.

He had to avoid the eyes of the bodyguards including Lee SunHwa, as well as Lee ChaBum who was persistently following him around, but it wasn’t that difficult.

Actually, he didn’t need to come by today, but he was too curious that he couldn’t help it.

It was because he hadn’t yet properly gone through all the items he had gained from the ruin in the abandoned factory.

The reason he came today was to check those.

On the largest table inside the workshop, he placed one by one, the relics from the inter-dimensional space.

Soon, the tabletop was full of relics, but the inter-dimension still had many relics left. He then went to the second largest table and placed the relics on it.

Only after filling four tables did his inter-dimension become empty.

While smiling, Han JinHo looked at the first table and let his mana flow in.

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