Omni Genius – Chapter 18: The Girl Called Little Xue

After the call was made, Strong Rat and his cronies didn’t trouble Fatty Chen anymore. They only tossed him into a corner, while the three of them smoked. However, they had their eyes on him the whole time, and didn’t give him a chance to escape.

On the other hand, Qin Fang didn’t leave in the end. He didn’t care what happened to Fatty Chen anymore. However, he couldn’t guarantee that Strong Rat and his cronies wouldn’t do something despicable again. Since he lived alone anyways, and it didn’t matter when he went home, he decisively continued hiding in a corner and waited for the situation that would definitely go out off hand.


Fatty Chen’s house was not far from here, and after a while Qin Fang could faintly see a slender figure slowly walking in the small alley. Just from the body shape alone, one could tell it was a girl.


It was already very late, and there was nobody around. If a girl didn’t have something to do, then she wouldn’t dare to go out alone, let alone to a remote alley such as this.


Thus, it was obvious that the girl coming over was Fatty Chen’s niece, and Qin Fang did not need to meet the girl to know that.


At almost the same time that Qin Fang made such a judgement, the girl had already walked out of the alley, and appeared in front of Qin Fang’s eyes.


The girl’s attire was very simple. She had on a pair of black jeans, an old-fashioned flower petal blouse, and stepped on a pair of common slippers. Despite wearing a full body of street stall goods, it could not diminish the beauty of her pretty face. If she dressed up a little bit, then she would definitely be a beauty on par with Tang Fei Fei.


“Like this, things would definitely get troublesome…”


If he didn’t know, he wouldn’t be troubled. But after seeing the girl’s appearance, Qin Fang could not help but smile bitterly.


Strong Rat and gang were obviously not good samaritans. If they dared to harass Tang Fei Fei in public, then what would they do in a quiet night, in a remote place such as this? Qin Fang feared that…


Qin Fang didn’t even dare to think anymore. He could only quietly wait for the situation to unfold, and he prayed that it won’t become as he envisioned it.


After the girl walked out of the alley, she looked around at the road intersection. Probably due to Fatty Chen asking her to do so, both her hands were tightly held towards her stomach, and even Qin Fang from a distance could see that there was a slight protrusion on her clothes at the stomach area. Fatty Chen probably asked her to hide the money like that while coming over.


“Little Xue, Little Xue…I’m over here!”


Fatty Chen who was held up in a corner immediately shouted out for Little Xue when the girl appeared. Strong Rat and his cronies also extinguished their cigarettes, picked Fatty Chen up, and walked towards the girl. Coincidentally, they met up right in front of Qin Fang’s line of vision, and between Qin Fang and them was only a road without any cars nor people.


“Uncle, you…”


The girl was filled with suspicion as she looked at the approaching Fatty Chen. His face had changed from a pig face to an elephant face, and she could only see a little bit of Fatty Chen’s original appearance. The girl was shocked, but after seeing the three that were obviously gangsters beside her uncle, she unconsciously retreated a few steps.


“Don’t talk about my appearance now. Have you brought what I asked you to?”


Fatty Chen now only wanted to quickly leave the place. If he continued staying any longer, he might get beaten up again. Furthermore, the bleeding from his hand had not stopped yet.


“Okay, it’s here…”


The girl immediately took out the money that was wrapped up with tissue paper out of her blouse. However, when she was taking out the money, she also accidentally exposed some of her snow white skin and cute belly button. Strong Rat, who had already noticed that the girl was quite pretty despite her old-fashioned attire, had brightened eyes when he saw that.


That vulgar gaze immediately scared the girl, and her hands trembled which almost caused the money to drop onto the floor. The vulgar gaze emitted by Strong Rat really caused the girl who had not done ‘that’ before to be frightened.


Fatty Chen obviously did not notice the gaze sent by Strong Rat, and only lowered his head and took the money. He then cautiously presented the money in front of Strong Rat, and said,


“Brother Strong, the money is here…can I go home now?”


