Omni Genius – Chapter 107: Net Worth Of 1,000,000

Thus, the fight ended after they deemed the cons of fighting to outweigh the pros.


“Peace begets money, peace begets money, right?”


After being signalled by Qin Fang’s eyes, Xiao Nan became the mediator and successfully closed the curtains on the fight.


“Okay, the matter has been settled. I believe everyone has already seen the jade, and know what is its worth. Even we know its worth, so don’t bother offering a low price. Let the auction begin!”


Qin Fang who had only recovered a little left everything to Xiao Nan. This matter wasn’t that hard after all. Whoever offers the highest price gets the jade. Whether it is Qin Fang ot Xiao Nan who holds the bid doesn’t matter. All that matters is the final nod from Qin Fang.


Seeing that Qin Fang didn’t stop Xiao Nan, they acknowledged Xiao Nan as the host and started bidding.


Thus, the price raised from 1,000,000 to 1,320,000. But, the price increase got smaller and smaller as it went up, and many gave up as it was out of their budget.


“I offer 1,400,000.”


At this time, someone called out a high price.




At the same time this price was offered, the crowd all turned around. At the same time, they made a path for the bidder to walk in.


“Money sure does wonder! It can make people voluntarily make a path for us!”


The people approaching were two young people. One donned a suit and looked quite handsome, while the other looked quite vulgar and wore more casual clothes. It was the vulgar person who muttered such a rude thing while walking past the people who made way for him.


This made the people unhappy, but nobody started a fight just because of this. At most, they only muttered a few very soft complaints under their breath to vent their anger.


The young person’s mutters was naturally heard by Qin Fang’s group, and their face got dark. Shen Yang looked like he wanted to go and beat the two, but was held back by Fang Dacheng.


Shen Yang was puzzled. However, when he saw that the normally gentle and smiling Fang Dacheng now had a cautious look on his face, Shen Yang didn’t dare to move. He was well aware that the person who was the best at fighting among them was Fang Dacheng. If even Fang Dacheng was so cautious, then the other party must not be ordinary.


Qin Fang also noticed Fang Dacheng’s face, and was quite shocked. He immediately appraised the two young people.


<Name: Unknown, Lv 1, Male, Neutral, Information: Unknown.>


<Name: Unknown, Lv 3, Male, Neutral, Information: Unknown.>


The former was the handsome guy, the latter the vulgar one. Seeing this result, Qin Fang understood why Fang Dacheng was so cautious. The vulgar male was slightly stronger than him.


“You two… are you seriously bidding?”


However, this was not the important point. Qin Fang was more concerned about whether they really wanted to buy the jade at this price.


“1,400,000 cheque or transferred to your account now, you choose. I can do it now.”


Luckily, the other party was not joking.


“If nobody offers a higher price, we will sell this jade to this mister.”


Xiao Nan naturally took the chance to ask the other jade dealers for higher offers.


“Forget it, I give up.”


“Me too.”


The remaining jade dealers all gave up the bid. This price was already the maximum they were willing to pay, and seeing the young person’s determined look, they decided not to participate anymore.


After the price was discussed, the money was transferred smoothly. Having the experience from selling the previous jade, not much time was wasted, and another 1,400,000 was added to Qin Fang’s account on top of the previous 30,000.


Just like that, Qin Fang upgraded from a poor commoner to a wealthy person with over 1,000,000 dollars.


Of course, this amount of money would only be enough to buy a small house in an area quite far from the city area.


However, this was already a great blessing for Qin Fang.


“Brother, if you have better jade next time, you can find me. Even if I don’t need it myself, I can introduce some big customers to you.”


The young person took out a gold-laced name card and passed the card to Qin Fang politely.


“Yuehai Organisation CEO Assistant Li Yuan”


Qin Fang looked at the name on the card and couldn’t help but be shocked.


This Li Yuan guy looked to be around 25, and should have just graduated from university and joined the workforce. Yet, he is already a CEO assistant? Either Li Yuan was really capable, or he had connections to get him this position.


Regardless of which, Qin Fang didn’t care.


“Many thanks Assistant Li. I was only slightly lucky today. I wonder if it is because I didn’t wash my hands after using the toilet today.”


Using a crude expression, Qin Fang wanted to smooth over this matter.


He really didn’t plan on finding this Li Yuan. If he really got a profit every time when he gambled on jade ores, it was not a good thing. His life would probably be put in danger instead.


“Haha, hope that we will meet again.”


Li Yuan didn’t mind, and just shook hands with Qin Fang.


“Kid, if fate allows, we can have closer contact.”


The unknown guy accompanying Li Yuan didn’t care about Qin Fang, and just talked to Fang Dacheng.


“Of course.”


The normally dense Fang Dacheng suddenly changed and gave a bright smile. His eyes were sharp. This display made Qin Fang shocked as this showed that Qin Fang didn’t really understand his straight-forward roommate that well.


Luckily, the two only exchanged simple words before the two left.


“Congratulations on becoming a millionaire!”


Shen Yang and the others all said enviously. At the same time, the looked at the jade and lamented why they didn’t have such good luck.


Even Fang Dacheng was no exception. However, asking him to spend a few thousand dollars on a rock that had a high chance of being useless was unrealistic, and he won’t do so.


“Relax, brothers! I will treat you guys to a meal today and give everybody a red packet!”


Qin Fang naturally won’t treat his friends bad, and planned to give them some presents to cheer them up.


“You’re the best!”


Hearing this, everybody was overjoyed. The feeling of envy was lessened by a lot, and their relationship improved too.


“Second Brother, you have the number for the restaurant, right? Book a room first. I don’t want this meal to be like last time…”


With money now, especially such a huge sum of money, even the frugal Qin Fang got more generous and immediately asked Xiao Nan made arrangements.


As for himself?


He obviously called Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue. This type of happiness should naturally be shared with good friends, especially with these two girls who were extremely good friends with Qin Fang.


However, Qin Fang really didn’t have much friends. He only had those from his part time job, and even those people were all at other universities far away from here. Thus, he really only could call the two girls in the end…

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