Magician of Insa-Dong – Chapter 8: Secret Auction 3

“The atmosphere is quite heated up. Let’s have some time to cool ourselves a bit.”

After the host said that, an employee climbed the stage with the next item. The relic placed on the display stand this time, was a crystal ball around the size of a child’s head.

“This is the Ball of Light!”

The pamphlet explained it as a crystal ball that could emit light by itself, without electricity or any other device.

But Han JinHo knew that wasn’t the end of the story.

“The keyword to start it up is simple. Estranya.”

A gentle light was released from the ball.

“As you can see, it’s a good brightness to set up a good mood.”

In other words, it was quite useless. There was no worth other than the fact that it was a special relic, so it was just for collecting.

“Now, should we start lightly with 10 million?”

Han JinHo raised his hand for now. If he was lucky, he might be able to buy it at 10 million.

“The young gentleman over there is in it. 11 million anyone?”

A woman not too far away from Han JinHo raised her hand. She was covering her face with a fox mask, but she didn’t seem too old.

“Oh, this time it’s a young lady.”

As the price continued to go up, both Han JinHo and the woman kept on raising their hands. Everyone was staring at them with interest in their eyes.

“I never had thought the price would go up by this much. Mr. Gentleman, would you go 20 million?”

Han JinHo nodded his head and raised his hand again.

“Oh, that’s great! We will now raise them by 2 million every time. Do you want to buy it for 22 million?”

The woman gave up. It seemed as if she wasn’t too interested in it, and she was only going with the mood.

But Han JinHo could see through her identity.

‘It’s an employee.’

It was an employee from the auction company to make sure the price won’t be too low. She easily gave up as soon as she saw Han JinHo hesitate.

Anyways, I got the crystal ball for just 20 million won.

His face under the mask was brighter than ever.

‘To get such a precious thing for only 20 million.’

To others it may seem like a useless crystal ball that can only emit light, but to him it was akin to treasure. This crystal ball was a type of storage device. It was a magic tool that could store words, videos and images.

And grimoires were stored in precisely these kinds of storage crystals. This crystal ball would most likely have a grimoire in it.

His interest towards relic auctions suddenly peaked. How many of these blind grimoires would there be? If he could find all of them, he would reach a level incomparable to now.

With a thumping heart, Han JinHo continued to watch the auction.


The auction ended, and Han JinHo succeeded in getting all the three relics he wanted. Now he just needed to pay the price and receive the items.

He was planning on paying the price from a foreign bank account. He would then try to find a way to auction his items, to sell not just the coin, but also the other items he had made that were slightly lacking in quality to be sent to Luina.

Till now, he was keeping them as a memento but the display cupboard was gradually running out of space.

The average price of the goods sold here was 500 million. The cheapest was the crystal ball he got, and the most expensive item was an aqua pendant that cost 1.4 billion.

Most relics were sold from around 300 to 600 million. This showed the scale of the auction.

Usually, a relic related to one’s survival was expensive. In other words, instead of a relic that could cause fire, a relic that was related to healing and health was dozens of times costlier.

People that bought these relics in the first place, were too rich that some of their money would grow fungi. It wasn’t out of norm for them to spend large amounts of money on their lifespan and health.

A relic’s worth was decided based on their uniqueness and abilities, but all the relics sold here were lacking in both aspects. The items Han JinHo was planning on selling were precisely those kinds of items.

The reason he wanted to sell them wasn’t purely because of money.

In fact, he already had enough money, and making proper items to sell at Luina would give him more money than selling lacking items here.

The necklace that Yu CheIn was wearing was sold at 3.8 billion, even though the necklace was only for keeping the wearer’s temperature from fluctuating and had a small healing ability.

The healing ability could only heal the target from small cuts, so it wasn’t a very useful ability.

Of course, regarding survival in the wild, it was quite good. In dire situations, an ability to keep their body temperature warm would have huge effects.

Up until now, he sold expensive items at Luina, and this time he took out holy water for the auction. He wasn’t entirely sure, but it would definitely be sold at an amazing price, since holy water to normal people, was basically the same as having an extra life.

As such, the money he would get from this auction didn’t hold much meaning to him. What he wanted wasn’t money, but other items that appeared in the auction.

He became certain after coming here today. There would surely be mountains of blind relics in the world.

[TLN: Basically saying relics that won’t see the light of the day]

This secret auction would surely not be the only one in our country.

Perhaps, today’s auction was one of the highest quality auctions in our country. However, considering his objective, a lousier and more dangerous place would make it easier for him to go big.

Walking while thinking of such things, he soon arrived at the place where the auctioned goods were exchanged. It was a clean room behind the stage, which seemed to focus on making sure the buyers wouldn’t have to meet each other.

