Maou no Hajimekata chapter 1 : Let's accumulate magic first

Warning : This novel has been rated R18 (over 18) and contains highly extremely fuckingly fucking fuck super mega giga explicit sexual contents or violence. If you are a person with weak constitution or with illness or pregnant or too young or too old, please avoid reading this. You’ve been warned.

「There’s something bothering me for a while」

While stretching her limbs and wings after getting out of the magic circle, Lir looked back.

「This, what’s this?」

What is at the end of her line of sight is the huge glass bottle.
It was the one Oulu placed before summoning Lir.

「That is……well. Shall we call it a dungeon core.
That will become the core to make the dungeon later」

While explaining it, Oulu chanted a short spell to create a little flame on the palm of his hand and used it as a light after placing it on the four corners of the room.

「I presume you do know what 『Magic power』 is?」

To Oulu who questioned, Lir answered puffing her cheeks out.

「Don’t take me for an idiot. Even like this, I’m still a devil, you know? The Mana(*魔力/maryoku) is the origin of all things related with 『Magic』.(*魔/ma)
sorcery too and monsters as well……and of course, that is us devils’ origin.
To thwart even a little part, or to soil this world made by the 『Creator』.
That is 『magic』, is the magic power and also known as devil」

「Then do you know about this? Magic power is in the soil, air, water, living creatures……
That although it is inherent in all sort of things, it’s mostly present under the ground.

The magic power underground does not remain in one place, but it is like road and flows like rivers. That road of magic power is called dragon vein(*龍脈/Ryoumaku)」

「…….so, what’s it related with this?」

Lir asked while touching the dungeon core with an expression we couldn’t know if she did or did not understand the explanation.

「Where we are at is in the midst of the said dragon vein.
And this dungeon core absorbs that dragon vein’s mana」

Lir stared at the amber coloured liquid shunned by the flames’ light with wide-eyes.

「Eh, this water is……the mana?」

「It is so」

「It’s a lie, is it!?」

Lir made a dazed voice to the Oulu who nods.

「But the mana of density as to be in a liquid form, a common magician would only be able to make one or two drops at the most!
But this much quantity, it’s far beyond what a human magician could handle……
And it doesn’t smell of the mana even this close, why’s that?
I could sense the smell even from small magical items, but there’s no way that there’s no smell with this much quantity of mana nearby!」

「You could know by the smell? Sure it is convenient to be a devil.
……It’s a simple matter. This bottle is made to trap the mana that is completely filling it.
If the mana can’t flow out of this, there’s no reason it’d smell.
Any person would instantly lose their mind at the very moment they take this much magic in them but there’s no danger if you store it in a bottle and use only the necessary amount.」

Lir carelessly, glared alternatively at Oulu’s face and the dungeon.

「To completely isolate the magic……That’s some amazing technology? Is such thing really possible?」

「Aah. That’s the culmination of my 70 years of research. I barely made it here.」

To Oulu who spoke like he was in deep emotion, Lir was troubled if she was amazed or dumbfounded for a moment and eventually chose the latter.

「70 years, just how old are you……Whatever. At least, I’m convinced.
If we can continuously obtain this much concentration of magic, maybe conquering the world may be also possible. And since we have no choice but to protect this bottle so we can also make the dungeon as well.
…….So, what should we start first to build this dungeon?」

「Right……Then first, turn back. And put your hands on the wall there」

「? ……like this?」

Lir put her two hands on the wall with her back faced to Oulu as ordered to.

「Hey wait, this position is like as if……Ah!?」

Lir who talked made a loud voice to the feeling that was like penetrating her.
It was Oulu who stripped Lir’s cloth from behind and penetrated Lir’s genital just like that.

「What? You won’t say that you were a virgin」

「There’s no way I’d be! ……Really! If you were going to, you could properly say it so」

Her words may be complaints, but the voice has always melted sweet.

「Even though I’ve put in without foreplay, it was already wet?」

「That’s……Nh……bec,ause……yes……there, it feels good……!」

Lir’s bottom was already wet as if it had been caressed for hours.
It is……not because she felt pleasure. It’s because she is a succubus.

「But, it’s surprising……Han……Ah……! To, summon…… me and……Ahan……
Telling me, to build a dungeon……I thought you, wouldn’t, Ah, be interested, for this kind, of this……」

「That’s a misunderstanding. Certainly mixing with you now is a part of making dungeon.
But that is that, it’s not like I have no interest in sex. No, rather, I have great interest in it.
Since I got this much trouble to make a labyrinth and got hands on power, wouldn’t it be meaningless if I didn’t want neither wealth nor the women?」

「What’s that……Fufu, hah, ah……because you want to, do it…….Ahi……It’s the reason why……You are making……Hah……the dungeon?」

Lir who showed her technique to laugh while panting, rotated her body. With her legs spread wide open, it became the missionary position.
As there’s nothing to support the body from below, only devils can be like this floating in the air.

