Miracle Drawing will be taken down

Hey everybody,

I’ve got a bad and sad news. Miracle Drawing was requested to be taken down. I unfortunately can’t communicate more information concerning this but this is only for the case or Miracle Drawing so don’t worry.

The little good news is that the translator will be assigned to I am the Monarch which had no release for a while due to Subak, its translator, being too busy with his study to translate.

This is all.


11 Replies to “Miracle Drawing will be taken down”

  1. dns7950

    god damn it. that is terrible news. I hope it gets picked up again by someone who doesn’t care about copyright. I don’t care about I Am The Monarch, I just came here for Miracle Drawing. Screw the retards who request it to be taken down. If you’re not gonna translate it yourself you should at least let others do it.

    1. ScotlandForsythe

      Umm. I believe even if someone picked it up the copyright owners would still request for it to be taken down. This isn’t a situation where the translator doesn’t want to translate it, but one where the translator and and other potential translators can not. If he does continue to translate despite the copyright he could be taken to court. I understand you’re sad (I too, I really loved this story T-T), but please try to be understanding towards the one who translated. Try to turn it down a notch. They have feelings you know. ~_~

      1. k

        well i hope/think he meant not to bash the translators. But more of the copyright owners that doesn’t have the novel translated and is not letting others translate either
        ^i could be totally off tho and you right instead

  2. Just another person too

    Oh no, ;-; I loved this series It was one of my favorites here well at least we have I am the Monarch again 🙂 which I quite enjoy but still sad ;-; for Miracle Drawing….

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