Omni Genius – Chapter 14: [Secret Dumplings Recipe (Incomplete)]

“Rest easy, I know what I’m doing…”


Qin Fang only slightly nodded his head.

“We better quickly tidy up the tables, we still have business to do at night after all.”


After assuring Tang Fei Fei, both of them tidied the tables and chairs together. As for the broken bowls, though Qin Fang felt a pain in his heart, he had no choice but to accept it.


Seeing that the two of them could manage by themselves, Big Sis Fan gave Qin Fang her regards and went home first.


The business at night was ordinary, and at about 8 pm, Qin Fang closed his noodle stall in advance. Of course, he properly called for a taxi to send Tang Fei Fei home, before pushing his cart back to his apartment.


Only, the moment he returned, he went out again. After storing all the things properly, Qin Fang snuck out of the apartment, and went back to the plaza for setting up stalls at South Gate Market.


As Qin Fang sat on a masonry in the plaza, he coldly looked at the stalls that were in front of him. Thereafter, he swiftly found the figure of Fatty Chen, who with his back towards Qin Fang, was doing business.


If even Qin Fang’s stall didn’t have much business at night, what else is there to say about Fatty Chen’s business. However, since Qin Fang closed his stall early, Fatty Chen should still be able to reap some profits. At this time, Fatty Chen should still be busy selling his noodles. However, without needing Qin Fang to wait for long, he could see Fatty Chen panicking after taking a call. It was a pity that due to Qin Fang being too far away, he could not see Fatty Chen’s expression and bearings.


“Yo, Little Qin! Why did you come back again?”


After sitting on the masonry for a while, Qin Fang felt that he must interact with Fatty Chen personally and thus walked towards his stall. While he was on his way, a stall owner who was quite familiar with Qin Fang exclaimed when he saw Qin Fang again.


This stall made buns, crystal dumplings, wontons, and the like. Qin Fang at this time was standing beside the stall’s steamer, and since a fresh batch of dumplings was coincidentally ready, Qin Fang ordered some.


“Don’t remind me, Uncle Fang. Just when I was about to sleep when I got home, I got hungry again. As my place didn’t have anything, and I didn’t have the ingredients to make noodles, I decided to come here to eat something.


Qin Fang amicably dilly-dallied with the stall owner whose surname was Fang. However, since this stall was right beside Fatty Chen’s stall, as there were not many customers now, Fatty Chen could hear the whole conversation between Qin Fang and Uncle Fang. Upon hearing the contents of the conversation, Fatty Chen’s face immediately changed a little.


Fatty Chen’s change was coincidentally captured in Qin Fang’s eyes, but Qin Fang didn’t take any actions. Instead, he sat down and waited for his food to come. The place he sat at was also specially chosen, which allowed him to directly face Fatty Chen, thus making it possible to see Fatty Chen just by lifting his head.

[Fresh Delicious Dumpling]

Consumption will increase HP by one, Physical Abilities by 4%, and Happiness Level by 4%



When the dumplings were served, Qin Fang used his chopsticks to pick up one dumpling. However, the moment Qin Fang picked up the dumpling, he was shocked. He noticed that the dumpling also had a notice, and was very similar to the noodles Qin Fang made. However, the dumpling had one more property, that was ‘Increase Happiness Level by 4%’.


“What is this ‘Happiness Level’?”


Qin Fang was befuddled by this new term. Unfortunately, he could only slowly research about these things, and nobody could give him an answer.


However, what Qin Fang really noticed was that just a single small dumpling like this could increase HP by one. Recalling that he had to eat three bowls of noodles, the first two for replenishing his HP, he regretted that he did not know of this method of replenishing his HP earlier. If not, he would have just bought 7 dumplings to refill his HP.


Obviously, just by comparing the amount of HP replenished, the dumplings had better performance than Qin Fang’s ramen. Even more so if the dumpling also increases ‘Happiness Level’, which function Qin Fang still does not know about yet.




Qin Fang opened up his mouth and bit into the dumpling. Instantly, waves of fragrant and delicious dumpling juice flowed out. The taste really made people comfortable, and gave an overall improvement in mood.


“It’s so delicious!”


