Magician of Insa-dong – Chapter 026: AM co. ltd.


“Fuu, I’m tired.”

While walking out of the main entrance of DaeWoon Group, Han JinHo cracked his neck left and right. Perhaps because he was nervous, his body felt out of place.

He pretended to be calm before Chairman Yu MyungHo but how could he not be nervous? The other party was the leader of one of Korea’s top ten corporations, and wanted to see the person his granddaughter was chasing.

Whether Han JinHo was interested in Yu CheIn or not was not important; it was natural for him to be uncomfortable in that situation.

Therefore, he needed some time to relax by himself, and calm his mana down. That was why he declined when they suggested to drive him back and left by himself.

Yu CheIn was extremely disappointed and wanted to attach Lee SunHwa again, but due to Han JinHo’s adamant refusal and Chairman Yu MyungHo’s angry disapproval, she couldn’t succeed in doing so.

“In any case, it seems he realised something.”

While murmuring, Han JinHo carried his steps.

Previously, because of his desire to attend Luina, he showed a bit of his power, and saw Chairman Yu MyungHo’s eyes changing drastically.

Wouldn’t he find it odd that a person with such level of strength was so easily abducted? It was obvious that he had questions regarding that part, because Chairman Yu MyungHo’s expression and attitude had a slight shift after that.

Most likely, DaeWoon Group would now start to view this abduction incident with a new perspective. They might also come up with a different conclusion.

“Well, they’ll take care of that themselves.”

Han JinHo stopped thinking about it, as it wasn’t the time for him to worry about others.

“I have enough problems on my own.”

Carrying his feet across, Han JinHo thought of the things he gained today.

He first got the right to attend Luina. It was still a mystery whether he would be able to become a proper member or not, but for that, he could just ask for Chairman Yu MyungHo’s help when the time came.

Second, he analysed Yu JinHyuk’s watch.

“Ah right. I have to write it down.”

His memorising ability had been dramatically increased after taking in mana, so he wouldn’t forget things easily, but for these kinds of things, he still had to write them down just in case.

Han JinHo took out his smartphone, and opened an application. It was a design app used for creating relics.

If the magic circles were complex, it wouldn’t have been easy to work on it with a phone, but the magic circles inside the watch were not complicated to that degree.

He got on the back seat of a taxi that happened to be nearby and focused on his phone, and by the time he arrived, he finished drawing all the magic circles that were inside the watch.

Getting off the taxi, Han JinHo walked towards his officetel. When he was about to enter through the door, his phone rang. He took it out and saw Choi MiKyoung’s name.

After the abduction incident, she decided to work together with Han JinHo so he had allocated a few things for her to do. She was most likely calling him because of that.

“Manager Choi.”

When he received the call with a happy tone, Choi MiKyoung quickly went to the main topic.

– We started to remodel the buildings. One of them needs to be completely changed, so it would take some time while the other one only needs one floor to be remodelled and would take approximately one week.

“The design is as I’ve told you, right?”

– I told them everything they need to do. I’ll go and check it periodically to make sure it doesn’t stray away from the plan.

“I’ll trust Manager Choi on that.”

– Also, the corporation you talked about was established. I will first send you the photos of the related documents and hand it over later as I visit.

Han JinHo sparkled his eyes.

He had decided to set up a company that appraises antiques and artworks using this chance. It would start operating after a bit of time; when the three people that had become Han JinHo’s subordinates each controlled their organisations, he would use them to manage and grow his company.

– And I’ve received all the information on JeIl Agency, SamYoung Construction and ShinYoung Security from Manager Che MinYoung.

“That’s good. Those three companies would later become our hands and feet, so think of what we should do with them beforehand.

– Okay. I’ll review it straight away.

Han JinHo cut the call with a satisfied expression.

The reason why he told Che MinYoung to investigate about the three mentioned companies was because their work was heading towards the last stage.

The synergy when an insider was met with money was indeed great. In particular, the general manager of JeIl Agency, Lee MyungHoon’s abilities were better than he had thought.

In JeIl Agency, Lee MyungHoon acted as a connecting link between the members below and the reigning boss-rank executives above, while the two people from SamYoung Construction and ShinYoung Security were both assault leaders of their group.

Therefore, all the plans had come out of Lee MyungHoon’s head. After he had surrendered to Han JinHo, the first thing he did was checking the finance.

He checked how much money he was allowed to use, and when they realised that they could use an infinite (from their perspective) amount of money, they proceeded with their plans like bulldozers.

Thanks to putting in an incredibly large amount of money, it was possible to quickly achieve the desired result.

Of course, that didn’t mean that Lee MyungHoon had become the boss and had total control over the group. It was just at a stage where his influence within the group was huge and could move it into a direction he wanted.

But that alone had already achieved the first goal he had in mind; the three organisations would now never create annoyances for Han JinHo.

However, he had no intention to stop things here. In the first place, the instant he made the three people into his subordinates, he had decided to see things to the end.

What he wanted right now was to increase his magic.

Selling relics, attending secret auctions and collecting books on martial arts were all things he did to increase his abilities.

Creating relics was a part of his daily magic training schedule and learning magic would become easier in the future if he sold them for money.

Attending secret auctions to earn new relics was also related to creating and selling relics, and books on martial arts led to a new possibility of magic so they were worth investigating.

‘But most importantly is the ruin.’

