Maou no Hajimekata : status

Okay, people keep asking me “when will Maou come out?”

you might not know but Maou no Hajimekata is kind of…hard to translate. Yes.
It’s very long and it had tricky lines to translate easily and perfectly.

Also, I don’t have much time to work on it. I’m already having problem to work on kenkyo and Lookism, I just can’t find time for Maou.

So I’m putting Maou no Hajimekata under “Teaser project” since I don’t think I’ll be able to really work on it.
But one day, maybe, I’ll find time for a chapter or a translator to put on it. Probably.

So yeah, stop begging me.

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  1. heheheheeee

    So you bit off more then you could chew picking up a new project huh?

    So when your asked “when will Maou come out”, your answer is to make it a teaser and say “Stop begging me”…

    you DO know the difference between begging and asking right?

    “Dude… please please PLEASEEEEEEEE update Maou already, its been forever!”

    “Dude, when will Maou update?”

    just an example

    i do not believe you are being “begged” for anything. i might be wrong and in which case, my bad. if your going to continue neglecting Maou, would you give it to a translator who can focus on it?


    i am not trying to pick a fight, i just want to see this translated.

    1. kobatochandaisuki Post author


      1. Yes, I bit more than I could chew. And so what? I do what I want to do.

      2. If people ask me each and every time to me “please please please”, this is exactly what “Begging” is.
      It is not only you, there’s a lot more people who did.

      3. I wrote my reasons why I’m putting Maou on hold.

      4. I’m not paid for this, I do this for fun.

      5. Goes with 4. I have no obligation to find someone else to work on this.

      6. I will try to find someone if there is but like said, nothing obliges me to do so. And I guarantee nothing, translators(who would work for free) are something rare.

      7. Even if there’s people who would like to work on it, seriously, I wouldn’t give them if the translation quality would be worse than me(I’m not praising my translation but I do think that I’m kind of a dead-limit. Probably hard to do worse than me).


    2. Shu

      if you would be so continue the translating please do so it’s really good and I bet there are people who’ll be happy to read it but I knew you aren’t obliged to do it but please kindly do so I’ll be waiting thank you and I appreciated everything

  2. bobertrobert123

    Thanks for the update! (Although I know it won’t do anything I’d still like you to know that maou was a very interesting *wink* *wink* series and it would be nice to see it be continued if yo uhave the time and the drive)

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