Omni Genius – Chapter 105: Give It Another Cut

“Da*n, Fourth Brother struck gold this time…”


Not only Qin Fang, everyone but Xiao Nan from the dorm were speechless when they heard the prices that were getting higher and higher.


If they didn’t feel much when a jade was sold for over 4,000,000 just now, this time they could feel it clearly. The jade came from someone among them after all.








The price continued to climb, but slowed down when it broke past 300,000. Looks like the price of this jade is around 10 times the previous one.


“Young fellow, before you sell it, this old man still wants to say something.”


Thinking that Qin Fang would directly sell it like just now, the ore cutter who was constantly looking at the ore stopped Qin Fang from doing so as he thought the ore had great potential.


However, Qin Fang wasn’t in a hurry this time, and that was understandable. Though the increase was small proportionally, it was still 10,000 every time the price was raised. It was way leagues above the jade he sold just now which price only increased by 1,000.


“Please talk, master.”


Hearing the ore cutter’s words, Qin Fang politely asked for the ore cutter to continue.


“Though this ore was cut by you guys, it is no different from me doing it. After rubbing this layer of rock, I realised that this ore is really good. If you cut here and a jade appears, the price would triple!”


The ore cutter pointed at the guideline he first drew. That was where Shen Yang almost cut to, but was stopped by the ore cutter.


From the looks of things, the jade cutter stopped Shen Yang for a reason, probably due to him worrying that cutting down from there would result in a miss, so he changed the direction.


Now, he was only recommending to cut there again from a professional point of view.


If Qin Fang cut again, the price of the jade would triple if there was more jade revealed, but decrease to 30,000 if there was no more.


This was the true meaning of ‘the cut that can send one to heaven or hell’.


To gamble, or not to gamble, that is the question.


The hesitation that didn’t exist appeared with the ore cutter’s words.


Qin Fang’s logical mind told him not to gamble and just sell it away. This was the result of him coming from a poor family.


However, his instincts told him to gamble, that he must gamble!


“So? Do you want to gamble?”


Seeing Qin Fang’s hesitation, Xiao Nan came over and patted Qin Fang shoulders. It was up to Qin Fang now. Xiao Nan didn’t dare to make the decision for Qin Fang now as the money involved is too much.


If the gamble is successful, everything will be okay. If not… there will be a unmendable rift  created between their relationship.


“En, I will gamble this time!”


Qin Fang who had been hesitating made up his mind when Xiao Nan pat his shoulders.


“Master, can you help me look from aside? I will do it myself.”


The people who were bidding was still being loud, but when they saw Qin Fang holding the machine again, they all stopped.


“That kid is going to cut again!”


“The young and ignorant are truly fearless!”


Qin Fang’s actions immediately attracted the attention of everyone who was observing this ore.


If Qin Fang’s gamble is successful, they would obviously be jealous. But if he fails, then a torrent of sarcasm and irony would be inevitable.


Especially in this situation where a very high price was already being offered and yet Qin Fang is still taking a gamble. Qin Fang was truly fearless, be it whether due to ignorance or not.


If the gamble fails, Qin Fang would truly experience how it would like to fall from heaven to hell in an instant.


“Fourth Brother, please reconsider…”


Xiao Nan didn’t move but the other roommates did instead. 300,000 was not a small sum, especially for university students like them. It was instead a colossal sum of money.


“Thanks for the concern, but I know what I’m doing, brothers.”


Qin Fang politely declined their persuasion, and walked towards the ore with the machine in tow. Actually, he was so nervous that he could die. If not for him forcibly calming himself down and taking deep breaths, his leg would be shaking already,


“Young fellow, I think you should think upon this matter more.”


The ore cutter reminded Qin Fang, but his eyes have never left the ore.


Seeing the jade cutter’s actions, Qin Fang couldn’t help but roll his eyes. Obviously, the jade cutter wanted to push all responsibility away so that Qin Fang wouldn’t blame him if there was nothing.


Now that he has tried persuading Qin Fang to not cut, it would not be his fault if Qin Fang lost the gamble.


“Relax, master. I’ve already made up my mind. Whether I win or lose is up to my luck now.”


Even though he looked down on the ore cutter a little in his heart, Qin Fang still gave a polite reply. Qin Fang wasn’t the type to be unreasonable after all.


Everything depended on this cut…


“Okay, let’s start!”


After calming himself down for awhile, Qin Fang was now much more composed, and his concentration rose sharply. Even his formerly trembling hands stopped trembling.


The machine started spinning and Qin Fang slowly brought it closer to the rock. *zi chh zi chh* sounds resounded once again, and the rock layer came off little by little.


It was as if everyone’s breath had stopped as their eyes were fixed on the ore despite the sand and the fragments spraying out. They were all waiting for the results.


Qin Fang’s roommates couldn’t help with this cutting process, and it was mainly the cooperation between the jade cutter and Qin Fang.


The jade cutter was a professional, and since he let Qin Fang gamble, he tried to make sure the jade will be cut out in its more complete and beautiful form.


If he was the one doing the cutting, then there won’t be much problem. His experience was not what Qin Fang’s could compare to. But, Qin Fang was the one doing it now, so he had no choice but to patiently and meticulously guide the cutting process.


Qin Fang was the owner and he could do whatever he wanted to with the ore after all.


The ore continued to be slowly cut, but due to its slowness, it made everyone present even more so nervous.


“Stop first.”


Suddenly, the ore cutter shouted, and Qin Fang’s hand couldn’t help but jerk. Luckily, he was still quite stable and didn’t let the machine do anything to the ore.


“Okay, let’s continue.”


The jade cutter washed the cut surface, and still didn’t see any green. They were almost at the line already though.


“*sigh*… I can’t anymore. I will go rest first, tell me when the results come out.”


Qin Fang could still hold on, but his roommates couldn’t. They all said goodbye to Xiao Nan and Fang Dacheng before moving to one side to rest. They really couldn’t take the atmosphere anymore.


With this short pause, Qin Fang also rearranged his feelings, and got even more composed. The fear of loss in his heart was also dampened, and he came to be more willing to accept any type of results.


To the point where even if he failed this gamble, he wouldn’t have any emotional burdens at all. At most, he would only regret a little while.


“Cut from here. With this cut, everything would be clear already.”


The ore cutter contemplated for a long while before drawing another guideline. This line was even closer to the centre, and was definitely a risky move.


“Isn’t the risk too high?”


Seeing the line, the crowd couldn’t help but comment. Even if the line was drawn by a professional, it was still too risky.




Qin Fang’s heart was extremely calm, and though he knew this line was definitely risky, he felt that he needed to take this risk. He had already started cutting, and didn’t mind cutting even more.


The machine started moving down again, and Qin Fang was as careful as ever. However, his hands were really stable, without a tremble. This was much better than just now.


*zi chh zi chh*


The same screeching noises, the same splinter in his face. Yet, Qin Fang ignored it all, and he completely ceased his breath. He himself was also holding high hopes for the result despite his calm heart.




Along with this sound, the final layer of rock was removed. The result of this venture was going to be revealed. If no jade is revealed, everything will be for naught.


Everyone’s eyes were fixed on the cut area. With wide eyes, they waited for the results…

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