Omni Genius – Chapter 103: The Cut Which Can Send One To Heaven Or Hell (2/3)

“Who goes first?”


After a missed ore, the rest all started hesitating, and Shen Yang who had no idea what to do asked such a question.


“I think we should go first!”


Xiao Nan looked at Qin Fang’s ugly ores and felt that they should go first. Their morale had fallen after getting a missed ore, so they needed to raise their morale up now. Else they would be listless for the next few days.


“En, this ore looks good.”


“Isn’t that the ore I was planning to buy just now? What a waste…”


The guy who wanted to buy just now was regretted not being able to buy the ore.


There were many experienced people among the crowd, and expected great things from Shen Yang’s ore. Some businessmen even moved forward so that they could immediately buy the jade if it appeared.


“How should we cut this ore? Cut it in one go like just now?”


This ore was bigger than Xi Xiaojun’s one just now, and since it looked better too, the ore cutter professional asked for Shen Yang’s opinion.


Shen Yang was clueless, and could only look at Xiao Nan who was more experienced in these matters.


“Third Brother, why not we cut it ourselves?”

Xiao Nan hesitated for a while, and seemed to want to cut it himself.


He had gambled before quite a few times, and he always let other people cut it for him. With no experience in cutting it himself before, combined with the fact that this ore looked good, Xiao Nan had the urge to cut it himself.


“Okay, let’s cut it ourselves!”


Shen Yang was also quite tempted. To be able to see for themselves the revealing of a jade was quite thrilling after all.

The ore cutter naturally didn’t say much. He explained how to use the machine to the two, and helped set the ore in place on the machine too.


“Those two are cutting the ore themselves!”


“The young sure are fearless… I can’t help but feel old already!”


“Young chaps, I think you should let the ore cutter do it instead. Don’t accidentally break the jade inside!”


Seeing that Shen Yang and Xiao Nan were going to do it themselves, the crowd started heating up. The difference between a professional and a normal person was very big, and the two could really break the jade inside if they did it themselves.


Even if there was a top-grade jade inside, a damaged one would have a much lesser worth.


The large Shen Yang wore the safety goggles and took the ore cutting machine. He really looked like that guy from Saw though. On the other hand, Xiao Nan stood at a side and asked the ore cutter for advice.


“Cut from here.”


Xiao Nan directed the cutting, while Shen Yang did it, complementing each other.


*zi chh zi chh*


The electronic cutter spun and slowly grinded off the outer layer of rocks, advancing towards the core of the ore. The ore cutter naturally won’t just not care anymore. He stood at the side and gave some advice from time to time.


After a long while of screeching sounds, a *ka-cha* sound was heard, and the ore was split into two, revealing the core inside.


The crowd squeezed forward wanting to see the results, Qin Fang and the others being no exception. Then, the crowd couldn’t help but sigh. Obviously, there was nothing inside.


“A miss!”


“To think that such a good ore was a miss…”


“If not why is it a gamble? If it is so easy to win, it would be called Jade-Make-Everyone-Rich and not Jade Gamble already!”


Such comments came from the crowd, but Qin Fang wasn’t surprised at all. He had known from the start it was going to be a bust, but seeing the despondent Shen Yang and Xiao Nan, he still felt quite bad.


“Chap, do you want to cut?’


Looking at the split ore with nothing, the ore cutter still very professionally asked for the two’s opinion.


“Forget it, there’s no hope already…”


Shen Yang looked at Xiao Nan, and Xiao Nan just gave a bitter smile.


“Don’t feel bad! Gambling has always been like that…”


Qin Fang couldn’t just stand around, and consoled the two along with his roommates.


“Nevermind! It is my fault this time, Third Brother. I will bear all the expense. We seriously should have listened to your advice, Fourth Brother! It should be your turn now, quickly go and cut it. There must be at least one jade among all these ores, right?”


Xiao Nan was quite optimistic, and having experienced a bust before, quickly got over it. He then remembered Qin Fang also had ores. Though they didn’t look good, if good looking ores can have no jades, why can’t bad ores have jades?


“Right, right, right! We must definitely get a jade today!”


Not only Xiao Nan, Shen Yang was also all smiles now, and Qin Fang loudly proclaimed that he will get a jade.


He then randomly picked a ore to be cut. Though he didn’t know the quality, he was guaranteed to win due to the ores being cheap and having jades. It was a matter of breaking even or winning a lot only.


“This ore looks really bad!”


“Indeed, it does. That kid probably didn’t know anything and just randomly picked two ores.”


“So what if he doesn’t know? Don’t forget, the ore containing the glass jade just now looked horrible too. Who knows, he might have such good luck too.”


“Exactly! The ore just now looked good, but wasn’t it a bust in the end?”


The crowd immediately started discussing, and the topic of the glass jade which allowed a person to get rich overnight was naturally brought up too.


Qin Fang’s roommates started helping to set the ore on the machine, and Qin Fang asked, “Should we do it ourselves, or leave it to the jade cutter?”


“Let’s do it ourselves!”


Qin Fang’s brothers said unanimously, and Qin Fang naturally didn’t reject. Shen Yang and Xiao Nan had cut it once before already, so they should be at least a little familiar with cutting already.


*zi chh zi chh*


The screeching sounds started again, and with a *ka-cha*, the layer of stone came off, revealing the core of the ore.


“A hit! A hit!”


“He really won!”


The ore cutter used mineral water to wash the cut surface, revealing a hint of green.


“From this layer of green, the jade shouldn’t be too small. The grade may be common, but according to this ore’s price, it is still a big hit!”


Though the jade was not fully revealed yet, one could tell from the revealed jade that it was a win already. As for whether it would be a miss if they continued cutting, one couldn’t say for sure.


“Hey, chap, do you want to sell the jade? I will offer you 20,000!”


Since the ore was a hit, the jade dealers immediately started to place their bids. Fortunately, they knew the ore was Qin Fang’s and asked him directly instead of Xiao Nan who looked like the leader.


“If I continue cutting, it could be a bust instead! I will sell it to the highest bidder!”


Qin Fang could tell that the other jade dealers also wanted this jade, so he fanned the price war. Even if the price doesn’t increase, selling it at 20,000 meant a 2000% profit for Qin Fang anyways, so it was still a considerable profit for Qin Fang.


“I offer 25,000!”






Perhaps due to the jade’s grade being quite common, the jade dealer didn’t bid very much. When it rose to 30,000, the dealers started hesitating, thinking about whether any higher was worth it or not.


“Okay, the jade goes to you!”


Qin Fang was decisive, and seeing the dealers’ hesitation, knew that this was the limit this jade could go for. Lazy to give them time to hesitate, he directly sold it at 30,000 dollars.


At the same time, Qin Fang couldn’t wait to find out just what type of jade would come out of the second ore.

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