Omni Genius – Chapter 102: The Cut Which Can Send One To Heaven Or Hell (1/3)

This store really had a lot of jade ores, and they all already had a price set for it. One could just purchase an ore at the set price. After that, you can either choose to bring it away, or cut it immediately free of charge.


In contrast to his roommates who were all walking around cluelessly, Qin Fang was casually strolling around, looking at every jade ore, before moving to the next one.


Seeing that Qin Fang was not completely clueless, Xiao Nan couldn’t help but ask,


“So you really plan to gamble?”


“I thought I should try. Who knows? My luck might be good!”


Qin Fang smiled, and it was just as he said. He still needed luck for Jade Gambling, just that what he needed luck for was different.


“Fine then, I won’t bother persuading you either. Jade Gambling is just like buying the raffle; you lose nine times out of ten.”


Xiao Nan smiled, didn’t bother saying anymore, and just squat down to see some ores he thought were good.


“Winning in Jade Gambling is actually much easier than winning the raffle…”


Qin Fang wanted to say that, but didn’t. He really didn’t know how to explain himself if he did.


Thus, the group all went about their own business. Aside from Fang Dacheng, the rest all planned to gamble with one jade ore. ‘The cut that can send one to heaven or hell’ in Jade Gambling was really thrilling after all.


Qin Fang was just raising his [Appraisal] skill while looking at the jade ores, and the skill was getting close and closer to a level up. This was due to there being almost a thousand ores for Qin Fang to appraise.


Qin Fang couldn’t even remember the number of ores he had appraised after he was finished, and he estimated that only around 20% had jades in them. Among these 20% most were probably useless jades which worth was not much different from stones, which still means you have lost anyways.


Xi Xiaojun chose one piece, Gao Ming couldn’t find one, and Xiao Nan who had done it before was lazy to do it again. Shen Yang on the other hand seemed to have found one he liked as he was talking with a store clerk about the purchase of the ore.


Since they were all students, the amount of money they had was limited so they couldn’t hope to buy the larger jade ores. All they got was those that were uglier and thus relatively cheaper small ores people didn’t want.


Seeing that his roommates were finished, Qin Fang didn’t drag the matter anymore and just randomly chose two ores that had jade in them, coming up to a total of two thousand dollars. Whether he will earn money or not will depend on his luck.


“You’ve chosen already?”


After Qin Fang was finished, Xiao Nan looked at the ores Qin Fang chose. Since it didn’t look that nice, Xiao Nan said,


“It doesn’t look that good, do you want to change them?”


“I’m just playing anyways, and those that look good are too expensive…”


Qin Fang smiled. The ores he chose were indeed ugly, but they were guaranteed to have jade in them. Most importantly, they were cheap enough for Qin Fang to buy!


“Brothers, why not see who can earn the most this time? The one who loses have to buy everybody food from the canteen!”


After losing so badly when he was playing cards last time, Shen Yang had to hug the telephone pole every night. He still held a grudge towards this. With such a good(?) opportunity to have his revenge now, he wanted to gamble again. It seems like he had confidence in winning this time.


“En, Third Brother’s ores looks quite good, and could have a jade in it.”


Xiao Nan who was quite good(?) at Jade Gambling looked at Shen Yang’s jade and seemed convinced that it will have a jade too. Shen Yang got even more contented after hearing Xiao Nang’s evaluation, and boasted,


“But of course! Let me tell you secretly, this ore was actually ordered by someone! But since that guy went to bid on the glass jade, it gave me the chance to get this good ore!”


Shen Yang looked like he had just gotten a good deal, making Qin Fang laugh. Looking at Shen Yang’s ore, unfortunately, it was <A Jade Ore Without Jade>. The chance of Shen Yang losing, again, was 100%.


“Third Brother, how much is your jade ore?”


Thinking about it, this jade ore looked quite good, so it should be quite expensive. As brothers, Qin Fang didn’t want to see Shen Yang just lose money like that, so he inquired about the price.


“This amount!”


Shen Yang didn’t hesitate, and raised up a finger.




Qin Fang’s face got dark. The two ugly ores in his hands could be sold for two thousand dollars, so Shen Yang’s ore was not likely to be a thousand dollars. Since Shen Yang could afford it, it would mean that the ore was around 10,000.


“Third Brother, we are just playing around, so there’s no need to bet so big, right? You lose more than you win in this game, and it’s too easy to lose everything in Jade Gambling.


Shen Yang came from a relatively rich family, so though he could not compare to the absurdly rich Xiao Nan, he was still the second richest among Qin Fang’s roommates. Thus, Shen Yang could naturally take out 10,000. But, Qin Fang still didn’t want him to lose it for nothing.




Hearing Qin Fang’s words, Shen Yang started to hesitate.


“Don’t mind, Shen Yang! Don’t listen to Fourth Brother! Why not do this? If you aren’t scared of me taking advantage of you, we can buy this ore together. Whether it turns out for a profit or not, we will bear the profit and cost equally. How about that?”


Xiao Nan seemed to really like this ore, and offered to collaborate with Shen Yang.


“Okay! Half-half it is!”


Shen Yang didn’t feel like he was losing out in this proposal, and agreed. Even if there were profits, it was fine since it was among Xiao Nan who was his close friend anyways.


Qin Fang shook his head helplessly, and didn’t know what to say. At least Xiao Nan was sharing the cost now, so Shen Yang’s loss will be lesser.


“Someone’s cutting the ore again!”


After the brothers chose their ores and paid for it, they naturally cut it on the spot. Many customers also crowded here, preparing to witness whether the ores that were being cut will be a hit or miss. Some businessmen who dealt with jades also came so that they can buy a jade immediately if there was one.


“You guys go on first, I’m not in a hurry.”


Qin Fang let his brothers go first.


“Then let me go first!”


Xi Xiaojun chose an ore that cost about the same as Qin Fang’s, but its fate was similar to Shen Yang’s ore: a miss.


“It looks ordinary…”


“It seems okay, but the chances of getting a jade is small…”


When the ore was moved up, the peanut gallery started expressing their opinion. Qin Fang and his roommates were naturally at the front of the crowd.


The jade ore cutting machine started moving. The ore was not very big, so with just a cut down the middle, whether it was a hit or miss was apparent already.


*zi chh zi chh*


The cutter spun, and slowly went down the middle of the ore. Not long after, the ore was cut into two.


“Is there a jade?”


“Has a jade appeared?”


Many were waiting for the results, and those behind who couldn’t see clearly asked the one in front for the results.


“A miss!”


“It is like I said, the chance of a jade appearing is very low!”


“This looks like these guys’ first time, so getting a miss is normal.”


The ore was cut into two and without even washing it, you could tell there was only stone, no jade. With just a cut, a thousand dollars was cut away from Xi Xiaojun.


“Don’t be sad, losing is normal!”


Xi Xiaojun’s roommates consoled Xi Xiaojun, and they also got nervous. After all, it was their turn next.

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