Omni Genius – Chapter 81: The Beautiful Policewoman Who Can(?) Cook

Shen Yang’s tragedy was not one that could be described by anyone. Only when they finished did Qin Fang understand that the rule was that for every ten points they lost by, they had to run out and shout “I am a pig!” once.


And… in the end, after the last round, Shen Yang lost by ten thousand points. Even if he goes out to start shouting now, he would be shouting for a whole term before he can finish.


Luckily, everybody did this punishment game as a form of entertainment, and only asked Shen Yang to shout ‘I am a pig!’ three times. On top of that, he had to clean the dorm room for one month. That was the watered down punishment.


The night went by peacefully.


In the morning, Qin Fang once again went with Fang Dacheng to the forest to practice martial arts. Qin Fang really looked like an expert when practicing the fighting style now, but what really made Qin Fang feel a change in his body was the breathing technique.


After almost every breathing session, Qin Fang could feel all his organs being used. Not only did it expel all the exhaustion accumulated during the day, it even made the organs very excited and active. Though his sleeping time reduced by a lot during these two days, he didn’t feel tired at all.


When they returned to the dorm after practice, they didn’t call up the others who were still sleeping again. Mainly because they played till it was very late yesterday, and they will definitely not be able to wake up so early now. Since they already knew the way to Fragrant Feixue, Qin Fang went on his repaired second-hand bike and cycle to the restaurant alone.


The partnership plan with Xiao Nan was already proceeding, but the renovation of the whole shop, the hiring of the new staff and other things will happen when Qin Fang and the others are having their half a month long military training.


Just right as the time when Qin Fang could not run the restaurant would be effectively used to upgrade it. Furthermore, these works would be supervised by someone Xiao Nan hired, and the three original owners only needed to pop in and check once in a while.


Naturally, before that happened, business had to go on. After all, they could still make profits everyday, and Qin Fang did need money for his future plans.


“Qin Fang, are you free tonight.”


Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue naturally came to the restaurant to help too, but when they were being busy, Tang Feifei suddenly asked Qin Fang if he was free.


“I don’t think there is anything going on tonight. What is it?”


Qin Fang continued making noodles, while asking curiously.


“It’s Sister Xiao Ning. Didn’t you help her to apprehend the two fugitives last time? She was rewarded, and wanted to repay you. However, she didn’t have your contact info, so she made me a messenger. If you are okay with it, she will treat us to a meal tonight!”


Tang Feifei said everything as it was.


“Oh? So it’s Sister Xiao Ning… okay then!”


Qin Fang still had a deep impression of the heroic and valiant flower of the police department. Especially the scene where she tore down her dress, it was still fresh in Qin Fang’s mind.


“Then that’s good! I will call you when it’s time!”


Seeing that Qin Fang agreed, Tang Feifei naturally got really happy and excited. However, she didn’t disturb Qin Fang anymore, and went out to work. Meanwhile, the clueless Xiao Muxue was still busy serving customers.


A busy day went pass quickly, and the business was indeed getting better by the day. However, Qin Fang was holding even more expectations for when he gets to wash his hands off working and for the bigger noodle restaurant to have more customers.


Originally, Tang Feifei had wanted to pull Qin Fang out to go on a shopping spree and dress Qin Fang up before going for the dinner with Ning Yumo. However, after Qin Fang seriously rejected it, Tang Feifei had no choice but to give up.


“Originally, Sister Xiao Ning wanted to bring us out to eat. But, when she chased after the two fugitives herself last time, it let Uncle Ning get really angry, and she is now grounded. Thus, she can only treat us to a meal at her house…”


Tang Feifei simply explained the circumstances, and Qin Fang slightly nodded his head. He was admiring Ning Yumo being able to not only use a gun, but use a kitchen knife too.


As for how good Ning Yumo’s cooking was, even Tang Feifei was unsure.


Where Ning Yumo lived was not far away from the university, and was in the new area of the south side of the city. If Qin Fang came alone, he would not be able to find the house. But with Tang Feifei leading the way, things became simpler, and they reached Ning Yumo’s house not long after.


When the door was opened, they saw a beautiful girl who was wearing home clothes and holding a vegetable knife.


“Sister Xiao Ning, what are you doing? Did an enemy come to your house?”


Tang Feifei looked at the knife that was obviously shaking in Ning Yumo’s hands with some fear. The knife’s edge was still emitting a cold gleam, and with Ning Yumo’s slightly sinister expression, it made for a scene that made one’s heart alarmed and body leaping.


“No, no…! I’m killing the fish!”


Ning Yumo felt really awkward now. She had spent a long time trying to kill the fish, but just couldn’t not matter what. She who had a bad temper was immediately triggered, causing her facial expression to turn a little sinister.


The doorbell had to ring at this time, and directly went to open the door while forgetting to put down the knife. Thus, Qin Fang and Tang Feifei coincidentally saw this terrifying scene.


“If you are killing fishes then just do it! Why make it seem so scary? I thought you were treating us as enemies!”

Tang Feifei entered along with Qin Fang, but still complained for having to experience something so scary.


“Okay, fine! Don’t say anymore. Rest here for awhile, the dishes will be ready shortly!”


Ning Yumo’s face also got red from embarrassment from Tang Feifei’s words, letting Qin Fang see another side of Ning Yumo. However, Ning Yumo didn’t join them to sit, but went to the kitchen again.


“Why does something smell like it is burnt?”


Qin Fang’s nose was more sensitive than most, and while Tang Feifei didn’t notice anything, Qin Fang could already smell something burning.


“I think it’s coming from the kitchen…”


Qin Fang sniffed, and immediately sensed that the smell was coming from there. Thus, he immediately got up, and went to the kitchen.


The kitchen wasn’t that chaotic, and Qin Fang only saw Ning Yumo standing in front of the stove while holding a ladle on one hand and a thick recipe book on the other. The pot in front of her seemed to be cooking something, and the source of the burnt smell happened to be coming from that pot.


Qin Fang’s face instantly changed, and quickly rushed beside Ning Yumo. When he did, he noticed the total mess inside of the pot. There was too little oil, she forgot to flip the fish, etc. If the food didn’t get burnt under this circumstances, then something must be wrong.


Quickly snatching away the ladle from Ning Yumo’s hands, Qin Fang started doing emergency saving. Thus, things didn’t escalate until it was unsalvageable, and a fire disaster was prevented.


“Sister Xiao Ning, are you sure… you can cook?”


Even Qin Fang had already guessed that Ning Yumo was a beauty that had never even touched washing water before from her awkward movements, he didn’t think that she would be even worse than he thought.


“Errr… I’m just not that experienced!”


Ning Yumo felt quite awkward, and carefully put the recipe book behind her back, as if she was scared of Qin Fang seeing it.


“No need to hide it, I’ve already seen it…”


Qin Fang smiled wryly. With Ning Yumo’s slender body, even if she wanted to hide it, with the recipe book being so big, there was nowhere to do so.


“Go out and wait instead. I think I will cook this meal myself instead…”


Seeing the embarrassed Ning Yumo, Qin Fang finally understood. Ning Yumo had only just realised that because she wanted to act like she could cook even if she was horrible at it, did a fire almost start.


From the look of things, this flower of the police department can really… make people speechless if she starts cooking. This was a little too much already. How can someone be so bad at cooking?!


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