Omni Genius – Chapter 108: Targeted

After everything was settled, the crowd dissipated as it was late already.


To them, being able to see two expensive jades being revealed today was something worth talking and bragging about, even though the jade was not theirs.


“We should go now.”


After Qin Fang contacted the two beauties, he saw that it was late already and thus called his roommates to make a move.


“We are not gambling anymore?”


Shen Yang who saw Qin Fang earning money two times in a row wanted to continue gambling riding this hot streak.


“Third Brother, this is called Jade Gambling. Since it is gambling, it needs luck. And Lady Luck must have been in a good mood today for Qin Fang to be able to be so lucky as to win two times. But if you want to continue winning, then it would be very hard; the possibility almost zero.”


“Let’s go, let’s go. It’s late already.”


Qin Fang joined the go-back team and dragged Shen Yang away while laughing.




Shen Yang naturally won’t let himself be conquered so easily and while they were pulling and dragging each other happily, Qin Fang suddenly saw from the corner of his eyes a bright red light.


The shocked Qin Fang looked at the location where he saw the red light, and saw that it was another antique shop along the street. However, it was currently empty with nobody around.


“Did I see wrongly just now?”


Qin Fang shook his head, and asked himself uncertainly. After looking at that place one more time, there really was nothing there, and Qin Fang thought that he was being too paranoid.


However, Qin Fang’s concern was understandable as this was not the first time Qin Fang had seen this type of red. Though faint, it was still a red that made Qin Fang feel hostility, like the ones emitted by Strong Rat, Fatty Chen and his enemies. Just now, he had seen this type of red light.


“What is it, Qin Fang?”


Fang Dacheng walked to Qin Fang’s side. He was very sensitive to people due to practicing martial arts, and seeing Qin Fang’s reaction, asked worriedly.


“It’s nothing…”


Qin Fang smiled and didn’t say much. After confirming there was nothing there once again, he didn’t care anymore.


The six thus took a cab and rode towards the university area.


Due to Qin Fang becoming a millionaire, the roommates all decided to make Shen Yang and Fang Dacheng, the two strongest in the room, to become Qin Fang’s bodyguard.


However, just after Qin Fang got on the cab, Qin Fang noticed a young person walking out of the antique store he had seen the red light coming from just now. The person was holding a phone, and just after reaching the street, a car rolled over which the person immediately go on.


The car then started to follow the cab Qin Fang was in, and quickly caught up. However, due to it being peak hour now, the roads were full of cars and the car quickly lost track of Qin Fang’s cab after a few traffic lights.


“Useless trash! You can’t even follow a car? I really raised you so long for nothing!”


When Qin Fang’s cab disappeared, the car could only stop at one side and the person who looked like the leader slapped the person who was driving the car.


“Brother Niu, that car seems to be going to the university area…”


The young person who walked out of the antique shop said uncertainly. He had been in the crowd for a long time, and though Qin Fang was quite far from him, he could still hear what Qin Fang said occasionally, giving him a general idea of their destination.


“University area…”


The leader called Brother Niu thought for awhile, and thought it was reasonable. Qin Fang and the rest didn’t look that old, and all talked without an accent, showing that they were not locals of this city. Thus, they were probably foreigners from other cities who came to study in  an university.


Thinking here, Brother Niu immediately nodded his head and gave the poor driver another slap.


“What are you waiting for! Quickly drive to the university area! Don’t tell me you don’t know the road!”


“I do, I do!”


The driver held his face, and while nodding his head, quickly drove the car towards the university area.


“Brother Niu, take a smoke to appease your anger.”


The other person was quite smart. Seeing that his boss was angry, he quickly took out a cigarette and passed it to Brother Niu. From how crinkled the cigarette was, one could tell that he had kept it for a long time and couldn’t bear to smoke it.


“You’re quite good!”


Brother Niu didn’t reject the offer, and didn’t care that it was crinkled either. He took it over and put it in his mouth while the youth immediately took out a lighter and lit it. His attitude was so subservient, it was like he really treated Brother Niu as his boss.




The driver saw this scene through the rear-view mirror, and complained in his heart, thinking about the two slaps he got for nothing.


However, he didn’t dare to voice his anger as he knew two more slaps would be waiting for him if he did. He knew his boss’ temperament.


“What are you looking at instead of the road?”


However, this action was accidentally seen by Brother Niu, and he started scolding the driver again. The driver then started focusing on driving only, not daring to do anything else.


“Brother Niu, don’t get angry, it will harm your body!”


The bootlicker started bootlicking again.


“Oh right, about the previous heist…”


“Don’t talk about it. It was a bust, and I almost lost my life too!”


