New Novel, New Manhua, New TL

Hey I’m H0RR1BL3CPU. Some of you may know me as the TL of God-level Bodyguard in the City on Xianxiaworld. End-of-year exams came up so I had to go on hiatus and xxw doesn’t let TLs/EDs post on their own hence all announcements go through chapters.

So firstly, the novel is not dropped and will be picked up again in KobatoChanDaisuki and secondly, the novel will be a side project with an average release rate of once a month. Finally, the chapter is 1/3 done since I’m doing it at my own pace on my own it’ll be out by the end of the month.

Now for the manhua, it’s called 唐山葬(tang shan zang) by otosama and will be my main project in addition to editing domminating sword immortal. It’s a parody of “journey to the west” where the useless monk becomes  as buffed as a mountain and as strong as saitama(it’s the hair).

I’m currently looking for an editor that can typeset(no need for cleaning since its a web manhua) while I’ll be learning how to use the photoshop. And I’ll also need a proofreader (I’m prone to careless mistakes) => write an email to [email protected]

P.S: there’s a script for the first chap completed so the sooner I get a guy the sooner it’s out.

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