no much releases these days?

It’s simply because we do not have enough manpower but have a lot of projects! And also due to managing, improving quality, things IRL, etc…everybody is busy enough. Sorry dear readers for that.


4 Replies to “no much releases these days?”

  1. Dixchat

    Do you take someone who has NEVER EVER done Cleaner/Redrawer ? 😮 I am going to learn after my exams are done 😮

    1. dakarah Post author

      If you have the will, yes!
      there’s also plenty of tutorials on the net if you google them. We’ll be looking forward to working with you 🙂
      Please mail us when you are able

  2. Nicolas

    Are you in need of a proofreader? I would like to help with Maou no Hajimekata.
    I worked on Mushoku Tensei in kaezar’s team.
    Thanks for you work !


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