Omni Genius – Chapter 10: Destroying The Hooligans

The Qin Fang now was filled with killing intent, especially his eyes, which were emitting a cold gleam that could make people tremble.


“Hiiiii! You…don’t come over here!”

The hooligan was at first worried that he had killed Qin Fang, but after seeing Qin Fang slowly getting up wanted to celebrate. However, when he saw Qin Fang showing such a terrifying personage, he was terrified, and as if he had lost his courage, on his face some fear showed.


Qin Fang, who was carrying a chair, emitted a fierce gaze. Blood flowed from his forehead, down his neck and dyed his shirt red in the end. Seeing such a Qin Fang walking step by step towards him, the hooligan paled in fright and retreated as Qin Fang advanced. At the same time, he asked Qin Fang to back off with terror in his voice.


“Don’t go? Didn’t you guys want to play? I will properly play with you guys…”


Qin Fang now acted as if he had been possessed by a demon, and with a scary pair of eyes, advanced forward step by step, causing the hooligan to retreat. At the same time, he used an extremely cold tone to answer the hooligan.


Coincidentally, as the hooligan retreated while Qin Fang advanced, he reached the first hooligan that Qin Feng downed. Qin Fang brandished the chair, and the hooligan who was scared out of his wits hid in a corner and didn’t dare to utter a sound. However, he didn’t expect that Qin Fang would not ignore him, and with a swing of the chair, knocked him unconscious.


Once again, the sneak attack was successful and EXP rose by 1%. This made Qin Fang rather happy.


Compared to making noodles which only increased EXP by 0.1% each time, the skill [Sneak Attack] rose by 1% for every successful attempt, but the chances of doing so were much lesser compared to making noodles. Not every attack that Qin Fang made would be a sneak attack after all.


Seeing Qin Fang attacking again, the threatening atmosphere became stronger. The hooligan was originally already very scared. But after looking at his two comrades; his boss Strong Rat which was on the floor unconscious, unaware of the happenings of the world, and his buddy who just got knocked flat by Qin Fang, and then looking at Qin Fang who was with a fierce gaze, seemed like he wanted to fight with his life on the line, how could he muster up the courage to continue?




With a strange cry, the hooligan immediately threw down the chair in his hand, and then turned tail and ran away through the crowd. Though the peanut gallery (E/N: Referring to the audience) still wanted to see a show, but acting based on the principle of ‘the less problem is better than one more problem’, automatically opened up a small road for the hooligan’s escape. The hooligan then escaped, leaving not even his shadow behind.




After seeing the hooligan run away, Qin Fang secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Actually, his body was extremely exhausted. Even though he used his HP reduction to replace his body’s injuries, his head bleeding was still a fact, and after just a while, his HP reduced by 1 again.


After looking briefly, on the skill page, other than [Noodle Making] and [Sneak Attack], there really was another line of words which said [HP: 4/10].


Calculating properly, after getting hit by the hooligan by a chair, his HP reduced by 4, when his head was scratched by the bowl shards, his HP reduced by another 1, and when the blood kept flowing, one more HP was taken. It was exactly 6 HP.


“10 HP, looks like my HP is quite a lot…”


Qin Fang couldn’t help but mock himself. After getting hit by such a heavy blow, if it was a normal person taking it, then they would at least get a bone fracture, but Qin Fang was left perfectly fine, with only a 4 HP reduction. On the other hand, he felt that the two HP he lost due to blood flowing from his wound in the later part was unnecessary and hence the urge to mock himself.




But quickly, Qin Fang’s HP reduced yet again by 1.


At the moment that he was only left with 3 HP, Qin Fang immediately felt a dizzy spell and could not stand properly. He grabbed a chair beside him and sat down with a plop, and started resting while panting heavily.


“Qin Fang!”


“Little Qin!”


Seeing Qin Fang staggering, Tang Fei Fei immediately struggled from Big Sis Pan’s hands and rushed over to him. Now that out of the three hooligans, two were unconscious and one escaped, it was practically safe and naturally, she did not have any worries.


“Are you okay?”


Seeing Qin Fang bleeding from his forehead, Tang Fei Fei immediately took out her handkerchief and while wiping off the blood, asked with concern.


Tang Fei Fei’s action was very gentle, and while taking extreme care, wiped the blood away while blowing the wound, as if doing so would allow the blood to stop flowing immediately.


The two of them were very close to each other, with Qin Fang sitting there, and Tang Fei Fei facing him directly and carefully taking care of his wound. Just right, one was lower while the other, higher. Thus, Tang Fei Fei’s soft breasts were almost touching Qin Fang’s lips, and as for his eyes, there was no need to say it so explicitly.


Qin Fang’s face was immediately dyed red with embarrassment, and his eyes were filled with helplessness. While breathing, he could smell a faint fragrance, which was very pleasing to the nose and even made Qin Fang feel like he was being mesmerised.


Perhaps it was because he was shy, or perhaps it was because of other reasons, Qin Fang could not take this situation anymore and suppressed his excitement along with the reaction of a certain body part and turned away his head at the same time.


As Tang Fei Fei was taking care of Qin Fang’s wound with focus, she did not expect that Qin Fang would not show due respect to her feelings, and turn his head away. This caused Tang Fei Fei to be surprised, and also a little angry. Just as she was about to reprimand Qin Fang for being disobedient, she suddenly noticed that her breasts were really too close to Qin Fang. Her pale white face suddenly turned red, and she awkwardly put some distance between each other.


Towards the interactions between the young man and woman, Big Sis Pan who was at a side did not go and interrupt, and instead, started helping to tidy up the messy tables and chairs.


Right at this moment, Qin Fang’s eyes suddenly turned cold. He shakily stood up, and once again lifted up the chair that was stained with blood.


“Qin Fang, what do you-”


Just as the shocked Tang Fei Fei was going to say something, she noticed that Qin Fang was walking past her, and the previously unconscious Strong Rat actually awoke again. Strong Rat was getting up while rubbing his head, and his words shocked Tang Fei Fei.


“Don’t, don’t, bro, don’t…”


Though Strong Rat’s consciousness was slightly hazy, but his eyes were perfectly fine. When he saw Qin Fang coming at him with such an intimidating air, he did not forget how violent Qin Fang’s actions were.


For hooligans like him, their greatest ability was bullying the weak while fearing the strong. If he was dealing with honest people, then he would act with authority. But if he were to come across impulsive people such as Qin Fang who dared to be violent, then he would get really frightened. Thus, as he was shouting for Qin Fang to stop and rubbing his head, he was also preparing to run away.


“Stay there!”


However, just as he was going to make a break for it, Qin Fang shouted loudly, startling Strong Rat and causing him to stop.


“Take this trash along with you too.”


Luckily, Qin Fang was not pursuing the matter anymore. After hesitating for a while, in the end, Strong Rat, while showing a subservient behavior, lifted up his lackey and ran away in a hurry, even though his steps were still unsteady.



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      At this point I have to wonder what was that you expected out of this story.
      If I have any complaints myself, is that the story explodes with ecchi narrative. I can’t say I care at all how perky her tits are, and how much her nips protrude through her sexy, clamp shirt as she slapped them mammaries in the MC’s face.

      1. Saquacon Post author

        I myself find myself cringing whenever translating the author’s description too… Sometimes I wonder if I should omit it or at least make it less explicit, but I didn’t since I want to respect the author. But no worries! If it really gets excessive and redundant, I will seriously omit such descriptions. Urgh, Chinese novels are perfectly fine without the author describing the girl as a heaven-defying beauty all the time right? Right?! So why do most Chinese novels do that…

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