Magician of Insa-Dong – Chapter 4: Extremely Special Relic 2


“Are you finished with your conversations?”

Han JinHo looked at the three and asked.

His judgment that they were not normal employees wasn’t just because they seemed aggressive and cold.

It was because their every little action gave off a dangerous aura. Moreover, he could sense killing intent behind their eyes.

In other words, instilling fear, killing or injuring others were things they often did.

“We will have you come with us.”

If they had to use force, a wide and open place like this would’ve been the best, but since they all decided to group together, it was better for them to bring Han JinHo to a more isolated place so that they could control him better.

“Hmm… Do you have confidence?”

Han JinHo’s bold statement made the three men speechless. Did Han JinHo think they were some random people?

“You… don’t tell me you think we are normal employees?”

Han JinHo sneered.

“Well, don’t tell me you think I brought you here without any plans?”


The three men’s eyes quickly turned colours. Their eyes held wariness and their killing intent surged forward.

They slowly approached Han JinHo.

“Do you think we just came by ourselves?”

“You mean the people who were following from behind? Let’s see… about twenty of them? Seven, seven and six.”

Han JinHo spoke while pointing at each one of them. They were astounded, and their steps ceased.

“How did you know that?”

“They were blatantly following, it would be weirder to not notice it.”

Han JinHo cracked his neck as if he was warming up his body, and stretched his shoulders.

“But can you capture me?”

Han JinHo continued while giving an evil smile.

“You see, I’m good at fighting.”

The three became speechless.

“Hah, you’re boasting about fighting in front of me?”

One of the men walked up with large steps. The other two didn’t even intend to intervene. They instead shifted their positions to block Han JinHo from escaping.

Han JinHo stared at the approaching male. Soon the man walked up and suddenly threw a punch at him.

Han JinHo easily dodged it by slightly tilting his head. He then drove a punch towards man’s solar plexus.



The man’s eyes rolled up. He fell forward with blood and vomit coming out of his mouth.

Han JinHo turned around and faced the remaining two.

“You’re not gonna run away right?”

Of course not. The two men ran up together. One of them even took out a knife from his clothes.

Facing the two, Han JinHo reduced the distance by jumping once.


Even before the two got a chance to attack, a punch found their respective vitals.


Like the other guy, the two of them threw up blood and vomit before fainting.

Han JinHo looked down at the collapsed men and murmured to himself.

“Well… what should I do with these guys…?”

For now, he beat them up, but if he didn’t take after-measures well, these guys would bring more trouble later.

And he also had to deal with the ones that were currently on their way.

“There is no way it would end even if I eliminate these guys…”

It was an obvious story. These things needed to be taken care of down to its roots.

Han JinHo rummaged through their pockets and found their wallets. Inside those wallets were fair amounts of money and cards. But what he was looking for were none of these.

“Here they are.”

Han JinHo took out business cards from within. Not one or two, but a large pile of different business cards.

But by going through these business cards, Han JinHo could tell exactly which department they were enlisted to. It might have been difficult had Han JinHo been clueless regarding this line of work, but he had visited various places and had experienced many things when he was with Jung SangPil so he could easily find out such things.

The business cards had many companies that he was familiar with. Based on that, he found out exactly where they all belonged.

“There are many ways to solve the situation.”

Han JinHo roughly found out their positions inside their companies and smiled. These were more than enough.

“Well, I bet you weren’t planning to treat me like a human so don’t resent me too much.”

Han JinHo murmured that and raised his palm to the side of one of the fainted man’s face.


The silver bracelet on his wrist vibrated slightly and emitted a gentle light. A pattern made of light surfaced on his palm, and it then melted into the man’s head.

After embedding the same pattern of light into the other two, he shook their bodies to wake them up.


The three men raised their bodies while frowning due to headache. They saw Han JinHo and hurriedly retreated.

“Now, I’ll explain what I have done to you, so listen up.”

The three men stared at him with wary.

Han JinHo didn’t care about their attitudes and started explaining while raising a finger.

“First, I inserted a microscopic nanomachine inside your heads.”

The three men were speechless. Is he telling them to believe that?

“They are connected to my heart.”

It was getting increasingly absurd.

“If I die, you guys also die.”

To such an absurd statement, the three men didn’t talk back and just kept their mouths shut. They had to hold back until their subordinates came.

‘What’s taking them so long?’

They should’ve been here already, so not having any news about them left them annoyed.

Han JinHo’s explanation continued nonetheless.

“And if I want to kill you, you guys will also die.”

Now, they didn’t even have any reaction. The only thing on their minds were, how long do they have to listen to such crap. Their thoughts were reflected on their expressions.

“I can check everything you see and hear, and I can also inflict you pain as much as I want.”

After saying that, he glanced at the three men. He gave an evil smile and continued.

“Like this.”

