Magician of Insa-dong – Chapter 025: Invitation 3



“W, wait!”

Hearing the voice from behind, Han JinHo and Yu JinHyuk who were about to enter the chairman’s room turned around.

Standing there was Yu CheIn with a bit of a flushed expression.


Yu JinHyuk’s face turned rigid, and continued with strict eyes.

“You know you shouldn’t be doing this.”

Resolutely shaking her head, Yu CheIn looked at Han JinHo and said.

“I’m going inside as well.”

Her eyes left Han JinHo and turned towards Chairman Yu MyungHo inside the chairman’s room. Yu MyungHo sat still on his spot and quietly watched the happening outside.

He didn’t seem to have any opinion on stopping her or letting her in.

Yu JinHyuk swiped his bangs up feeling vexed.

“Fuu. CheIn.”

“It’s meaningless whatever you say. I’ll definitely go in together.”

Yu CheIn’s expression was so determined that Yu JinHyuk threw his hands up in defeat.

“Do as you wish. However, you have to be responsible for doing this.”

“Have I ever avoided taking responsibility?”

She briskly walked and stood next to Han JinHo, and spoke while looking up to him.

“Let’s go in. I’ll watch over it from start to finish.”

Han JinHo smiled after seeing her brisk attitude. Although she seemed to be energetic on the outside, he could feel that she in fact wasn’t.

Her heart was beating like crazy, and finger tips were trembling.

“Then, shall I trust you there?”

He then walked into the chairman’s room with wide steps. They were vigorous steps without a speck of hesitation.

It was confident enough to make Yu CheIn who stood on the side, as well as Yu JinHyuk behind to become surprised.

They hurriedly followed after him.


Chairman Yu MyungHo sat comfortably on the sofa and stared at Han JinHo. He was sitting on the sofa to the right and looked as comfortable as Chairman Yu MyungHo.

On the other side of Han JinHo, Yu CheIn and Yu JinHyuk sat next to each other. It was clear that they were nervous.

Seeing that Chairman Yu MyungHo made a strange expression.

‘Well, this, who would know which side is my grandson/granddaughter?’

If someone who knew nothing saw the scene, they would think Han JinHo was his grandson and not Yu CheIn or Yu JinHyuk.

This made him more curious.

“Who exactly are you?”

He asked Han JinHo with lights sparkling in his eyes.

“I believe you have already investigated; it is as you have found out.”

Chairman Yu MyungHo was impressed by Han JinHo’s bold reply.

‘He seems more abnormal the more I see him. There’s something about him, but I just can’t pinpoint it.’

He directly looked at Han JinHo, and threw in a sentence.

“If I gave you a spot in our company, would you like to try working?”

Yu JinHyuk and Yu CheIn were shocked by his words. The two of them looked back and forth between Chairman Yu MyungHo and Han JinHo with astonishment and nervousness.

“No thanks, just your thoughts are enough.”

“Why decline? Won’t you at least hear what kind of spot I’ll give you?”

“I’m too busy to handle other work.”

“From what I see, you don’t seem to be that busy though…”

Han JinHo smiled. Yu MyungHo should already know that what is visible to the eye isn’t all there is, and yet was speaking in a testing manner so Han JinHo couldn’t bare not to smile.

“It’s really not that easy to graduate university.”

Everyone present became speechless. Shouldn’t he say that after properly commuting to school first?

He only went to school for lectures that had attendance issues and kept it at a minimal amount, and got just enough scores in tests as well.

It was bad enough to make other people wonder, ‘even if he’s not interested in school and studying, isn’t this too much?’

So, how could he say things like that with a straight face?

“Can I now hear the real reason why you’ve called me?”

After saying that, he glanced at Yu CheIn who was sitting in front of him.

“Did you want to tell me, ‘Distance yourself from CheIn’ or something like that?”

Yu CheIn became startled by those words, and looked towards Chairman Yu MyungHo.

“If I wanted to say such a thing, why would I want to see you face to face?”

It was obviously not the reason, and that was why Han JinHo had asked that. It implied, then what is your real purpose?

As he was stared at by those meaningful eyes, Chairman Yu MyungHo slowly continued his words.

“I just wanted to see you once. I believe that if one wants to understand another person, they need to look at them directly in the eyes.”

Han JInHo continued staring silently without commenting. Chairman Yu MyungHo’s lips surfaced a smile as if he found that response interesting.

“I wish we could maintain a good relationship. If you need something to be hidden, you can tell me without worrying, and if any help is needed, you can ask us as well. Our Manager Yu is quite talented so he would help you in any way possible.”

“It’s not a bad deal, but why bother going to such a distance for me? I honestly don’t think I can do anything for you.”

Chairman Yu MyungHo gave a smile.

“Life is like a ball; you don’t know which way it’ll bounce in, so wouldn’t we only know about that in the future?”

[TLN: the literal translation is ‘A person’s life, you don’t know what’s an inch in front of you’ and it’s an old Korean proverb.]

Han JinHo nodded his head in response.

“That is true. Then since you’ve said it, can I ask for your help with something?”

Yu MyungHo widely smiled after hearing that.

“Tell me whatever it is.”

“Do you by any chance know of an auctioning company named, Luina?”

The chairman’s eyes became as large as circles.

“You know of Luina?”

It was natural for him to be surprised. Luina wasn’t a normal company that anyone could know about.

“I somehow heard of it.”

“Do you want to participate in it?”

