Omni Genius – Chapter 106: Great Profits



Someone made the sound of drawing a cold breath making the nervousness in the air even more palpable.


“How is it?”


“Is it a hit or a miss?”


“People in front, quick! Tell us the results!”


Those who couldn’t see from behind immediately shouted, seeming to be more nervous than the owner Qin Fang himself.


“A hit, a hit! He really won again!”


The mystery was solved with someone’s shout.


Hearing the results, everyone heaved a sigh of relief. The atmosphere just now was really tense, and though they knew the ore didn’t belong to them, they still got very nervous.


“This guy is really daring!”


“Well, the ore cutter was not bad too. If not for his advice, the kid would have sold the ore already!”


“Exactly! Just now, this ore was worth 300,000. Now that it is a hit again, I think the price should be around 600,000?”


“600,000? It can’t be! A cut can make the price rise so much?!”


“Of course! And this is only the minimum!”


Such discussion went about, and everyone knew one thing: Qin Fang earnt a lot of money again.


After everything was over, Qin Fang and the ore cutter also heaved a sigh of relief. Their heart which was raised to their mouths can finally go down again.


When that tint of green revealed itself, Qin Fang felt like all strength had been sapped from him and he didn’t even have the strength to carry the machine anymore.


As for the ore cutter, he was naturally overjoyed.


For the ore to become more profitable after he said to cut it, his reputation would skyrocket. In this industry, reputation was of utmost importance After this incidence, more people would definitely ask him to cut their jades. Then, his pay would naturally rise.


Thus, it could be said that Qin Fang and the ore cutter all got what they wanted.


“Not bad! This jade is of considerable quality, and this jade are interconnected, showing that the jade is not small. This should be enough to make two jade bangles, and the remainder can be used to make some small accessories. The price would have at least tripled, so ignore the people who offer a low price.”


The ore cutter looked at the jade and smiled. His reputation really rose this time, so he didn’t forget to repay Qin Fang and gave him some advice.




Hearing these words, Qin Fang became even more excited.


Just now, the price was already 300,000. If tripled, then it was 1,000,000! For a poor person who just recently was fighting tooth for skin for a few thousand dollars, suddenly getting 1,000,000 was too much for him. Not just for him, anyone else in his position would be no better. Qin Fang slightly tripped, and only recovered after resting on the cutting machine.


“Hahaha! Fourth Brother really got famous this time!”


At this time, Qin Fang’s roommates all came over with excited faces. Though there was a little bit of jealousy, especially from Shen Yang and Xi Xiaojun.


Xi Xiaojun spent the same amount of money as Qin Fang, but yet lost while Qin Fang earnt so much. To say that he was not jealous was impossible.


As for Shen Yang, it was even more so. Though half the cost was shared with Xiao Nan, he still paid for 5 times more compared to Qin Fang, but got nothing in the end.


Though Xiao Nan offered to bear the full burden, Shen Yang was still the one who decided to buy the ore in the end, so he insisted on paying half of the price of the ore.


“Are you okay? Do you need to rest?”


Xiao Nan was quite composed though. He had seen too many of these type of scenes, and didn’t mind much. When he lightly patted Qin Fang’s shoulders, he found out that Qin Fang’s whole back was drenched with cold sweat. This shows that the nervousness Qin Fang felt just now was not any lesser than those present just now.


Even if Qin Fang seemed to be composed all the while.


“Huff, huff. Let me rest awhile first…”


Qin Fang really didn’t have strength now. He had to throw the cutting machine on the ground and support himself on the wall to avoid falling down.


The pressure he suffered just now was really too much and the sudden release caused him to be unable to take it anymore. He felt just like a person who had finished a marathon, and wanted nothing but rest.


“Rest for awhile first. We still have the auction later.”


Qin Fang’s roommates could understand Qin Fang’s feelings. If they were in Qin Fang’s shoes, they would be no better. Thus, they lifted Qin Fang to one side to rest.


At this point, the jade dealers all went up to scrutinise the jade.


“En, not bad…”


These jade dealers were naturally experts, and after appraising it from up close, found the results to be no different from what the jade cutter said.


How big the jade was could be estimated already.


When the jade dealers were appraising the jade, Qin Fang and the rest were looking too.


“Fourth Brother, what should we do with this jade? Do you plan to sell it directly, or..?


Xiao Nan could understand Qin Fang’s feelings now, and they could hear what the jade cutter said too. A 1,000,000 was really too large an amount for Qin Fang to get suddenly, especially with his family condition.


“Just sell it. I have no use for this jade. Furthermore… it’s not safe.”


Qin Fang adjusted himself, and looked at the crowd. Many were staring at him, either with envy or jealousy. These people could have some sinister plan about him.


He was but a poor student and was incomparable to Xiao Nan who had a rich dad. If he brought 1,000,000 around with him all the time, he wouldn’t even dare to sleep, fearing that someone would steal the jade when he was sleeping.


“You’re right, brother. This type of jade should be sold as soon as possible, the money put into your pocket as soon as possible.”


A fatty came up and initiated a conversation.


“Brother, we had some dealings before, so I can give you a good price. How about this?”


This person was someone Qin Fang knew, the guy who bought Qin Fang’s previous jade for 30,000. He secretly talked with Qin Fang and showed 8 fingers while talking about the price.




Seeing this price, Qin Fang would have agreed just now. But now… don’t talk about the price if you don’t have 1 million.


Qin Fang smiled lightly and just closed his eyes, like a monk meditating. He looked just like a fisherman waiting for a fish to take his bait.


“You really are unethical for wanting to buy this jade for 800,000, Boss Chen.”


No need for Qin Fang to talk, someone else immediately disparaged Boss Chen who tried to take advantage of Qin Fang. Not just one person, many did so when they saw how good the jade was and how low Boss Chen offered.


“Young fellow, sell this jade to me for 1,000,000.”


At the same time they scolded Boss Chen, others started raising the price too. And the raise was by 20,000 at once, slapping Boss Chen in the face.


Boss Chen’s face was dark and looked really unhappy with the person who made him lose face.


“You motherf*cker, don’t f*cking find fault with me.”


Fatty Chen didn’t want to show weakness, and showed a stance like he wanted to fight.


“What finding fault? This is a fair trade, and I didn’t cheat anymore. We are ethical businessmen, and don’t cheat people of their money. Unlike a certain someone…”


Boss Li was smaller than Boss Chen, and seeing the fat Boss Chen preparing to fight, he immediately retreated. However, his mouth didn’t stop attacking.


He didn’t scold Boss Chen directly, and did it indirectly instead. However, everyone naturally knew who that ‘certain someone’ was.


These two looked like business rivals, and seemed to have many past conflicts. Their words were filled with thorns and if not for their status and the fact that there were many people around, these two might really have started fighting already.


The others sat back and watched the two fight. Nobody talked, nobody supported anybody. They just looked at the fight with cold eyes, and even hoped that they would fight and both end up in the hospital. This way, they would have two less people to compete with.


“Stop, stop, stop! Don’t fight anymore! If you continue fighting, I won’t sell the jade to any of you.”


Seeing that the two were on the verge of exploding, Qin Fang couldn’t sit and watch anymore and shouted at them.






This move was quite useful. After all, nobody had a grudge against money. They fought because they wanted to buy Qin Fang’s jade in the first place. If they were pushed out of the auction because of this fight, then not only would there be no merits, there would be a ton of demerits too.

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