Hearing the young guy talk about the failed heist, Brother Niu’s face got dark. However, he quite liked this guy, and didn’t scold him. Instead, he just gave a helpless look.


“Oh? What happened, Brother Niu? There was only one guy…”


The bootlicker said curiously. This heist should have been a success from the information he gathered.


“He was alone, that’s right. We almost caught him too. However, he was a motherf*cking police, and before we could act, more police came. Luckily, we escaped fast. Or else, we would all be in prison already.


Brother Niu said angrily yet in relief. He was livid that the heist that was almost successful fell through; relieved that he didn’t act, or else he would be in prison already.


“Da*n it. That was 4,000,000! That guy’s luck is really too good…”


The mundane guy who could get a glass jade and sell it for 4,000,000 was immediately reported to Brother Niu by the bootlicker who was in the crowd. Brother Niu immediately rushed over when he heard the news, but the outcome was a tragedy.


“4,000,000, we have no luck with. But… 1,000,000, hehe, we need to get that from that young guy no matter what. If he dares not listen, I teach him why roses are so red!”


Brother Niu’s dark face had a sinister smile on, and the low lighting made it even more evil.


“That’s right. With Brother Niu personally doing this, how can a student resist? Unless he doesn’t want to live anymore…”


Bootlicker kept bootlicking, to the point people would think Brother Niu was a god or something from his praise.



“What’s the matter Qin Fang?”


Fang Dacheng could see that Qin Fang’s mood was not right, and asked.


“Hehe… Fourth Brother is probably thinking that with this much money and the long holidays so close, where should he bring Sister Tang and Sister Xiao to play.”


Qin Fang didn’t say anything and Shen Yang interjected instead.


“Shoo! What bullshit are you talking about?”


Hearing Shen Yang’s nonsense, Qin Fang’s originally dark face now had a bitter smile on.


“My gut feeling tells me that something will happen soon… something doesn’t feel right…”


While talking, Qin Fang looked behind again. Through the car window that was not really clean, he saw a peaceful scene. Other than a few private cars, nothing else was wrong.


Most of these private cars sped past them, while the cab Xiao Nan was in was in front of them.


Everything was normal, nothing out of place.


“You’re probably being paranoid after suddenly getting such a huge sum of money…”


Fang Dacheng pat Qin Fang’s shoulder and said.


Qin Fang lightly shook his head, and didn’t say anything. However, the uneasiness in his heart was as strong as ever. Like an alarm, it was telling him that behind him, a pair of eyes were staring at him.

Translator’s Notes:

Aaah, the end of this translation project has come. First of all, I would like to thank all my readers who have supported me thus far. Truly, thank you for all your support, it made me smile whenever people said thanks for the chapter, or even gave comments, as that showed that they cared. Now, I will explain why I dropped this project.

First of all, the author himself has gone on an indefinite hiatus. When I first started translating this novel, I checked, double-checked, and triple-checked to make sure the author was still updating. Chinese novels sometimes do stop without notice after all. I prayed this won’t happen to this one, but it did. I was sad, and that was one of the reasons why there was a one-month hiatus in this translation project. The author is currently still not updating anything since December 2016. With a 7 month gap, it’s literally a death sentence to this book. However, I will still thank the author of Omni Genius for the fun and laughs he has given me…

Secondly, it was because this book progressed way too slow, with too little happenings to sustain interest. I realized this after awhile that this book was not suitable for translation as it took way too much time to translate (for me). Where Chinese readers can bulk read it, English readers can’t so… that’s the problem. I’ve learnt from this, and have chosen a new project to work on where more things happen per chapter.

Yes, I chose a new project to work on. Now, I’m going do some shameless advertisement here.

My new project’s name is ‘Doing All Things Wrong And Somehow Becoming The Best In The Game’

The official synopsis is this:

Because he couldn’t buy a virtual reality game device, Li Huailin made the vicious decision to make his own game device to play <Heart of Glory>. Yet, he didn’t expect to get himself a bugged character.

While other people gained EXP for killing monsters, he lost EXP for killing monsters; while other people got EXP and money for completing quests, not only does he lose EXP, he also loses money after completing quests.

Just when he thought he wouldn’t be able to play this game anymore, his character dies and his EXP rose. Thus, he understood…

Like woman, if you don’t court death, death won’t come to you. For his great goal of leveling up, Li Huailin started giving his all in courting death (suicide)!

Hope that you guys will support me in my next project! I will be releasing 5 chapters of this new project on Saturday!

Now then, until next time!

Saquacon, signing out.

Saquacon (Translator)

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