Magician of Insa-dong – Chapter 022: The ruin in the abandoned factory 3

The ruin in the abandoned factory was a small ruin, but the one in possession of the ruin, HanGwang Group wouldn’t have even known that, since they’ve never been to the end of the ruin.

There was only one way to excavate a ruin, and that was to enter through the entrance and go through everything inside the ruin in depth.

Even if someone dug other parts of the ruin from outside, they wouldn’t get the things they wanted. The reason why these ruins were called special ruins wasn’t just because of the relics with special powers that could be excavated here.

Ruins existed on a completely different plane to earth. The ‘ruin’ on earth was only the entrance to the pathway that connected to the actual ruin.

No-one had yet to find out the logic behind it. It was an obvious thing, as no-one had discovered the secrets of mana so far.

But that was only a matter of time. There were countless ruins and relics, so if they invested enormous funds and people, some clues were ought to be found.

In any case, the ruin that HanGwang Group had been excavating was perfectly cleared by Han JinHo. That ruin was only a child’s play compared to the one he had.

However, even to Han JinHo, it was his first time coming in contact with a ruin other than his own, and thus, it was his first time perfectly clearing a ruin. It was a small and low-level ruin, but the rewards were quite good, since he cleared the whole place.

First, there were twenty crystal balls. He hadn’t carefully looked at them yet, but he still knew what was inside. All of them had information on magic spells.

The places where the crystal balls were, had kind explanations nearby. Han JinHo ripped all the explanations as well and brought them back.

The value of shining crystals that contained spells weren’t just how one could learn new spells from them.

In fact, the shining crystals he got this time were mostly low-level goods, so if Han JinHo was determined to learn them, he could master all of them in just a few days.

But what he wanted was to understand and analyse spells, instead of learning and mastering new spells, to understand more about the fundamental magic and mana.

It was important to learn new complicated and difficult magic spells, but viewing various simple spells and experiencing new perspectives on magic and mana were just as important.

Most of other relics were also not high-level.

More than half were relics that Han JinHo had made at least once, and the rest were things he could make as long as he invested time and effort.

They lacked the need to analyse, so those things could be sold randomly.

He could now distribute items according to their level of standard, to Luina and the other secret auction, and thus, the sales were certain.

His eyes moved to the last table.

On the table there were four relics, which were his biggest rewards this time. They were all at a level where Han JinHo couldn’t make them with his current abilities, so he could only analyse them.

Which was fine.

They were the sacrifices that would quickly raise Han JinHo’s abilities towards the top.

Until he had raided the ruin in the abandoned factory, the relics he had were distinctly classified into two categories; relics he wouldn’t dare to even analyse, and relics that he could create, the disparity was large.

There was no ‘middle’ that could connect the two types, but the four relics he had acquired this time, were exactly of such a standard. He could analyse, but it was difficult to actually make them.

Now he just had to analyse and research those relics before making them, and his skills would increase to the point where he would be able to see more in some relics which he continuously failed in analysing.

With a beating heart, he separately stored the four relics.

“Did I use too much time inside? I should go outside now.”

It was about time that Lee SunHwa and other bodyguards were wreaking havoc.

While thinking of a good excuse, he walked out from his workshop.


The major roles of DaeWoon Group were gathered in the conference room. Today’s meeting had Chairman Yu MyungHo himself attending, which was a very rare occurrence, and it also marked how important this topic was.

He sat still on the highest seat and the actual conference was carried through by Director Yu JinHyuk.

“As you can see from the report, there seems to be a third party that’s trying to break apart the relations between our DaeWoon and HanGwang. It is assumed that they have considerable power and information gathering ability.”

After saying that, Yu JinHyuk glanced over the people.

“We also found out that Park SeoJun along with other protectors of the ruin were obliterated.”

This wasn’t written on the report, so all of them became restless and wore troubled expressions.

They were on the road to forming an alliance with HanGwang Group.

DaeWoon Group had their share of martial artists, but their standards were much lower when compared to HanGwang.

Regarding martial arts, HanGwang Group had an ancient prestigious clan in the centre, while DaeWoon Group’s martial artists were mostly vagabonds in the past.

It couldn’t be helped that there would be a gap between the two.

They were planning to use HanGwang’s power to aid in the excavation of their ruin, but it now turned complicated.

“I believe that using this occasion, we should reconsider our current plans.”

Yu JinHyuk then looked towards Chairman Yu MyungHo.

“What do you all think?”

To Chairman Yu MyungHo’s inquiry, the major roles that had been hesitating while reading the mood started opening their mouths one by one.

“Manager Yu’s opinion seems just. It would be difficult for us to keep a good relationship with HanGwang.”

“That’s right. In addition, HanGwang wouldn’t have an easy time recovering from this incident, with a mysterious enemy aiming them.”

“Taking this opportunity to put some distance with HanGwang seems to be not a bad choice as well.”

After overlooking the scene quietly for a while, Chairman Yu MyungHo nodded his head.

“Then we will do it that way. Everyone, go back and think about how we should progress from this point onwards. Manager Yu, stay for a bit.”

Thus, the meeting came to an end. All the major roles walked away, and only Yu JinHyuk stood before Chairman Yu MyungHo with a nervous expression.

“That… guy named Han JinHo.”


Naturally, Yu JinHyuk also knew about Han JinHo. The person who had first investigated Han JinHo was himself, and this time’s incident also involved Han JinHo, so there was no way he wouldn’t know him.

“Manager Yu, you go and try meeting him.”

“Me, sir? If it’s to tell him to put some distance with CheIn, I’m opposed to it. If CheIn knows about it later, it would become a bigger problem.”

“That’s not what I’m saying. I also know Chein; her personality. I mean you go and see what kind of guy he is. He is hopeless at studying and his presence is weak, but there should be something that made him enter CheIn’s eyes.”

