Omni Genius – Chapter 104: The Cut Which Can Send One To Heaven Or Hell (3/3)

“That guy is too anxious. If he had waited, he might have gotten a higher price.”


“That’s not true, the price for this type of jade caps at about 30,000.”


Regardless of what people thought, Qin Fang who came from a poor family firmly believed in one point, and that was money that was in your pocket is the safest type of money.


The trading process went by smoothly, and after deducting the transaction fee, Qin Fang had an additional 30,000 in his bank. This was a large sum of money for Qin Fang already.


“Treating us to a meal today is no problem right, Fourth Brother?”

When Qin Fang came back from the transaction, the other ore was already placed on the machine. However, his roommates were not in a hurry to cut the ore. They were more concerned in scamming a meal from Qin Fang.


“No problem!”


Though he was quite unwilling, but as this is an accidental wealth, one must celebrate it over a meal, especially when it is with his roommates. Of course, Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue would be called too.


Though they decided to have a meal at one of the high-class restaurant in the university area, the price still wasn’t that high as their main customers were still students and teachers. Thus, Qin Fang would spend at most 3,000 on this meal.


With Qin Fang’s previous wealth, treating them to this meal was impossible, but now, it is.


“Tell us how to cut this ore, Fourth Brother.”


Xiao Nan and the others couldn’t wait to cut the ore after successfully getting a free meal. Though they were quite jealous that Qin Fang had won when they lost, but this type of things were always up to luck. Qin Fang’s luck being good was not something they could do about. Just like when Shen Yang played cards. He was obviously winning, but still lost like nobody’s business in the end.


“Cut it the same way as just now then.”


Qin Fang wasn’t knowledgeable in this area, and since they cut it in one go for the rest, he also wanted to do so for this. However, the moment he said that, the ore cutter said,


“Young fellow, this ore isn’t that thick, so I suggest that you use the cutter to slowly shave it. Though it involves more work and effort, at least it won’t damage the jade if there is one. Then, the jade that appears would be unflawed, allowing it to go for a higher price.”


Qin Fang nodded his head, and agreed with the ore cutter’s proposal. He was the professional after all.


“Okay! I have golden hands after all, so I will definitely reveal a better jade this time!”


As if forgetting that he had just cut a bust just now, Shen Yang laughed manically and declared proudly.


Shen Yang always boasted that he had golden hands in the dorm, and that when he played games, he always got rare gears when he opened treasure boxes or looted monster corpse.


Of course, whether it was true or not was uncertain, and Qin Fang didn’t care.


However, seeing his pompous look, Qin Fang couldn’t resist the urge to tease Shen Yang.


“Don’t! If you continue laughing like that, I will ask someone else to do it!”


Qin Fang said jokingly.


“Brother! Don’t be like that! Give me a chance please T.T”


Though Shen Yang was buff, he was quite good at doing all sorts of strange things. For example, he immediately showed puppy dog eyes at Qin Fang when Qin Fang threatened him.


“Urk! You win! You can do it, okay? I will go and puke first. Who needs to go with me?”


Qin Fang said while smiling.


“I don’t think I can hold on anymore, I’m coming with you!”


Xiao Nan who also loved joking around complemented Qin Fang.


“Okay, okay, stop messing around! We should quickly cut the rock. I can’t wait anymore!”


After messing around for awhile, not only did Qin Fang’s and his roommates become more relaxed, even the crowd were smiling too.


“Master, could you help me draw the cutting line?”


Qin Fang and the others had no experience, but the ore cutter had! Thus, they naturally asked for the jade cutter to draw a guideline to make the cutting process quicker.


*zi chh zi chh*


The ore was being cut, and the insides were slowly revealed.




At this time, the ore cutter suddenly shouted, and Shen Yang immediately stayed his hand.


“What is it, master?”


Qin Fang looked at the ore, and they were still on the rock layer with no jade in sight. So he was quite curious about why the jade cutter asked Shen Yang to stop.


“Change the direction, start from here.”


The ore cutter didn’t care about Qin Fang, and just stared at the jade ore. After he drew a new guideline, he asked Shen Yang to start cutting again.


“Listen to the master.”


Shen Yang looked at Qin Fang, and though Qin Fang was quite unhappy with being ignored, he knew the master must have a reason for doing so, and asked Shen Yang to follow the ore cutter’s instructions.


This time, Shen Yang’s actions were much more gentler, and was extremely cautious, as if he was afraid that exerting too much strength would break the ore.


“Third Brother, give me the machine. I will do it myself.”


However, the slower Shen Yang became, the more nervous Qin Fang and the rest got. Seeing that Shen Yang was approaching the guideline, Qin Fang couldn’t hold it anymore and asked to do it himself.


The ore was Qin Fang’s, so though Shen Yang was unwilling, he still passed the machine to Qin Fang and stood back.


*zi chh zi chh*


The blade spun, and shaved off the ore bit by bit. Qin Fang’s face was practically plastered to the ore, and the splinters which sprayed on Qin Fang’s face caused much pain.


However, Qin Fang seemed unaffected, and he even felt that his breath was stopping.


The atmosphere was serious; for the experienced ore cutter to show such a serious expression just now, it meant that the ore had a very high chance of containing a jade.




When another layer of rock was shaved off, the face of the jade was finally revealed.


“A hit, a hit again!”


This shout woke Qin Fang up from his intense focus, and the previous suffocatingly heavy atmosphere was swept away with this shout.


“WTF, this luck, I have nothing to say anymore…”


“To think that he won for both ores…”


“Why don’t this kid go buy the raffle with his luck?”

A commotion erupted, and they were all about Qin Fang’s insane luck.


Of course, there were people who were jealous and bitter too who said unkind things.


But, these people were quickly criticised by the crowd, and these jealous people all fled with their tails between their legs.


“Right, what’s the jade’s grade?”


“I only cared about there being a jade, and forgot about the jade quality too.”


After settling those unkind people, the crowd turned their attention once again to Qin Fang’s jade.


Qin Fang’s ore had a low capital, so any type of jade was going to turn out a profit.


“Master, how’s the jade?”


Qin Fang had already used water to wash the surface of the jade at this time, and the tint of green was completely exposed. But, Qin Fang was clueless about how jade was categorised, so he had no choice but to ask the jade cutter.


“The quality is not bad, it’s a big profit again!”


The ore cutter gave his evaluation.


“Compared to the jade just now?”


Qin Fang obviously knew he was going to earn a lot. Whether it was the degree of green or colour, it was much better than the jade he sold just now.


“Obviously much better. If you don’t believe me, just listen to the offers.”


The ore cutter looked at Qin Fang in disdain, before smiling and signalling to the jade dealers.


“I offer 200,000!”


A jade dealer who heard the ore cutter’s words immediately started the bid.


“I offer 220,000!”


“I offer 250,000!”


Before Qin Fang could speak, he was stunned silly by the prices that were called.


Not long ago, Qin Fang already couldn’t believe that he would earn 30,000 from buying a 1,000 dollars ore.


Now, with the same 1,000, the price people were willing to pay for it made Qin Fang feel like he would have a stroke. The price continued climbing, and it didn’t seem like it would stop even when it reached 300,000…

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