He had only cleared roughly about half of the ruin he possessed. Actually, calling it half was also just an estimate based on his guess of how big the ruin was. Even if the ruin was many times bigger than he had thought, there was nothing strange about it.

‘I want to find another ruin.’

One of the objectives for creating a company this time was that – to find another ruin. A little while ago when he completely cleared the ruin in the abandoned factory, he had gained a lot of things.

Relics were indeed important but using magic and martial arts in a real environment allowed him to become more skilled at them.

Plus, by analysing new relics, he was able to test his refined magic skills.

‘Was that why?’

In fact, meeting Chairman Yu MyungHo today wasn’t something he needed to do, but when Yu JinHyuk suggested so, he immediately decided to see him.

Rather than calculating things beforehand, he acted however he felt.

Maybe things would be different in the future but at least for now, he couldn’t do everything by himself. He definitely needed outside help for this and that, and the easiest, yet the strongest method to solve that was having connections.

In reality, didn’t he gain the opportunity to attend Luina easily by meeting Chairman Yu MyungHo?

‘I’m looking forward to it.’

What would happen from now on, and what kind of ruins and relics would he meet in the future? He couldn’t wait for it.

He was about to walk into his officetel while thinking about such things when a message arrived. Checking it, he found out it was from Choi MiKyoung; documents related to the establishment of the corporation.

He roughly went through the documents attached to the message while walking up to his house.

‘AM co. ltd.’

[The raw is written as (주) AM.]

It was the name of the company Han JinHo had set up. When he first talked about the name, Choi MiKyoung’s face was quite a sight to see.

She didn’t say it out loud but it was obvious that she was itching to talk about before noon and the amplitude level of radios.

Naturally, even if she teased him on that topic, he had no plans to explain the real meaning of it. After all, Choi MiKyoung also seemed to have somehow inferred the meaning by mixing some words from appraising and analysing.

At that time, she murmured the word, ‘relic’ several times but Han JinHo feigned ignorance.

In any case, seeing it on documents brought out a new feeling. It felt like he truly was starting something anew.

“However… there’s still about three months till Luina opens again so, I have to decide what to do before that.”

He was planning on getting a membership of Luina through the newly established company. Of course, selling relics through ‘A’ would also continue separately.

The more funds, the better.

Until now, he had sold various relics without caring about their prices, but that thought was shaken this time.

What they called holy water was actually just a simple mana potion.

Mana potion only needed a few more processing on the mana water which he could infinitely bring out by using the special relic.

To have the true effects on the level of holy water, he needed much more complicated processes, and even Han JinHo had yet to make that.

There would be a limit to what a mana potion could do as a medication. Well, curing cancers and stopping ageing for a set period could easily be done though.

Anyways, that holy water’s price had been an overwhelming amount. Then, wouldn’t it be much more profitable for him to keep selling holy water?

It was worth thinking over. He entered his house in a deep thought.


International pharmaceutical company, Cellick’s representative, Burkman frowned while looking at the team leader of special research team, Howard.

“Do you have any idea how many bottles of holy water you’ve used? And yet, you still want more? If someone heard it, they’d think you deposited holy water or something. Do you know how much the last holy water was sold at Luina? It was 180 million dollars! Maybe now you understand how much money you’ve wasted.”

But Howard was unperturbed.

“It’s just this time’s auction that was a bit special, and can’t you normally buy it for few dozens of million dollars?”

“You talk about few dozens of millions like they’re nothing.”

“Compared to the result when the research is successful, it’s just small cash. Plus, it’s not like you buy them right?”

“So was there any success? There’s none that I know of.”

Howard’s expression crumbled, displeased.

“Isn’t it because all its effect disappear, one hour after its opened? Now you know why we need lots of holy water, right?”

Burkman heaved a deep sigh.

“Do you think I wouldn’t want to supply you with holy water as if they were normal water? Although the number of ruins under our company’s possession is big, there’s a limit to how much holy water we can find.”

In addition, it was impossible to attend auctions and buy holy water. There’s not many sellers in the first place, and how could they buy holy water which costs dozens of millions of dollars per one bottle?

The reason why they could have a constant supply of holy water until now was thanks to a ruin where lots of holy water could be excavated.

“How about digging around the people who have put up holy water in Luina’s auctions?”

“Not that easy.”

“But it’s still possible right?”

After saying that, Howard examined Burkman’s expression, and soon enlarged his eyes in astonishment.

“Wow! Did you try it already? Bravo! As expected of Burkman.”

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Howard slowly but strongly clapped his hands while wearing sincere admiration.

“The third one is in progress right now but the first two are already found.”

“And, how does it look?”

“One of them is a bit difficult to touch, but the other one, I could somehow handle it.”

“What about the last one?”

“It’s impossible to track using the bank account. Therefore, I’ve decided to dig around Luina instead.”

“As expected.”

Howard’s face turned bright, but Burkman’s expression on the other hand rotted.

“Anyways just bring me some success!”

“Okay, okay. I’m trying my utmost best as well, okay? Well, I’ll be off then.”

Howard escaped like a ghost immediately before Burkman’s sermon started. Seeing that, Burkman shook his head left and right with a speechless face.

“In any case… it can’t be that we’re the only ones moving right now…”

If it was an international enterprise with a bit of size, they would surely possess multiple ruins, and would naturally be researching relics.

A gross smile spread out on Burkman’s lips.

He could smell it – the smell of a battlefield flowing with blood and madness.

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