Ever since Qin Fang learned how to make ramen, as his skills constantly improved, almost every of Qin Fang’s meal was the ramen he made himself. Though it made Qin Fang sick and tired of it, to the point of wanting to puke sometimes, but he still had to admit his own ramen was already considered of a very high standard.


However, just by comparing the degree of deliciousness, Uncle Fang’s dumplings were obviously superior, and Qin Fang had to admit it in shame.


“Little Qin, how is it? How is my special dumplings? Give me your opinion…”


Qin Fang’s appetite was originally not small, and since there were only 6 dumplings in one basket, Qin Fang finished the dumplings in the blink of an eye. At that moment, Uncle Fang walked over, while asking for Qin Fang’s opinion with a smile.


Qin Fang was naturally not stingy with his compliments, and gave Uncle Fang a thumbs up.


“Those dumplings…let me tell you, this is our Fang Family’s secret recipe. This dumpling skin is not your ordinary dumpling skin. In it, we added blah blah blah….and this dumpling filling is even more extraordinary, and in it, there are many herbs such as radix notoginseng, Angelica sinensis, blah blah blah… If not for my ancestors passing on the recipe to us, then the dumplings we, the Fang family, make would not be this delicious!”


Perhaps due to Qin Fang’s business being too good, he was busy all day and when he finished selling, he would close stall on time. Thus, he was practically strangers to the stall owners around him, and they would at most exchange greetings occasionally.


This was the first time that Qin Fang knew that the skinny, hen-pecked Uncle Fang was such a loquacious person, and even blurted out his dumpling’s secret recipe.


Of course, both Uncle Fang and Qin Fang knew, they knew that even if someone were to know all the ingredients of a dish, making the same dish was another matter entirely. What’s more, if this is a secret recipe, and was not what just any Tom, Dick or Harry can learn. Qin Fang himself felt this way too.




<[Secret Dumpling Recipe (Incomplete)] obtained>


Just as Qin Fang was listening to Uncle Fang fervently talking about the special things of his special dumplings, such a notice appeared in Qin Fang’s head, scaring Qin Fang out of his wits.


Notices said with an emotionless voice, that Qin Fang was already used to.


But if the contents were as such, then how could he not be surprised? And when Qin Fang quickly looked at the [Secret Dumpling Recipe (Incomplete)], there were quite detailed notes about all the ingredients that Uncle Fang just listed, along with some simple procedures.


[Secret Dumpling Recipe (Incomplete)]

An incomplete secret dumpling recipe. However, it is possible to make the perfect recipe through increasing skill proficiency.



Looking at the description that could not be any more succinct, it already had lots of ridiculous statements. The recipe had an (Incomplete), which shows that this was not the true secret recipe, and was only a rough guide made based on the oral descriptions made by Uncle Fang.


However, there was a procedure list, which was like a picture. As long as he learned the [Dumpling Making] skill, then Qin Fang would probably be able to make the incomplete secret dumplings. If he further improved the skill, then he would either be able to slowly figure out the recipe by himself, or his brain would automatically give the more completed version.


Thinking till here, Qin Fang couldn’t help but feel sorry towards the Uncle Fang who was still talking incessantly in front of him. He could be considered to have secretly stolen Uncle Fang’s skill, but the person himself was still unaware.


“Haaa. Well, after some time, I won’t be setting up stall anymore. So that even if I were to be able to make the most perfect secret dumplings, it would not affect Uncle Fang’s business.


Qin Fang thought thusly in his heart. This was the only way he could compensate Uncle Fang now for ‘teaching’ him the secret recipe.


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  1. Tonny

    Have you read this novel up 300th chapters up? I can tag this in harem genre and R-18 lol. So interesting and promising at first but soon the writer falls into sexism and racism. But we can learn something about local culture at China, about their opinion on second generation aka rich brats

    1. Saquacon Post author

      Hmmm, I’m intrigued. Please tell me more about the sexism and racism the author writes about. If it is the main character carrying out such actions without any good reason, I may very well just drop this series. I have accepted that sexism and racism cannot be eradicated from our current era easily, but that does not mean I condone it. I haven’t had the time to read the raws that far yet, so apologies for my ignorance by the way. Anyways, please tell me if it is Qin Fang falling from grace. If not, and it is other characters being scumbags, I will not drop this series. After all, we read to see main character kick scumbag’s arse, right? >.O

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