“Yes. I thought maybe chairman-nim would have the right to attend.”

Actually, if Han JinHo wanted to, it wasn’t hard for him to attend Luina’s auction. However, if he did that, the fact that he was ‘A’ would be revealed.

It would be impossible to keep that a secret till the very end, but he wanted to keep it hidden for as long as possible.

He determined that his identity being revealed at this point was dangerous. Without enough power to protect his treasures, it was better to just hide everything.

“I do indeed have the right for attendance, but the issue is…”

Chairman Yu MyungHo frowned, since there was a troublesome problem.

“When going to Luina, with exception to myself who is a member, I can bring two bodyguards along.”

In other words, if he was to bring Han JinHo along, he had to make do with one bodyguard, making that one person protect both Chairman Yu MyungHo and Han JinHo.

Luina’s secret auction would be held under incredible security, but it was in the end, still a secret auction. It was impossible to get rid of all hazards.

Therefore, taking away one bodyguard was an extremely risky decision.

He didn’t explain all that, but Han JinHo understood his point in a flash.

“I’m good at fighting.”

Everyone inside the chairman’s room widened their eyes and stared at Han JinHo. It was a completely unexpected sentence so while being surprising, it also evoked one to smile.

“The bodyguard I’ll be taking is a national top-level expert. It is troubling if you compare that with a bit of fighting skill.”

Han JinHo nodded to his words. Anyone would think so – that is, if they didn’t know anything about him.

“Let’s test it then.”


“I’ll duke it out with that bodyguard. If I lose, I’ll give up without complaint.”

“You might get hurt.”

Chairman Yu MyungHo was sincerely worried. His bodyguards had learnt martial arts. No matter how easy they go, he could be greatly injured in the blink of an eye.

But Han JinHo glanced over all the bodyguards present in the room with a face that lacked nervousness.

“Is it that person over there?”

He pointed at one of the bodyguards standing near the entrance of the chairman’s room.

It was because Han JinHo could feel the amount of refined mana inside that person outclassing every other person, and its flow was also the fiercest.

Judging from the largest and fastest flow of mana, it was evident that he was the strongest person here.

Yu MyungHo stared strangely at Han JinHo who had accurately pointed at his most trusted bodyguard.

The number of bodyguards in the room was five in total. It was likely that it was a coincidence, but for some reason, he felt that it was more than just a coincidence.

“It’s quite spacious here, so let’s just do it here.”

Han JinHo looked towards Yu MyungHo with anticipation. Unable to do anything else, Chairman Yu MyungHo sighed, turned towards the bodyguard and nodded his head once.

The bodyguard picked by Han JinHo walked up with strong steps. His face was calm but deep within his eyes, one could see his anger.

He activated his inner qi while walking. While feeling the fierce flow of qi travelling along his veins, he glared directly at Han JinHo.

There was no need to have a fair fight, he thought. This was, like what had been said, a test. A dangerous situation doesn’t inform people before its arrival, so there was nothing wrong with a surprise attack.

After all, this was a test.

Han JinHo was still sitting down on the sofa.

The bodyguard measured his distance while walking, and when he got close enough, he immediately dived forward. His foot flying in the air headed straight towards Han JinHo’s chest area.

Han JinHo didn’t take his eyes off of the nearing bodyguard’s foot, and right before it was about to hit his chest, he raised his hand in a flash.


The bodyguard’s foot was hit upward. Following the force, the bodyguard had to turn once in mid-air. He naturally didn’t fall in a shameful manner; after a beautiful revolution, he found his balance again and lightly descended.

All of that had happened in the blink of an eye.

Han JinHo had gotten ready the moment he saw the bodyguard raising his inner qi up. Why would he activate his inner qi while walking if not for a surprise attack?

When the qi travelled to the leg, he predicted how he would attack and thus, easily fended off the attack.

Everyone there looked at both Han JinHo and the bodyguard with wide-open mouths.

“Around this much should be good enough right?”

Han JinHo asked while looking at Yu MyungHo, but the reply came not from the chairman but the bodyguard.

“It hasn’t even begun yet.”

He couldn’t give in his position just because his surprise attack was resisted. There were more things he could do.

However, Han JinHo smiled while looking at the bodyguard.

“I think it’s over though?”


The bodyguard couldn’t continue his words. Strength suddenly left his legs and he collapsed.

He dumbfoundedly stared at his legs which he couldn’t feel, and couldn’t understand what had just happened.

“That’s why I said it was over.”

Previously when he was parrying the bodyguard’s attack, Han JinHo had embedded mana into his leg. It had now blocked the bodyguard’s leg’s veins.

The mana he inserted had stayed in the ankle before it followed the leg up, steadily eating up the entire lower body.

It then received Han JinHo’s will and blocked the bodyguard’s veins as well as the nerves.

Everyone directed their dumbfounded eyes at Han JinHo, but he looked at Chairman Yu MyungHo with a smile.

“Good at fighting, right?”

Yu MyungHo’s eyes had a different light shining. He hadn’t expected him to have mastered martial arts.

In any case, with this, Han JinHo’s qualification was proved – he didn’t need any bodyguards, and on the other hand would become a huge help in case something happened.

Chairman Yu MyungHo doubtfully stared at Han JinHo, and then turned his sights to see Yu CheIn.

He was extremely impressed today by his granddaughter’s eyes.

Of course, that did not mean that he would allow them to become a couple, though.

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