Omni Genius – Chapter 100: The Blind Girl

“Fourth Brother, you’ve finally come back! We would have called the police if you were any later!”


When Qin Fang stepped into the dorm, he saw his brothers playing cards, and they teased Qin Fang when they saw him.


“Don’t bullshit! Do any of you look like you are worried?”


Qin Fang laughed, and naturally knew that these guys were just joking.


“Who did you go happy with for so long, Fourth Brother? Was it with Sister Tang, Sister Xiao, or did the three of you… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) You know what I mean?”

Xiao Nan who was enjoying a thriller movie asked Qin Fang with a really perverted tone.


“Shoo! What are you thinking about!”


Qin Fang jokingly slapped Xiao Nan for teasing him.


“Right, Second Brother, come out for a while. I need to ask you something!”


On the way back, Qin Fang had actually been thinking about the matter regarding baldy. After much contemplation, Qin Fang decided to help baldy in the end.


Not because he wanted baldy’s life, but because he didn’t want baldy to be like the him of the past.


“What’s the matter, Fourth Brother? Specially asking me to come outside…”


Xiao Nan slowly strolled out, and asked curiously.


“What I’m about to ask is not suitable to be said inside.”


Qin Fang smiled, and took out the Mingshi Salon Silver card from his body.


“What? Are you finally willing to give me the card?”


Seeing Qin Fang take out the card, Xiao Nan was taken aback, before asking jovially.


“Not give, but sell! I didn’t want to do this initially, but one of my brothers needs money urgently. You also know that this card can waive off 100,000 dollars of expenses, with other uses too. This card is really…”


Qin Fang said these words to persuade Xiao Nan to pay him 100,000 dollars, but he got embarrassed by himself in the end. But, other than selling this card, Qin Fang really couldn’t think of any other way to get 100,000 dollars in such a short period of time.


“No need to say anymore! I know you well!”


Xiao Nan didn’t wait for Qin Fang to finish his ‘business pitch’, and took the card away from Qin Fang’s hands.


“We are brothers! 100,000, do you want me to transfer it to you now, or go withdraw it tomorrow? Tsk tsk, you should know that I’ve been eyeing for your card for a long time…”


“Let’s get it tomorrow! Thanks, Second Brother!”


Seeing that Xiao Nan has agreed, Qin Fang heaved a long sigh of relief, and was really thankful to Xiao Nan.


Xiao Nan said while patting Qin Fang’s shoulders,


“I’ve said already, we’re brothers. If you have any difficulties, just tell me. Though I may not be able to help in other areas, but as long as money is the problem, then it is nothing to me!”


Though they did not know each other for long, the relationship between the roommates in the dorm was really good.


After solving the money problem, Qin Fang was much more relaxed. Like usual, he started cultivating for a while and slept peacefully after. Qin Fang had not slept well for half a month already (due to military training), so this sleep was really god given.


Compared to Qin Fang, however, the baldy was destined to have a sleepless night.


The next day, in the morning, Qin Fang and Fang Dacheng went to do morning training as per usual. Xiao Nan who always didn’t wake up till it was 10 was still in on the bed when they came back. However, when Qin Fang came in, Xiao Nan still groggily threw a card to Qin Fang.


“Fourth Brother, I’m really too sleepy. Go get the money yourself, the password is… my… birthday…ZzzzZZZzz”


After painstakingly saying his piece, Xiao Nan went back to sleep without giving Qin Fang a chance to say anything.


The withdrawal process was really simple and fast as Xiao Nan had already booked an appointment last night, saving Qin Fang much trouble.


Qin Fang then proceeded to the noodle restaurant immediately.


The restaurant which had already closed for half a month is now fully renovated. It used to have only one lot, but now it takes up the area of three lots, expanding the scale of operation by three times. The employees also increased from just Qin Fang and the two girls to over ten people.


With Qin Fang’s secret recipe assisting, though the noodles were not as good as ones made himself, the business was still very good. Also, the menu has expanded, and was not as monotonous as before.


The investments were naturally made by Xiao Nan, and Qin Fang and the rest all agreed that before the capital is recouped, they will not take money from the restaurant. They would at most get the monthly pay, which is the current Qin Fang’s allowance.


However, this allowance was not low, and was enough for Qin Fang to send some excess to his mother back home.


