Omni Genius – Chapter 15: Enemies Sure Live In A Small World

Qin Fang continued chatting with Uncle Fang about trivial things, but his attention did not shift from Fatty Chen.


Possibly due to him having a guilty conscience, or Qin Fang sitting there gave him a lot of pressure, Fatty Chen couldn’t do his business at ease. When business started getting slower, Fatty Chen immediately started to tidy up his stall and prepared to hurry back home.


“Uncle Fang, give me another two more baskets of dumplings, takeaway.”

Seeing that Fatty Chen was closing stall and preparing to go home, Qin Fang sat for a while more before ordering two more baskets of dumplings from Uncle Fang while smiling. After he paid the money, he took the dumplings in his hands and turned around to leave, and the direction he left in was as if he was really going to go home.


However, after moving past the crowd, Qin Fang once again changed his direction and walked towards the direction of Fatty Chen’s home. Not long after, he caught up to Fatty Chen.


Though Tranquil Sea City was a big and prosperous city, the area around the university campuses was still a fairly remote place. In addition, during this period, which was the summer holidays, there were not many students living in the school dormitories. Furthermore, since it was so late now, even people who were walking on the streets were few in numbers. And even the few people still out so late at night were just residents of the nearby houses coming out for a stroll. Thus, nobody thought that Qin Fang’s actions were suspicious, thinking he was taking a stroll too.


Contrarily, Fatty Chen was behaving extremely suspiciously. When walking, he will occasionally turn around to look behind him, and a look of caution was plastered on his face.


Qin Fang and Fatty Chen did not have many interactions usually, and thus they were not close. In fact, since they were in the same trade, they could be considered to be enemies, especially so if Fatty Chen showed animosity by requesting for hooligans to create a disturbance at Qin Fang’s stall. However, one should know that Fatty Chen was quite a haughty person, and despised others on the basis of him being older than others. Compared to the cautious behavior Fatty Chen was displaying right now, there was a world of a difference from his usual self.


And if he showed such a great change in behaviour due to Qin Fang’s appearance just now, then without saying anything, one can know obviously that he had a guilty



During the hot summer night, there was an occasional cool breeze blowing which made the body feel comfortable. In the night sky, stars were twinkling and the moon was hanging brightly in the sky. It was a night with good weather.


Qin Fang’s gait was relaxed, and in his hands, there were the dumplings he had ordered for takeaway. The dumplings were already slowly cooling down, so eating it now would definitely not scald the tongue.


In contrast, Fatty Chen’s gait was not so relaxed. With a face that looked like he had done something wrong, he became cautious regardless of who he saw. Furthermore, he even chose roads that could avoid people or were dimly lit. If Qin Fang had not followed him carefully, then Qin Fang really could have lost sight of Fatty Chen.


Without realising, Qin Fang had already shadowed Fatty Chen for 20 minutes. However, Fatty Chen still hadn’t reached home yet, and when Qin Fang looked around, found out that they were already inside the university campuses area and was almost reaching a university. It was the university Qin Fang was going to go to soon, Tranquil Sea University.


Just as Qin Fang was puzzled about Fatty Chen’s actions, Fatty Chen suddenly entered an alley beside Tranquil Sea University.


The alley was very narrow, and practically only people could enter. If it were motorcycles or scooters, then maybe squeezing through was possible, but cars would definitely not be able to enter.


This alley was also relatively desolate, and did not have the streetlights installed on the main streets. It was slightly bright only at the alley entrance, and in it, only the lamps on Tranquil Sea University’s walls were lighting up the place weakly.


On the most part, it was just like walking down a road without any lighting at all.


Watching Fatty Chen entering the alley, Qin Fang also followed. As he looked at the alley, it was slightly dark, and there were no people too. It was definitely the best place for an ambush.


“Did Fatty Chen plan this, or was it coincidental? Coming to this place is like calling me to please attack him, isn’t it?”


Qin Fang couldn’t help but think so in his heart. After focusing for a while, when he turned his hands, a mundane looking brick appeared in his hands from out of nowhere. ‘Attack +1, has a greater chance to afflict the [Dizzy] status’, this was just what Qin Fang wanted.


After he finished planning his course of actions, Qin Fang proceeded to walk into the alley. However, changes tend to occur during critical moments.


Just when Qin Fang was about to take this opportunity to take care of Fatty Chen, and let him think twice about targeting Qin Fang again, from the darkness, out came a few people who blocked Fatty Chen’s road.


Fatty Chen was already very cautious, as if fearing an encounter with someone. The moment he saw somebody blocking his road, without even making clear who they were, he turned tail and ran back the way he came from instinctively.


“Shit! Go after him!”


Those people who blocked Fatty Chen’s way also didn’t expect him to run so fast. Without even giving the road blockers a chance to say a word, Fatty Chen had already run away. The leader of the road blockers immediately cursed out loud, and ordered for his men to give chase.


Seeing such a scene, Qin Fang was also startled. However, he wouldn’t go and get involved with such a troublesome situation willingly. He immediately gave up on entering the alley, and went to the road opposite the alley and sat down, waiting to see the show.


Though Fatty Chen was the one who ran first, but as his age was not on the young side, coupled with the fact that he was obese, even with a head start advantage, he could not maintain the lead for long and was even panting heavily already. On the other hand, the two lackeys chasing after him easily caught up after using more effort.




The two lackeys obviously wouldn’t be courteous with him, and the moment they caught up, each of them gave Fatty Chen a big kick. The two kicks elicited a groan from Fatty Chen, and his obese body frame was kicked down towards the ground. On his face, an expression of extreme fright was apparent.


At this time, the leader of the trio who blocked Fatty Chen had also caught up, and though he was also panting, he was much better off than Fatty Chen. Seeing Fatty Chen sitting on the floor while breathing roughly, the leader, who was infuriated, kicked Fatty Chen’s plump stomach fiercely.


These two kicks were even more ruthless than the first two, and Fatty Chen couldn’t even groan in pain when kicked. All he could do was shiver in fear while holding his stomach, and his body even started to convulse.   


“Boss Chen, don’t try and play dead on me…”


After kicking Fatty Chen, his anger seemingly dissipated, and only then did he squat down. He then proceeded to pull Fatty Chen’s collar, trying to lift him up. But due to either Fatty Chen being too fat, or the leader being on the skinnier side, lifting him up was an unexpectedly taxing action.


However, for the sake of exhibiting his cool sides in front of his lackeys, he still threatened Fatty Chen in a very fierce way, his face even more so, and that terrified Fatty Chen. Knowing that there was no way he could keep up this act anymore, he immediately turned his face towards the leader while shaking.


“Bro-Brother Rat!”


Fatty Chen said in a terrified manner.


Owing to the poor visibility and long distance, it was only when Fatty Chen called the leader’s name and when the road light shone in the leader obliquely did Qin Fang realise that the leader was the very same Strong Rat that Qin Fang had just beaten up not long ago.


“The world sure is small…”


Looking at the two lackeys beside Strong Rat, they were different from the ones causing the disturbance just now. However, Strong Rat himself was still his usual self and Qin Fang couldn’t help but laugh in his heart.


Qin Fang really did not think that they would actually have the same goal as they were just fighting two to three hours ago. And that common goal was to take care of Fatty Chen.


However, looking at the situation, there might not be a need for Qin Fang to take action himself. Strong Rat’s methods were obviously going to be much more crueler than his own, and this will allow him to better expel the grievances in his heart. Furthermore, since he need not get his own hands dirty, it was two birds with one stone. In the end, all he needed to do was just sit by and enjoy the show.

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