Omni Genius – Chapter 12: This Is How You Recover Your HP!

After saying his piece, Qin Fang didn’t say anything anymore and instead, walked back to his stall, took a lump of dough, and was making preparations to make noodles.

“Qin Fang, have you gone crazy? Your wound has just stopped bleeding, you can’t partake in vigorous activities!” (T/N Though it may look light, the dough is very heavy. I tried T.T)

Upon noticing that Qin Fang, whose condition had just stabilised, was going to make noodles again, even Tang Fei Fei who was hiding in a corner out of embarrassment couldn’t do nothing and immediately tried to stop Qin Fang.

“I’m fine already. I’m a little hungry, that’s why let me make something to eat first.”

Seeing Tang Fei Fei, Qin Fang couldn’t help but recall the close interaction they had just now. Even his face which was formerly pale due to blood loss started turning red, and he could feel clearly that his face was burning up.

Of course, Qin Fang can’t possibly say that he wanted to eat ramen to recover his HP, so he had to use him being hungry as an excuse. After all, they open their stall in the wee hours of the morning, but close down very late at night, and coupled with the fact that they were busy all day, not having time to eat and being hungry was perfectly logical.


When Tang Fei Fei wanted to continue persuading Qin Fang to stop, Qin Fang’s hand already started moving at a high speed, and the lump of dough in his hands gradually turned into fine noodle strands. So fast, that before Tang Fei Fei could think of what to say to persuade Qin Fang to stop, Qin Fang had already put a batch of noodles into the pot.

After a while, the ramen was well-cooked. Qin Fang scooped out the noodles in the pot, and after adding sauce in a bowl and pouring the noodles in, a delicious smell started to permeate through the air. A bowl of delicious ramen was ready.

[Fresh Delicious Ramen]

Consumption will increase HP by 3, Physical Abilities by 30%

Seeing the bowl of noodles that he had just made, Qin Fang’s face immediately brightened up. It could actually increase HP by 3, higher than his estimation of 2.

As for the 30% increase in Physical Abilities, Qin Fang didn’t care about it. If HP recovers, then his body would naturally recover to his previous condition, along with his physical ability. This 30% increase was obviously bullshit. (T/N: Or is it?)

“Quickly eat, what are you looking at it for?”

Tang Fei Fei lightly nudged the distracted Qin Fang. Her charming expression was extremely alluring, causing Qin Fang’s already slightly disturbed heart to start beating harder.

“Okay, okay, I’m eating now.”

Qin Fang calmed himself down, and immediately became sober. He started wolfing down the ramen. With exaggerated movements while eating, those who knew the context would know he was eating, but those who don’t will think that he was fighting a war.


When Qin Fang started eating, Tang Fei Fei quietly sat down without caring about the cleanliness of the chair. She propped up her chin with both her hands, and quietly looked at the figure of Qin Fang eating. She found such a Qin Fang very cute, and not knowing what was going on in her head, actually started laughing.

“Huh? What is it, Tang Fei Fei?”


Qin Fang, who was eating his noodles, perhaps due to the awkwardness from before not being dissipated yet, didn’t even dare to look at Tang Fei Fei in her eyes.  He only single-mindedly ate his noodles. When he suddenly heard Tang Fei Fei’s laughter he lifted his head up, and immediately saw that Tang Fei Fei’s face was bright red, like she was very shy. Not understanding the situation, Qin Fang couldn’t resist the urge to question her.

“The way you eat is simply too…”

Tang Fei Fei’s red face, when questioned by Qin Fang, became even redder. However, since it was already very red in the first place, it was not noticeable. However, the way she spoke betrayed her shyness, and her eyes also had an odd gleam.

“Haha, is it because my eating manner is ugly? My mother also tells me that frequently, but it’s already a habit…”

Qin Fang curved his lips and started laughing, revealing a set of bright white tooth. The expression on his face was very sincere, and did not have a trace of lie in it at all, showing that his actions now were his genuine character.

“Actually…it’s okay like that”

Tang Fei Fei also laughed with Qin Fang. She couldn’t think of an appropriate word to use after thinking for a long while, and thus forced out the words ‘It’s okay’.

So beautiful!

Her sweet smile accentuated her flower-like youthful beauty. No wonder when they were at school, she was called the flower of the school. Even Qin Fang who didn’t dare to think about women couldn’t help but compliment her beauty.

Along with the endless entry of ramen into his stomach, the feeling of regaining his strength became even clearer, and his HP also gradually rose. When Qin Fang finished a bowl of ramen, he did not feel anything at all. His stomach was empty, as if he did not just finish a whole bowl of ramen.

However, his HP did increase by 3, up to 6. He felt that the him now was practically like the him before he got hit, and his mental fatigue also greatly alleviated.

“What’s the matter? Did you not eat enough?”

When she saw that Qin Fang was holding his stomach with a weird expression even though he had already downed a bowl of noodle, Tang Fei Fei couldn’t help but ask what was the problem.

“I think so. I will make another bowl.”

Qin Fang hesitated for a while. But after feeling that his stomach was really empty, like he really had not eaten a bowl of noodles, he replied to Tang Fei Fei as such.

“En, go on then.”

This time, Tang Fei Fei did not stop him. She noticed that after Qin Fang ate a bowl of noodle, he became energised and his complexion brightened up too, compared to before.

Looking at the lump of dough on his hand, Qin Fang, after hesitating for a while, took yet another lump of bowl and made a bowl of ramen with an even larger portion. The portion was so big that even the big bowl that Qin Fang used for his stall was fully filled.

[Fresh Delicious Sizable Ramen]

Consumption will increase HP by 4, Physical Abilities by 30%

After making the ramen, Qin Fang naturally wouldn’t forget about observing the properties of the ramen. Compared to the previous bowls, there was no big change with only some details differing.

For example, having ‘Sizable’ as a suffix was obviously because Qin Fang used more noodles this time. As for the ‘increase HP by 4’, it most probably had something to do with the the noodles becoming ‘Sizable’.

“6 plus 4 is just right 10. If I eat this bowl of ramen, then my HP will be fully recovered.” (E/N Math lessons with Qin Fang)

Seeing the properties of the ramen, Qin Fang was secretly happy and did a simple estimation of his recovery.

“Let’s quickly go and eat…”

Tang Fei Fei was still as usual, holding up her chin with both her hands, and looking at Qin Fang vanquishing the big bowl of ramen. Though she was surprised by Qin Fang’s humongous appetite, she did not care much about it.

Being able to eat is bliss.

Tang Fei Fei couldn’t help but to think about what her Grandpa had once said.


Accompanying such sounds, Qin Fang quickly finished off the bowl of noodles, and his HP also slowly advanced towards a full 10 HP.

“You couldn’t be still hungry, right?”

Yet, when he finished the bowl of noodles, Qin Fang yet again held his stomach and Tang Fei Fei with an expression like she had just seen a ghost, exclaimed…

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    A million years later > congratulations, you have cooked a fast, delicious, sizable, luxurious, healthy, spiritual, unreal, mouth watering, mystical, legendary, godly ramen… Is this what we are heading to?

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