New Theme! + Concerning redirecting ads

Hey guys, KobatoChanDaiSuki here~

I’m sure you’ve noticed that our site changed a bit. How do you find it? It is neater than before, right?

I apologize once again for having so much ads, it’s obliged as to be able to afford better servers and features(and offer you better services).

We hope to become bigger and better and thank you for supporting us!

EDIT: Ads now should be now less intrusive and redirecting but like this post in Gravity Tales says (, it’s not really our fault that there’s redirects (we do not put any ads that redirects if you didn’t directly click on them. And even so, it’s usually a new tab or window that pops up when you click)



10 Replies to “New Theme! + Concerning redirecting ads”

  1. sucahyo

    My problem is now I can only open with firefox because windows XP refuse to open this site with opera or chrome, or mobile opera mini unless I replace https with http.

  2. sucahyo

    Thanks for the translation. Try to use supercache to reduce server load just in case. Other translation use WP3cache but theirs failed to work (not showing “cached” at the end of html in the client).

  3. TheOne320

    The current ads are very aggressive and nearly malicous. Could you redefine the protection mode? I cannot even copy other peoples comments or my own text.

    1. KobatoChanDaiSuki Post author

      Hello, the reason why you can’t copy any comments or text must be because we’re using a content protector plugin which doesn’t enable the text selecting or right-click to copy, etc…we’re sorry for this matter.

      1. TheOne320

        Thank you for removing content protection. It would only hurt readers. A quick google review of the feature shows that it is quite useless.

  4. Young Tembu

    The mobile is messed up. Menu bar keeps popping. Longer load times between chapters. I honestly liked the previous build but I’m sure you guys will be optimizing everything soon.

  5. Lyn

    I am reading through my mobile. The website took too long to open. Plus, the ads are very very very intrusive. I didn’t even click anything related to the ads. I clicked your page, like when I wanted to click previous or next, and they redirect me to the ads. Even when I typed this, I was redirected 4 times. Sometimes they just redirected me anyway while I didn’t even click anything. Then, I could never go back to your page, even though I pressed ‘back’ hundreds times. I have to go back to NU, find your updates, and then repeat the whole process all over again. I also worried that the ads are malicious and might carry smth bad. I understand that you need the ads, but is there any way to use another ads service? The saver ones? Or please at least make it appear in a new tab. So it is not directing me to another page while I’m reading and just want to scroll the page.

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