Strong Rat didn’t say anything, and took the money. After tearing away the newspaper covering the money, there was indeed a stack of money in it. And after counting the amount, there was about $10,000. Strong Rat knew that Fatty Chen wouldn’t dare to pull off anything funny now, for he knew that he will get harassed again if he did so.


“Okay, you can scram now…”


With the money in his hands, Strong Rat lightly waved his hands, and quickly ousted Fatty Chen away.


“I’m going now, I’m going now…”


Fatty Chen felt like a mountain was lifted up from his shoulders, and while complaining with his head lowered, prepared to bring the girl called Little Xue to leave.


“Hold on!”


However, just as Fatty Chen was about to walk away, Strong Rat shouted out loudly from behind.


“You can go, but as for her…she must stay.”


Almost immediately after Strong Rat said so, his two lackeys who were already burning with desire, blocked the girl’s escape route from the front and back.


“Brother Strong, don’t…don’t be like that…I’ve already given you the money…”


Fatty Chen’s face immediately paled, and he protested while stammering.


“You’ve given me the money, so I naturally won’t bother you. Quickly go…or I will really let you spill blood.”


Strong Rat was obviously not the type of person to listen to people’s plea of mercy. Thus, he once again pulled out his dagger, and while threatening the retreating Fatty Chen, walked towards the girl too.




Fatty Chen had already been scared out of his wits a long time ago, and looked at the girl with a conflicted expression. However, the moment Strong Rat took out the dagger again, Fatty Chen immediately thought of how he bled just now, and screamed in fright. After that, with a ‘whoosh’, he disappeared into the darkness of the alley which lead back home.




The girl’s face was also filled with fear, and unconsciously tried to run away. But, the two gangsters were not amateurs, and the moment her leg so much as twitched, they blocked the girl’s escape route.


“You-You guys don’t come here!”


The girl called Little Xue was terrified. She just arrived at this city, and was not familiar with it at all. Other than Fatty Chen and his family, she did not have any other relatives. Now, she had to face this sort of situation, and even Fatty Chen abandoned her. Even the most mentally strong of girls would not be able to endure it, and thus her eye sockets couldn’t help but be filled with tears.


“Hey babe, don’t be scared. I’m not a bad guy…”


Strong Rat played with the dagger on his hands, and with a despicable expression, slowly cornered the girl. The lackeys also had similar expressions, and one even arrogantly said,


“Boss, you can eat the meat. The two of us will be satisfied with just the soup.” (T/N:Saying for Strong Rat can go first, while the two of them will be fine with going after.)


They were small-time gangsters, and even though they did do ‘it’ before, it was with girls who had already done ‘that’ umpteen times with others. But the girl in front of them was, without talking about her overwhelming beauty, was also obviously a virgin. This really tickled their fancy.


“From the looks of it, I have no choice but to do it, don’t I?…”


Qin Fang was observing the situation all along, and the worst case scenario he had envisioned still happened in the end, as he expected. A young girl was about to be ravaged and trampled by three gangsters, and Qin Fang knew that he will never let such a situation go without him doing something. Thus, he stood up, and cautiously approached the three gangsters who due to having their eyes on the girl, did not notice Qin Fang’s presence…


Translator Note:

Little Xue is only the girl’s nickname. It’s an affectionate way to call someone much younger than you. They usually do that by putting calling them ‘Little’ + the last character of their name. Now you know. Anyways, her name is not revealed until Chapter 24. Haha… the changes I had to make…


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Kerrigan (PR)     


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    1. Waht

      The author dragged around such a simple scene for way, WAY too long. I agree.
      The last 4-3 chapters were practically overly verbose and abundant descriptions of how much Fatty is being beaten up, and how savage Rat is.

      1. Saquacon Post author

        I am aware of that too, and I’m sure it’s quite slow compared to works like EER where everything progresses so fast in a single chapter. However, I hope that you will be patient with the author (and me), and read on as it really gets interesting! Also, Qin Fang doesn’t really raise his skills yet as he still does not understand what it is, and how to use it. Remember, he still doesn’t comprehend the power he possesses yet! Soon, he does, and that’s when he starts really getting all sorts of skills and kicking ass (after he get his kicked to wake up, that is) Oops, was that a spoiler?

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