“You’ve come. Let’s talk over there!”


Baldy only appeared when it was almost afternoon with a gaunt face. His eyebags got even more prominent, showing that he obviously didn’t sleep well last night.


Qin Fang didn’t stay with baldy at his stall, and found a relatively quiet cafe instead. After all, tongues wag, and some things were better done secretly.


“Didn’t sleep well last night?”


After the two sat down, Qin Fang asked while laughing.


“I was anxious…”


Baldy was honest as at this point in time, he had no other choice. It would be stranger if he could sleep well. He had also planned to throw caution to the wind if Qin Fang doesn’t help him today, and do some foolish things for money.


“Let’s talk about the problem first!”


Qin Fang didn’t take out the money immediately, wanting to know the situation first.


“I need money to change my sister’s cornea! I can’t let her go blind so young…”


Talking about his sister, baldy got really emotional, showing his love for his sister.


Qin Fang was slightly surprised, and looked at baldy. Though he looked really tall and buff, his real age was only slightly bigger than Qin Fang, at around 25-26. If so, then his sister must be around twenty years old. That is indeed young, and if she really got blind, then her future is ruined.


“Bring me there.”


After hesitating for a while, Qin Fang still didn’t fully believe baldy. He wanted to confirm with his own eyes.




Baldy went silent and looked at Qin Fang suspiciously. In the end, he still nodded his head strongly,




Thus, the two went to baldy’s house. On the way, baldy gave a simple introduction of his family condition.


Baldy is a local, and was called Wang Xinlei, nickname Leizi. His sister is called Wang Xinyan, and was the same age as Qin Fang. She should have taken the entry exam with Qin Fang, but suddenly went blind before the exam, causing her to be unable to partake in it.


When they went to the hospital, the results showed that her cornea had torn off and needed a replacement. After waiting for around three months, they finally found a suitable cornea, but a medical fee of at least 100,000 was needed.


Leizi was only a gangster, and despite his frugal lifestyle, still only had around 20,000. They did not have many relatives, and with the two siblings only, this money was really a huge sum.


To raise this money, Leizi agreed to help Li Feng to deal with Qin Fang. But instead of succeeding, he made Li Feng lose face instead. This caused Leizi to not only be unable to get the money, but also got beaten up and lose his lackeys.


With no other choice, he turned to borrowing money from the gang leader yesterday, but that fellow was a loan shark. Leizi who needed every single cent couldn’t possibly pay the interest, resulting in the beating last night.


Now only two days were left. If Leizi still doesn’t raise up enough money for the operation and hospitalisation, the appointment will be cancelled, the cornea used by other people.


With no other choice, Leizi decided to exchange his life for money.


Hearing all these, Qin Fang was quite touched. Though this story hasn’t been verified yet, Qin Fang was already inclined towards giving Leizi the money.


Leizi’s house was near the university, among the low-rise common house. It looked quite old and when Qin Fang stepped into the yard, he could see a girl wearing a white skirt sitting on a bench.


The girl was really pretty, not losing to Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue at all. Her skin was white as snow, and she had a great figure too. Yet, all these couldn’t grab Qin Fang’s attention. All of it was on those blank, soulless eyes of this girl.


“Brother, is that you?”


The sound of Qin Fang and Leizi coming in startled the girl, and she asked who it was while facing towards the source of the sound.


“Xinyan, your brother has returned!”


After coming home, Leizi changed completely, becoming a doting brother. Even his voice got gentler.


“Did you bring a friend over, brother?”


However, the girl soon heard Qin Fang’s footsteps, and her bright smile instantly withered.


“En, he’s my friend, but not one of those gangsters outside!”


Seeing his sister’s expression, Leizi panicked and quickly explained.


“Haha, Brother Leizi, I think you should carry on with what you are doing. If you can help me then help me. If not, then forget it. I will leave the thing here…”


Qin Fang didn’t suspect the authenticity of Leizi’s story anymore. All he needed was use [Appraisal] . The girl was indeed blind, and was indeed Leizi’s sister. This much information was enough.


As he was talking, Qin Fang placed the pack of money on the small table in the yard. Without waiting for Leizi to send him off, he left immediately. He didn’t care if Leizi really offered his service to him or not.

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