As if that sentence was the que, the three men collapsed while bending their backs. Their eyes were shot open and they couldn’t close their mouths. They collapsed on the floor in that state, and continued to tremble.

It was extremely painful. Compared to this, all the pain they had received before couldn’t even be classified as ‘pain’.

They couldn’t make a single noise. Their breaths had stopped. Not being able to breathe on top of physical pain, the pain they received intensified further.


Han JinHo snapped his fingers.

Like a lie, the pain that enveloped their bodies ceased.

“Huff! Huff! Huff!” [TLN: *heavy breathing]

The three looked at Han JinHo with eyes full of fear. The smile he was making resembled a devil’s smile.

“Anyone that didn’t understand?”

The three of them shook their heads at the same time. They were so intense and desperate that it seemed like their heads would fly away.

“Alright. Now there’s no reason for me to doubt your loyalty, isn’t that so?”

“Y, yes!”

“Please order me however you like!”

“We’ll bet our lives on it!”

Han JinHo nodded his head with a satisfied expression.

“What I want isn’t much. Now, the companies you guys are in are…”

He went through the business cards while saying that.

“Je-Il Agency!” [Je-Il means the best]

“Sam-Young Construction!”

“Shin-Young Security!”

Han JinHo chucked the pile of business cards on the floor. They were indeed the companies he had guessed. The common characteristic of the companies was that they were in the grey zone: on the border between legal and illegal doings.

And all three companies had quite an interest towards antiques and relics.

“The three of you, what are your positions in your companies? If you’re only following some random orders, then… I don’t really need you.”

“There are only five people above me! I’m a useful guy!”

“I only have four above me!”

“I also only have four!”

The imprint that was left behind by the pain was so immense that they all wanted to appear useful in front of Han JinHo.

“That’s good. So, I guess overturning the company will also be possible, right?”


“T, that is…”

The three men made miserable faces. No matter how much trust they received in their organisations, they didn’t have that much of a power. If they wanted to do that, they would at least need 10 more years of dedication and a solid position. Even then, they would require a good aid.

“Then maybe it’s better for me to find ones in a higher position?”

The faces of the men turned pale white. The sentence sounded to them like they were going to be abandoned.

‘At this rate, we would die.’

It won’t be just death. They will die while being inflicted by the pain from earlier. The three of them trembled, and looked up at Han JinHo with eyes filled with fear.

“Then what if you three group together?”


“Us… three?”

The three men looked at each other. That kind of thought had never occurred to them.

“I provide the funds and you three group together to act against one organisation at a time. Can you do it?”

“M, maybe…”

“If we have enough money…”

Han JinHo replied immediately.

“Money will not be an issue.”

Even now, Han JinHo had over dozens of bank accounts in numerous tax havens. Taking money out of them, however, was not an easy matter.

Han JinHo didn’t want to reveal himself too much if possible. If someone traced the money back and found him, then troublesome matters would happen repeatedly.

Just using a few of those accounts would be more than enough to let them control their organisation.

“It would be difficult to immediately overthrow them. For now, stealthily create uproars in your organisations. Can you do it?”

The three men nodded their heads at the same time in response to his question. The time they had spent working along this line of work had been over ten years. They had a rough idea of what to do from now on.

Alone, it would be impossible, but if the three of them grouped together, it was possible enough.

If they worked together, they could make the relationships of the three companies bad. It won’t lead to a full-on war, but they wouldn’t be able to direct their attention to outside affairs.

And in the midst of the panic, they can utilise the immense amount of fund to slowly but steadily control the organisation.

Ambition started to colour their eyes.

“Leave it to us!”

“We will cleanly take care of it!”

“We will make sure that there won’t be anymore trouble from now on!”

The three of them spoke while bowing their heads at the same time.

Han JinHo lightly smiled and nodded his head.

“Well, I don’t mind if you betray. I have my own cards. You know what they are, right?”

The three men trembled their bodies from seeing Han JinHo’s smile. Just imagining it almost made their piss come out.

“S, such a thing will never happen!”

Han JinHo waved his hand.

“You should get going now. I bet your subordinates are looking for you.”

“Yes? Ah, yes. R, roger.”

The three men carefully retreated. The instant they left the wide, open area, they once again made puzzled expressions. The twenty subordinates that should’ve been following right behind them were currently searching around the area.

The three of them looked back with baffled eyes.

There was no one inside the open land.

[TLN: Naka ni daremo imasenyo]

An unforgettable voice rang inside their heads.

– You can’t let your subordinates see you guys acting together yet, am I wrong?

The three of them were shocked and instantly scattered in all directions. They then found their subordinates and quickly walked away.

Han JinHo stood in the middle of the wide opening and silently stared at the people going away.

He then glanced at the bracelet on his wrist.

“To think that I would use it like this.”

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Proofreader : Uptime

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