Omni Genius – Chapter 11: Rare Item: [Hooligan’s Brick]


Watching Strong Rat vanishing in the distance under the night sky, Qin Fang heaved yet another sigh of relief, and sat down powerlessly.

The peanut gallery, after seeing that the show was over, dispersed. Among those who dispersed was the fatty who was emitting a red light in Qin Fang’s eyes.

<LV 1 Hooligan defeated, EXP +30, rare item [Hooligan’s Brick] obtained>

When the the dust had settled, yet another notice resounded in Qin Fang’s head, which startled Qin Fang. (T/N: ‘dust had settled’, figurative way of saying ‘when everything was over’)

“Rare item?”

When he heard this notice, Qin Fang unconsciously looked at his own hands but there was nothing.

When he shook his slightly heavy head to look beside him, there was nothing either.

Only until now, did Qin Fang suddenly realise something. On the skill page in his head, other than the two skills [Noodle Making] and [Sneak Attack], the HP was still at 3…. The blood had already stopped flowing from his wound, thus there was no decrease in HP. However, there was no increase either, showing that just by resting like this was obviously not a reliable way to recover his HP.

However, that was not the important thing Qin Fang realised. He realised that under the skill page, the words [Item Box] was written. He immediately focused on it in his mind, effectively activating it.

The settings of the [Item Box] was the same as the bags found in games, but there was only three slots, of which two were empty, while in the first one, a rectangular brick was in it.

Looking at the brick’s description, a smile floated on Qin Fang’s face.

[Hooligan’s Brick]

Attack +1

Durability 3/3

Description: Has a greater chance of afflicting the [Dizzy] status. If combined with the [Throw] skill, then additional damage can be dealt.


The amount of content in the description was not large, but it was succinct, and clearly introduced the ability of the item.


It was not that much different from normal bricks, and it’s only superior area was ‘having a greater chance to afflict a [Dizzy] status’. This sentence may not seem like much, but it already made Qin Fang very happy. His [Sneak Attack] skill now only had ‘a set chance to afflict the [Dizzy] status’, and though Qin Fang could not tell exactly how much the ‘set chance’ was, but from his few attacks, the chance was obviously not high.


And yet, this brick had ‘a greater chance’, which obviously showed that the chance of it afflicting a [Dizzy] status was higher than the [Beginner Sneak Attack] skill.


“[Throw] skill…”


Qin Fang naturally noticed the [Throw] skill written at the back, which showed that the brick, other than being able to be used to smack people with it, could also be thrown.


Without the [Throw] skill, he could only have the brick’s basic ‘Attack +1’ damage, but if he had the skill, then he could do additional damage.


“But…how do I learn the [Throw] skill?”


Qin Fang couldn’t help but smile bitterly. The two skills he has learnt so far, were all learnt in unexpected situations, and was not intended by him. Thus, he did not have a clear grasp of the requirements of learning a skill.


“Qin Fang, Qin Fang”


Just as Qin Fang was thinking about the [Hooligan’s Brick], he felt someone lightly nudging him, and heard a gentle voice which carried a tinge of concern.


“Who is calling me?”


Qin Fang was still in a muddle-headed state due to his injuries, and unconsciously turned his heavy head around, trying to see who was calling him.


But, when he turned his face, he immediately felt a warm, moist thing on his mouth…


Tang Fei Fei was shocked still.


When he saw that Qin Fang was lying on the table unmoving, she was slightly worried about his safety and thus called him with concern. But she did not expect that Qin Fang would suddenly turn his face around like that, and just like that, their lips -without a single gap in between- was pressed together.




Tang Fei Fei’s eyes immediately widened, and the sudden situation caused her brain to short circuit, causing her to even forget about turning her head away. Only when she noticed that Qin Fang had the exact same expression as her, did she exclaim, and with a red face, separated their lips, and even moved her body far away from Qin Fang.


Qin Fang’s face was also completely red, and he turned his head away, not daring to look at Tang Fei Fei who escaped. However, he unconsciously reminisced about Tang Fei Fei’s sweet lips, and as if possessed by a ghost, started licking his lips as if trying to suck the sweet taste into his mouth.


[Unhygienic Leftover Noodles]

Consumption will increase HP by one

Small chance of getting sick upon consumption


However, when Qin Fang was embarrassed and didn’t dare to turn his head back, he noticed a bowl of unfinished noodle on the table, more specifically, the description under the bowl of noodles.


‘Increase HP by one’


Especially those words, in Qin Fang’s eyes, they were exceedingly prominent.


The reason why he and Tang Fei Fei would get into the situation just now, was it not due to his HP being too low which caused him to be muddle-headed? Even his reaction became much slower.


Just when he was worrying about how to recover his HP, he saw this bowl of noodles that obviously had only a few mouthfuls eaten. It was probably a customer who saw Qin Fang and the hooligans starting to fight just as when he was going to start eating, and left the noodles alone and ran away.


After slightly shaking his head, he closed his eyes, and looking at the bowl again, the words were still there, and was not him hallucinating. After hesitating for a while, Qin Fang still dragged his heavy body up and walked towards his noodle stall.


When he walked past the other tables, he noticed that those bowls which were empty or half empty didn’t have a notice like the [Unhygienic Leftover Noodles], and that only ramen with more than half remaining would have the notice which had the ‘increase HP by one’ written on it.


“Little Qin, are you okay?”


The youthful scene unfolding between Qin Fang and Tang Fei Fei just now was seen by Big Sis Pan, and she naturally did not go and interrupt. Only when Tang Fei Fei ran away in shock, did she help to pull back Tang Fei Fei, and after saying something to her, calmed her down, before walking over to Qin Fang.


“I’m much better now…”


Though his head was as heavy as ever and was walking unsteadily, but since Qin Fang knew that he had already found out a way to recover his HP, shook his head and said so.


“You little…if you’re uncomfortable, then don’t act strong. Let’s go to the hospital and let them check.”


Big Sis Pan shook her head. She knew that Qin Fang urgently needed money, and being very frugal, was not willing to spend money on hospital fees. But out of concern of Qin Fang’s health, she still reminded Qin Fang.


“I’m fine, it will get better very soon.”


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    This is an interesting way to make a “level up” book. It’s not really magic, he’s just noticing a lot more, and analyzing all of the things he’s doing. This is all the result of his brain being shocked, so it’s probably just a vivid hallucination, where he’s improving himself with just dedication and hard work.

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