Han JinHo entered a place blocked by opaque glasses.

The host from before was sitting before a large table, and on the table were the three items Han JinHo bought.

“I’ve been waiting.”

The man stood up and politely greeted.

In truth, the money Han JinHo used this time only amounted to around 100 million. Compared to others, it was a small number, but the host nonetheless kept a polite attitude.

“Please select the method of payment. Cash, cheque, transfer, and cards; everything is viable. If you need a different method, please tell us.”

Han JinHo gave a wry smile. He didn’t think they’d accept cards.

“I’ll transfer it if you tell me an account.”

Transfer was the most convenient method. He could just use a foreign account and the transfer itself was easy, along with how there was no need to worry about his identity being found out.

The host placed a memo on the tabletop and slid it across. Han JinHo took out his phone and transferred the money into the account written on the memo.

Seeing that, the host’s eyes glittered.

“It has been checked. You can now take your items back. If you need security, please tell us.”

Han JinHo shook his head while taking the goods.

“It’s fine.”

The host nodded his head like he was expecting it. These weren’t even expensive nor precious, so there would be no-one who would risk stealing it.

Moreover, everything that happened here were to be kept a secret.

No-one would know who bought which items if they weren’t here. People can’t just indiscriminately attack everyone that left the building, after all.

“Then, be careful on your way back.”

The host politely bid farewell, but Han JinHo wasn’t thinking of going yet.

“What do I have to do to sell items?”

The man’s eyes sparkled hearing those words.

“Ho, is there anything you would like to sell?”

Han JinHo took out the small box from his pocket and opened the lid. The host tilted his head after carefully inspecting it.

“I can’t tell what it is with my eyes. What exactly is this item?”

“It’s a shield.”


The man widened his eyes and stared at Han JinHo, dumbfounded. A shield? Is he talking about this small coin?

“I can’t really understand…”

Han JinHo took the coin in his hands, and spoke the keyword.



The coin vibrated once, then created a milk-coloured layer in front of him. It was a circular shape with a diameter of 50 centimetres, which served as a shield that would protect him from an outer force.

“Shoot a gun as a test.”

“Eh? Is that fine?”

The host who was silently seeing the scene was shocked by his sentence and thus asked. When Han JinHo nodded his head, the host took out a gun from his person.

It certainly wasn’t a normal organisation; even a host introducing the relics had a gun on him. Perhaps, every security guard outside had a gun.

He wanted to test it, but decided to stop. What purpose would it serve anyways? He just needed to know that these people who managed a secret auction were dangerous people, that was more than enough.

“Now, I’ll be shooting.”


There wasn’t much sound due to the silencer, but it had no doubt, hit the milk-coloured barrier.


The shield of milky lights remained unperturbed even after getting shot by a gun. In fact, the bullet rebounded off and pierced the ceiling.

The host who saw it was flabbergasted!

“How is it? Is it good enough to be auctioned?”

“Certainly! This item, please leave it with us! I will definitely give it the best price!”

“This here is the precise appraisal detail, so refer to it.”

Han JinHo took out a document and placed it on top of the table.

“Please wait a second.”

The host left for a bit after saying that, and returned with a different person. It was an old man wearing thick pairs of glasses.

“He is the best appraiser we have on our side. Please wait for a little while.”

The man who the host brought appraised the coin with studious eyes. His hand held a tool similar to a bar-code scanner which he used to look over numerous parts of the coin.

He then took several pictures of the coin. After the whole thing was over, the host politely spoke.

“It is better to be 100% sure, after all. We had to have an appraisal of our own.”

The host handed over an invitation card. Unlike the normal card, this one was made of white gold. It naturally had complex runes carved on it.

“It’s a special invitation card for VIPs. You don’t need to receive new invitation cards, and can come here any time you want. Attending the auctions, and selling something; if there is something to do, you can always make your way here.”

“That’s good.”

With a satisfied expression, he put the white gold invitation card away. He then took away the coin as well.

He had completed everything he needed to do here.

“Then, please be careful on your way.”

The host’s attitude was incomparably more polite than before. Han JinHo slightly nodded his head to return the farewell greeting, and left the place while carrying the auctioned items.

‘I need to make another request to Manager Che MinYoung.’

After attending a secret auction today, he had a renewed interest towards other auctions.

He was planning on attending every secret auction held in Korea. He felt it was much more convenient now that he had connections with a professional.

‘I have to return quickly and properly go through these items.’

With expectations filling his head, he hasted his steps.

Han JinHo who stepped outside now had nothing in his hands without anyone realizing.

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