Magician of Insa-Dong – Chapter 9: Shining Crystal 1


The orange sports car raced down the road. Han JinHo couldn’t wait to quickly have a proper inspection of the crystal ball.

What would be inside it?

It was highly likely for it to be a new magic.

Up until now, he had found 17 crystal balls in total, and all 17 of them had contained magic-related information inside.

So, wasn’t it likely for this to also be one?

He placed all the items from today into a different dimension. The ring on his right index finger was an inter-dimensional ring. The ring could open another dimension that was totally separated from this world, and could be used as a storage device.

The storage wasn’t that big, but it could carry five or six luggage bags with ease. He stored various items inside the ring, ranging from survival goods to depend on in emergency situations, some special weapons to precious metals.

It was only a temporary storage device.

Han JinHo was planning on developing on his skills to make a proper interspacial item. And instead of placing the dimension onto an equipment, he wanted to carve it directly on his body.

If he overlooked some danger and pain, it was no doubt possible.

Average skills would be far from enough, but to him, that day was not far off. If he consistently craved for, and advanced his magic skills, it would surely be achievable.

The phone rang while he was driving. When he checked it, it was from Che MinYoung.


– The first move is already done.

“Ohh, that was fast. As expected of a high-class expert.”

– Normal experts would now have trouble investigating you.

Han JinHo nodded his head in satisfaction.

What he requested of Che MinYoung was to hide his information. Recently, there was a few who tried to investigate him, so he asked her to help him hide his information from them.

And Che MinYoung had completed her task perfectly.

– I will now get started working on hiding information from experts of my level. This will take quite some time, as well as money.

“I’m looking forward to that. I was actually surprised when you showed me what you found out about me.”

– I couldn’t find anything out at the start though.

“But you would have eventually found out about them.”

Surprisingly, Che MinYoung managed to discover his bank accounts across the tax havens, the amount of money inside them and their source.

Sure, she only found four of them, but Han JinHo was still extremely shocked.

She hadn’t yet discovered them when she contracted with Han JinHo, but later, when he was testing her skills, she uncovered them.

The accounts weren’t simply made; they were infused with his special magic to maintain the links so he never thought anyone could find them, and thus he was very surprised.

Now, Che MinYoung would make sure no experts could ever track him by using precise and certain methods and hide his information.

– I found traces of other experts on your tail. You have to be careful.

“Is that so? Thanks for telling me.”

– You’re my employer so no need to thank me. I’ll be calling you later then.

“Ah, wait a bit.”

– What’s wrong?

“I want to add another small request. Is it fine?”

– If it’s a simple one, sure.

“Do you by chance know about secret auctions?”

– Of course I do.

Han JinHo let out a smile after hearing her, and talked with her for a while after that. A good feeling filled his body.


Chairman Yu MyungHo sat comfortably on a sofa and gazed at the man standing before him, Lee ChaBum. He was a pretty famous person in the industry, not only because of his skills but also his cruel personality of using whatever means possible.

In fact, due to those rumours, Chairman Yu MyungHo didn’t request him very often. Whenever he had something, he usually referred it to Che MinYoung.

However, this time, Che MinYoung paid the penalty and cancelled the request so he had no other way.

“I had originally requested this to Manager Che MinYoung.”

“Yes, I know.”

“Would it still be fine? I have no intention of looking down on you.”

“It’s fine. It’s more than enough, since you are telling me this right now. On the other hand, I should be grateful for giving me this chance.”

“That’s good.”

“I know it’s unlikely, but did Manager Che MinYoung leave any information behind?”

“She’s paid the penalty; would she also give the information?”

“I was just checking. I’ll start the investigation.”

“Right. I’m depending on you.”

When Lee ChaBum left after lowering his head, Chairman Yu MyungHo heaved a large sigh.

“For goodness sake, I can’t predict how he will bounce. What a troublesome guy.”

He shook his head. The reason for his request was Yu CheIn; he heard Yu CheIn was interested in a guy so he casually requested an investigation.

At the start, it was only that.

As much as possible, he tried not to care whether the two were going out or not. As long as he wasn’t a scumbag or a psychopath, it would be fine.

Therefore, he ordered the information department to investigate what kind of person he was.

But what did he find? He was related to illegal stuff, and appraising relics. And yet, he had a clean background.

Normal people would stop there, thinking nothing of it, but Chairman Yu MyungHo wasn’t like that. He had a weird feeling of discomfort.

In other words, it was his instinct.

Therefore, he decided to re-investigate him, and requested Che MinYoung. To remove any prejudice, he didn’t mention to her that he mobilised the company’s information department beforehand.

And this was the result.

“Strange. Very strange.”

Chairman Yu MyungHo muttered with a serious expression. There was definitely something off; something off about this guy called Han JinHo.