「But that’s also good……If it’s for that…..Unfu……I’ll give you plenty of services」

Throwing the clothes only by name covering her skin, she pressed her two voluptuous hills on Oulu’s face.
At the same time, she swallows Oulu’s spear deep and wriggled the inner wall of her vagina.

「Ku……This is the first time doing it with a succubus but……it’s indeed amazing.
It’s like……my soul is also getting squeezed」

「Unfufu……Thank you. If only there was no contract, I would have continue like this until you’d dry up……yeah」

While shaking her hip up and down in the air, like squeezing him, Lir wriggled her vagina.
For succubuses whose job is to wriggle out men’s semen, their vagina is the organ they could move the most freely between their body.
In addition to the effect of his rejuvenated body, Oulu’s limit was quickly approaching there.

「You are quite, composed……」

「Well, it’s because I’m a succubus……Aan……Is the type hating and crying, more your liking?」

For a succubus, sex is like having a meal. Of course, that is also giving her pleasures but different from that of the humans’, they could totally control it. It is impossible for them to lose their minds to the pleasure or care about that.

「There’s no need for such lame acting……Kuh, I’m cumming……!」

「Un, come……in, cum inside m……!?
Eh, I can’t believe it! what is thi……Ah, AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAH!!

Oulu shot his cum inside Lir’s vagina. And a little later, Lir raised her voice while trembling. It wasn’t anymore the fake sweet voice she made till now.

「Wha, what was it just now……?」

「It seems like the real body of the devil is always in the demon world isolated from this one」

While connected yet, Oulu started slowly to massage Lir’s breasts.

「Eh, Ah, wait, wh-what’s that……」

Although Lir, puzzled by the sensation she felt for the first time, twisted her body, Oulu’s right arm held her hip tightly and does not let her go.

「Although your consciousness and ego came to this world, the body is a temporary one made out of magic.
That’s why you didn’t feel pain more than you need and you could go back to the demon world even if the body got destroyed, was it.
That’s some convenient thing, but that it was made of magic means that its constitution could also be interfered and changed with magic」

「Eh, Ah, Aah, Ah, no, wait, Ah, Un, Hyiah, Aaah……!」

Even after ejaculating, Oulu’s thing did not lose its hardness and slowly resumed to act.

「For that reason, I made you to be able to feel the pleasure and feel the confusion and care like others. Ah, there’s nothing that would harm you, so be at ease.
However, in this way……」

Oulu pushed his hips in.


「I just made so that we’d enjoy together」

「W-wait, wait a second, wai……Ahn!」

To Lir who was gasping hard and asking to stop, Oulu shut her mouth with his own.
While doing so, he was passionately fondling her breast with one hand, holding her waist with the other one and moved his hard thing in and out.
If she was a female human, she would have felt more pain than pleasure due to the excessive intensity, however the other party is a succubus’ body.
Every movement is combined to the pleasure and she greedily asks for more pleasure.

「It is definitely much better than before……Aah, this is the best…..I’m going to cum……Ha!」

「No, no, ah, more, ah, no, a, ah, AAAAAAh!!

To the feeling of the semen going inside her, Lir leaned back and was convulsing.
Now, Oulu’s semen is like a powerful aphrodisiac to her. The deeper it gets to the body, the more intense the pleasure penetrates her, and when it gets in her womb, the pleasure incessantly attacks her. Moreover, Oulu doesn’t wither whatever how many times he cums and resume his act.

「Wa-wait, It’s, weird……I’m going, to become, weird……」

「So you like being violated?……Well, whether you like it or not, this is the commemoration for the contracting. I’m going to make you love all night today.」

「That, Ah, Un!  Aan! Is noooot, Un, Aahn!

……Thus, the first night went on.

Translator’s note

魔力/마력/maryoku will be either translated as magic or mana or magic power. I don’t know which word to fix with so I’m going free style, depending how it sounds better.

龍脈/용맥/Ryoumaku = Dragon Vein, often translated as “Leyline”. Based on the Feng-Sui(風水), rivers and mountains are always described as the blood of the dragon, while the earth’s terrain as the dragon’s skin. Chinese feng shui masters find sky dragons in cloud formations, earth dragons amongst rocks and landscape configurations and water dragons in the swirling waters of rivers and lakes. It is a great gate in the universe from where energy or chi gushes out and is then gathered and channeled onto the land. This Chi can gather, move or remain in a space. It can be activated, in which case it becomes Yang, or it can be still and unmoving, and stay Yin. Yang energy flows through earth pathways that we call dragon veins.

The proofreader told me yesterday while checking my script “how come your english become much better when there’s sex?”
I couldn’t answer it (lol)

Translator : KobatoChanDaiSuki

Proofreader : Zenneth

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