New novel project – *coming soon*

Well, yes, there’s one project I already translated the prologue. It’s quite text heavy and I can’t guarantee the regularity of the release nor the speed but welp, gotta see.

It’s a japanese fiction(obviously) novel that I worked from the korean raws so there’s no point in saying my japanese sucks like some person/people has pointed out. I don’t know Japanese at all, it’s just my English that sucks.

The story is about the glorious ‘Murica gone to another world and gang banging other countries like badass The USA transported into another world and fighting for the Freedom *freedom mothafucka*  you got petroleum? Time to bring you some freedom! of the world, endangered by two *evil* nations, the Sihollangr Empire and the Maond Republic.

No Raptor, no nuke, no Abraham. It’s the USA of the 1941 that gets transported. Hello Enterprise, hello Son-of-a-Bitch 2nd Class, hello Liberator and Curtis LeMay we should bomb them back into the stone age.

Warning : may contain weird grammar wrong vocabulary violence and not be suitable for some ages.

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  1. HaremPrince

    Will you tl a few chapters of this project then go absent for months? Then complain about people sniping you when someone takes over after being frustrated by your prolonged inactivity? If not then please pick this up!

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