“Yes, I’ll go and meet him.”

“If he seems to be quite a promising guy, bring him to see me.”

Hearing that, Yu JinHyuk’s eyes enlarged by a bit. But it soon turned back to normal, and he lowered his head to reply.

“Yes, I’ll do it as such.”


“Thank you for your work thus far.”

Han JinHo smiled at the apologetic-looking Lee SunHwa. Because she couldn’t protect Han JinHo more, and as she even allowed him to be abducted, Lee SunHwa was extremely apologetic inside.

Moreover, since they had to withdraw, even though she felt that bodyguarding was still necessary, she felt even more bitter at heart.

In truth, Han JinHo also felt sorry to Lee SunHwa, because the abduction itself was part of his plans. If he hadn’t planned that kind of thing, Lee SunHwa wouldn’t have felt so guilty.

“And this is because I’m grateful for your care during the time. Please don’t reject it.”

He took out three envelopes and gave one each to Lee SunHwa and the other two bodyguards.

They strongly rejected saying they couldn’t accept such a thing, but they couldn’t change Han JinHo’s mind after he decided to give it to them.

In the end, after receiving the envelopes, they bowed at Han JinHo with expressions that had even more guilt and embarrassment to before.

“Please be careful. Ah, and the lady said that you could continue using that car.”

Han JinHo resolutely shook his head.

“It’s fine. I would feel overwhelmed to drive that kind of car around.”

“I think you would be fine, though…”

Lee SunHwa had experienced a bit of Han JinHo’s richness. Therefore, she didn’t think Han JinHo would be overwhelmed with that level of car.

“I don’t really like large cars, you see.”

Lee SunHwa smiled awkwardly.

After some simple farewell, Lee SunHwa and the bodyguards drove the car and returned. With a refreshed and happy expression, Han JinHo waved at the car disappearing into the distance.

“In any case…”

He glanced at his surroundings. It wasn’t a random glance, but instead, he looked specifically at the windows of certain levels and rooftops of nearby buildings while moving his eyes up and down.

“I need to deal with those things as well.”

Han JinHo wasn’t planning to do it immediately, so he went back into his officetel. The people he needed to worry about were all gone, so he was planning on fully focusing on magic studies now.

Until he completely analysed the four relics, he wouldn’t do anything other than attending the compulsory lectures; he strongly vowed to himself.


“Oppa is going to meet JinHo-sunbae?”

[TLN: oppa is a term that is used by younger females when calling an older male. It could mean brother, but it is also used by non-blood-related people.]

With eyes that contained a mix of surprise and vigilance, Yu CheIn stared at Yu JinHyuk.

Yu JinHyuk was Yu CheIn’s cousin, but due to there being a quite large age difference, they were a bit distant.

[TLN: CheIn is using polite language]

“It’s grandfather’s order. I was originally just going to go and meet him, but I thought I should at least tell you before going.”

“What are you going to do after meeting him?”



“I won’t do anything; only meeting. I just want to know what kind of a person this friend is.”

“Haven’t you done enough investigating?”

Yu CheIn spoke sarcastically, but Yu JinHyuk replied without hesitation.

“It’s all because we’re worried about you. Plus, there are things that can’t be figured out with just digging around, for example, that young friend’s wealth.”

“What do you mean?”

Yu JinHyuk brought forward a photo. It was a photo of Choi MiKyoung. She was sitting with Han JinHo, but Han JinHo was behind a pillar, so he couldn’t be seen.

“What is this?”

“It’s not on the photo, but the person sitting with that woman is Han JinHo.”

“This is… on the day of the abduction?”

“Yeah. But that’s not important; the woman is. She’s called Choi MiKyoung, a famous woman with some abilities in the underworld.”

“The underworld?”

“Things like laundering money and turning illegal things to legal are things she does. She was involved in a troublesome matter, so was without any work, but recently started moving again. Starting from that day.”

“So you came to tell me that JinHo-sunbae is doing illegal things?”

Yu JinHyuk shook his head.

“I don’t know if it’s illegal or not, nor am I interested, to be honest. I’m just telling you what happened. That woman bought two buildings that costs dozens of billions each.”

Yu CheIn dumbfoundedly stared at Yu JinHyuk.

Doesn’t that mean Han JinHo made that woman purchase two buildings that costs dozens of billions?

After looking at her quietly for a while, Yu JinHyuk suddenly asked.

“But why are you so interested in that friend?”

Yu CheIn became silent at the sudden question. That question made her look back at herself. In fact, it hadn’t been that long since she knew Han JinHo, at most it would be about one year.

There was definitely a trigger, but now, that trigger or reason was no longer important.

“Is a reason required for a human heart to move?”

Yu JinHyuk’s eyes twitched a little. It was an unexpected reply.

“Is that so. Right, a human heart doesn’t follow a formula. Alright, anyways, it’s grandfather’s command so I must follow it. I’ll meet that friend as soon as possible.”

Yu CheIn helplessly nodded her head.

She actually wanted to attach the bodyguards for a longer period of time, because she felt the danger hadn’t yet fully disappeared. It was even better since she could hear stories about Han JinHo through Lee SunHwa.

However, judging that the current situation was serious, a direct order came down from her grandfather – to retrieve the bodyguards.

Not only that, the bodyguards increased by even more. Seeing that, she felt there must be something more happening behind the scene.

“By the way oppa, what happened to Park SeoJun?”

“You don’t need to worry about it now. That’s all you need to know.”

With that as the end, Yu JinHyuk turned around.

Staring at his back, Yu CheIn slightly nipped her lips.

On the way Yu JinHyuk was heading, was Han JinHo’s officetel.

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