After parking the car at the basement parking lot, Han JinHo walked up to his house and changed his clothes.

The officetel had numerous security cameras, but none of them caught Han JinHo in it, because he gave off a special wave that interfered with the recognition abilities of electronic devices.

Changing into normal clothes, he once again left the house.

This time, it was to go to his workshop.

He was too curious, he couldn’t postpone it till tomorrow and wanted to inspect the crystal today. It took about 20 minutes from his house to the workshop.

Han JinHo pretty much ran all the way, and arrived at the workshop after 15 minutes. As soon as he got there, he took out the items from the inter-dimensional ring. He, however, left the platinum invitation card inside.

He had no idea what they did to the card. If they attached a tracer or something, it would become a hassle.

But even the most high-tech electronic device and tracers infused with magic would be useless if they were inside another dimension.

That world was a totally different one, completely separated from this world. The moment something enters, every connection it has with this world would be severed – even time itself.

Actually, if he examined it carefully, he could tell what kind of electronic device, or magic processing were inside it.

However, he did not bother doing that. It would be over by leaving it inside the other dimension. If he had time to study it, he would rather use the time to train for an extra one hour – that would be much more beneficial.

Han JinHo one by one, scrutinised over the items he bought in the auction. Other than the Shining Crystal, there was also a Stun Bracelet and a warm pendant.

Truth be told, Han JinHo was utterly shocked that these items were auctioned off at such devastatingly low prices. If the sellers knew the truth, they might be shocked enough for their hearts to stop.

First off, the warm pendant was a magic stone storing device. The gem on the middle of the pendant was the magic stone. Most likely, even if normal people analysed it countless times, they would think of it as amethyst.

But if that amethyst had a large amount of mana condensed inside it, it would become a magic stone.

Judging from just the size, it would be classified as a high-class magic stone, but the gem had to be removed from the storing device to have its purity and stability properly analysed, to get the specifics.

There were several large yet useless magic stones, and some might be small yet still contain great amounts of mana compressed in it.

The reason this pendant was warm was due to the natural warmth that was emitted during the process of stabilising the mana inside the magic stone.

Because of the weird runes on the surface and the endless heat that came out, it would be considered a strange relic, but normal people would still consider it worthless.

“I had never expected to find a magic stone this big.”

Magic stones were actually quite common, but those common magic stones were very tiny – normally they would be smaller than a rice grain, and some were even smaller than millet rice.

Of course, the bigger it was, the better it was, and the magic stone embedded on the pendant had the size of a child’s fist. This big of a magic stone wasn’t something one could readily find.

Just from thinking of what he could do with this magic stone filled him with waves of inspiration.

It seemed he had to postpone engraving inter-dimension on his body, as he might be able to come up with more ideas on other functions which he could add.

“The stability magic circle looks like an old version. Let’s change this too.”

Fortunately, he knew a lot about the various magic circles that were in magic stone storing devices, so he could make a device much better than the current one.

After analysing the storing device for a bit, he returned it into the other dimension. He turned to the Stun Bracelet and tapped it with his fingers.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Every time he touched the bracelet, strong bursts of electricity surged forward. If he didn’t wrap mana around his finger beforehand, he would’ve passed out from electric shock.

The reason why this bracelet was sold at a low price was because it was impossible to control. Whenever a person touched it, it would emit electric waves, but the electricity didn’t have much use.

Using it as a generator was the most rational method, but at this stage it was nothing but a taser. A very dangerous taser, that couldn’t distinguish allies from enemies.

But Han JinHo knew that the real purpose of the bracelet was different.

The electric waves that were discharged every time someone touched it was to make sure no-one other than its owner could steal it away – it was due to a theft prevention magic.

Usually, this type of theft prevention magic was used to protect super expensive valuables, or inter-dimensional items that carried valuables.

Although he hadn’t carefully inspected it yet, Han JinHo discovered that the bracelet was linked to a high-class dimension.

From the relics he had bought, this bracelet was the most expensive. It was, after all, a relic that emitted electric waves that could make a person faint in one hit.

In addition, it was visually beautiful. Even though it was made of silver, the handicraft was top-notch so it would’ve cost quite a bit even if it had not been a relic.

“They probably didn’t know that this wasn’t made of silver.”

It appeared to be made of silver, but it wasn’t. Even if they tested it, the result would say silver, but it wasn’t normal silver.

It was silver that was transformed after absorbing mana for countless number of years.

Actually, even if the bracelet had not a single function, it should still have a price higher than one trillion won. This material was priceless.

“I have to first get rid of the theft prevention magic but, it’s not easy. The level is very high.”

Han JinHo judged that he could not do anything to the bracelet yet, and placed it back into the other dimension.

Last but not least was the Shining Crystal. With a face full of expectations, he placed both of his hands on the crystal.

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