Omni Genius – Chapter 101: Jade Gambling



Just as Qin Fang left Leizi’s house, Leizi’s anxious voice came from behind.


“Quickly go back and prepare for your sister’s hospitalisation. You shouldn’t postpone it anymore.”


Qin Fang only gave a composed smile and signalled for him to go back.


However, Leizi obviously didn’t understand Qin Fang’s signal, and continued to rush towards Qin Fang.


“I won’t say anything unnecessary anymore. I only have one sentence for you: Regardless of what you think, this life of mine is now yours from now on!”


“No need for that. I’m not as magnanimous as you-”


Qin Fang shook his head, wanting to reject Leizi’s words, yet Leizi pulled Qin Fang.


“I know you are a good person! Though I, Leizi, may not be that capable, but I will uphold my promises no matter what! I will bring my sister to the hospital now. After I have finished settling her problem, you can ask me to do whatever you want.”


After saying this, Leizi returned home without giving Qin Fang another chance to reject him.


Qin Fang could only shake his head helplessly. However, he didn’t put this matter to heart. If he really helped people because he wanted rewards, he won’t save someone poor like Leizi or give money for his sister’s surgery.



It was lunchtime when Qin Fang returned, and Xiao Nan had also gotten up already. The seriousness on Qin Fang’s face had dissipated already, so when Qin Fang passed the bank card back to Xiao Nan, Xiao Nan asked,


“Have you finished settling your matter?”


Qin Fang nodded his head, and said, “For the most part.”


After passing the money to Leizi, there was nothing left from him to do now.


“That’s good. Oh yeah! These are the last few days of holidays, so should all of us go and play? Tranquil Sea City has many places to play after all! Since you are the local, you should be more familiar with these places then us, right?”


After the military training had ended, there were only three days of holidays left.


“We will discuss about this with the other guys after we have eaten lunch and returned to the dorm.”


Qin Fang naturally couldn’t just dictate everything for these type of group activities, so he suggested to discuss about this later.


However, for university freshmen like them who travelled here from distant places and have to stay for at least four years, getting used to Tranquil Sea City was a must. It is particularly useful when you want to bring a girl around for dates after getting one.


Luckily, when they discussed about this later, all but Fang Dacheng had no objections to this city trip, and even Fang Dacheng was forcibly dragged by Qin Fang to the city.


Jiangnan province is one of the most prosperous provinces of this country. Tranquil Sea City is also part of this province, and has been a big city since a thousand years ago.


It’s city area was thus one of the most prosperous one too, and up to a few million people flow through this city every day. However, precisely due to how flourished the city is, it was too crowded and hot to do anything without being near trampled by people. Thus, Qin Fang and the rest made up their mind to only walk along the Kongzi Path near the university campus.


Though Kongzi Path also had many people. It was the most famous strolling path in the city, and was one full of history. There were many street talls, tea shops, and the famous ‘Land of Fireworks’, River Qinhuai.


Qin Fang had also come here before a few times and was quite familiar with this place. Thus, he brought his roommates to the various stalls and shops. Though he was not particularly interested, his roommates were and they checked each stall one by one. On the other hand, Qin Fang was continuously using [Appraisal] to raise its proficiency, hoping to level it up soon.


“Wow, he struck a pot of gold!”


“His luck is really too good!”


While strolling, Qin Fang and the rest suddenly heard a loud commotion which attracted their attention.


“What are they doing there? Why are there so many people?”


“Why not go take a look?”


Loving to follow the crowd was one of this country’s people’s traits, and Qin Fang and his roommates being experienced members of the peanut gallery were no exceptions either. They immediately walked towards the shop with ten plus people gathered there.


Lucky Stone Shop!


That was the shop name, and Qin Fang and his group painstakingly squeezed to the front of the crowd under the protection of the big Shen Yang. When they did, they finally understood what was the matter.


“This is called Jade Gambling. It burns money, but can also bring a person great wealth easily. I had played it before at another place, but after spending a few tens of thousands, everything came up blank! Thus, I didn’t play anymore.”


Compared to Qin Fang and the rest who was clueless, Xiao Nan knew what exactly was going on. He then pointed at a pile of rocks.


“These rocks may look useless, but they may contain up to ten million worth of things!”


“What?! So valuable?!”


Qin Fang and the others were shocked silly.


“Of course! These rocks are called jade ores, and the jades you see in jewellery stores all come out of ores like this. These days, jades are becoming more and more expensive, and as long as the grade of the jade isn’t too bad, selling it for 10,000 to 100,000 isn’t that hard. If you’re lucky and get a top-class jade, selling it for 10,000,000 is also possible!”


The rocks didn’t look special at all, at least they didn’t see anything special about it. Yet, the fact that they could contain such valuable things made them take a double take at these rocks.


“I offer 3,000,000!”


As Xiao Nan was explaining, the source of the commotion was shown. A type of jade called the glass jade was being auctioned, and the price had already risen from a few tens of thousand to 3 million, shocking Qin Fang and the rest.


Qin Fang secretly looked there, and the jade was really clear and transparent. If they didn’t say it was a jade, Qin Fang would have thought it was just normal glass.


This jade was bigger than an egg by a little, yet it was being sold for 3 million! That was more expensive than gold!


“Brothers, don’t think about it. These things happen by fate. Though there are so many rocks here, not even 1 out of 10 contains jade. Even if it does, it is probably trash jades that can’t even recoup your capital. Those who get rich overnight like that guy from this Jade Gambling is really rare…”


Seeing that Qin Fang and the rest wanted to try their hands too, Xiao Nan immediately persuaded them not to. Xiao Nan had also lost money due to this, so he didn’t want his brothers to follow his footsteps.


“Forget it, if you guys really want to try, go ahead! However, if you lose, don’t come blame me!”


Seeing the price of the jade being auctioned continue to skyrocket caused the others to become even more tempted, so Xiao Nan had no choice but to allow them to try Jade Gambling.


Thus, they squeezed through the crowd and walked towards the pile of rocks placed there.


The jade ores were organised properly, and was split into two different areas. There were Full-Gamble Ores, and Half-Gamble Ores.


Half-Gambles were those which ores had already been cut open, revealing the jade inside. These types of ores were really expensive. After a simple glance, Qin Fang found out that none of them were below five digits in price, some even going up to six digits.


Full-Gambles were much more cheaper as they held greater risk, and the price was set by the appearance of the ores. Those which looked like it had a greater chance to contain jades were more expensive, some on par with Half-Gambles. On the other hand, those which looked relatively bad can be bought for just a few thousand dollars.


Though cheap, these ores which looked bad didn’t have a high chance of containing jade, so even if you got it, you would have just wasted money.


How other people chose their ores, Qin Fang didn’t care. He also ignored what other people said about the ores.


In Qin Fang’s eyes, there were only two type of jade ores― those which contained jade; those which didn’t.


<[Jade Ore Which Does Not Contain Jade]>


<[Jade Ore Which Contains Jade]>


Of course, all this was the result of his skill [Appraisal]. Unfortunately, his skill was still too low-levelled, so no matter how many times Qin Fang used the skill, he could only see two results.


In other words, even if Qin Fang could confirm that a jade would appear, he couldn’t guarantee its quality and size. Thus, element of luck was still at play.


Of course, compared to the rest who might have bought a blank ore, Qin Fang had a much greater chance of getting back his capital. If his luck goes through the charts and he gets a good jade, then Qin Fang can really get rich overnight.

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