Omni Genius – Chapter 19: The Hero Saves The Damsel In Distress

“Babe, be obedient…I will tenderly take care of you~” (T/N: *puke*)


Strong Rat this time was really overtaken by lust, and didn’t even notice Qin Fang who was already rushing over. The two lackeys were no better, and their eyes were fixated on the girl.

On the other hand, just as when the girl was panicking and was showing a helpless demeanour; being able to only tightly hold her collars and the dressing of her shirt, she suddenly saw the figure of Qin Fang who was coming here at a high speed. Her eyes immediately showed signs of surprise, and just as she was about to call out to him, she noticed Qin Fang asking her to be quiet before barely holding back her voice.


The girl’s heart slightly calmed down. Facing three gangsters who were as carnivorous and merciless as wolves and tigers, crying was obviously useless. She obviously showed great intellect, as after seeing the brick in Qin Fang’s hand, she noticed his plan.




Strong Rat was coincidentally right in front of Qin Fang, with his back facing him. Such a good opportunity was presented to him, how could he miss it? The brick in Qin Fang’s hand immediately became a strong weapon, and he swung the brick down with great gusto towards the back of Strong Rat’s head.


Strong Rat was not a fighter with several years of experience for nothing. The wind brought about by Qin Fang’s dash coupled with the whooshing sounds made by the brick immediately alerted him, and Strong Rat instinctively wanted to turn his head around to check out what was going on.




But, it was too late.


The moment he turned his face, Strong Rat saw a block-like black object coming down from above. Then, he felt pangs of pain from his face, and a dizzy spell assaulted his brain. He instantly lost the ability to think, and even his howl of pain was delayed.


<Attack successful, Target is afflicted with [Dizzy] status-


Such a sentence emerged in Qin Fang’s head, but Qin Fang didn’t have the luxury to care about that. There were two lackeys beside him after all.




The two lackeys was startled when they heard Strong Rat’s groan, and even their vulgar smile froze. Before they could even react, one of the lackeys immediately felt that his head was hit by something, and instantly got dizzy along with losing his ability to think.


As for the other lackey, Qin Fang already could not make it in time to use the brick again to attack. He could only raise up his legs, and give him a strong kick.


The position of the gangster was just perfect. The kick Qin Fang gave him was taken without any preparations, and he was immediately sent flying to the walls of Tranquil Sea University that was beside them.


Even more unfortunate was due to the inclination of Qin Fang’s body, the kick was sent to the upper part of the gangster’s body. This immediately sent the gangster’s upper body flying first, which caused his head to collide with the  hard wall directly. Though it did not cause him to faint, he was already seeing stars, which caused him to stagger.


“Phew~ That was close!”


When Qin Fang finished the series of actions, he couldn’t help but to pant heavily. If he so much as made a small little mistake, then he wouldn’t be able to get off so easily. Luckily, his luck was good.


“Why aren’t you running away yet?”


As for the girl called Xiao Xue, she was stunned. She obviously did not think that Qin Fang would be able to immediately put down three gangsters so fast. But, this made the anxious Qin Fang annoyed, and he immediately called her to leave loudly with an impolite tone.


“Oh! Going, I’m going now…”


After getting shouted at by Qin Fang, she immediately regained her bearings, and immediately turned around to run away. However, just as she was about to leave, she suddenly reacted, and turned around once again to say her thanks to Qin Fang embarrassedly.


“Thank you…Ah! Watch out!…”


However, just as she turned around, she happened to notice that the formerly dizzy Strong Rat who was behind Qin Fang had already recovered, and was preparing to stab Qin Fang with the dagger now. She face immediately paled and she shouted, wanting to warn Qin Fang.


With the girl’s cry, Qin Fang immediately understood the situation, and his face slightly paled. Without the time to even look back, he could only move to the side by a step.




A clear sound of knife cutting clothes resounded. Qin Fang immediately felt pain at his waist, and unconsciously sucked in a breath, before turning around and kicking.


Though Qin Fang’s kick was done wantonly, a kick induced by pain was stronger than normal by a lot, and it also coincidentally landed on a vital spot on Strong Rat’s abdomen, directly kicking him away.




Strong Rat cried out in pain. He didn’t even bother with the dagger stabbed into Qin Fang’s body, and used both hands to cover his ‘little brother’ below. His rat-like face turned green, showing how vicious Qin Fang’s kick was. (T/N: Hell yeah! But, ouch…)


However, Qin Fang was not any better. The dagger was stabbed into his waist, and fresh blood was coming out like crazy as if it was free. In Qin Fang’s head, ‘<HP -1>’ notifications appeared incessantly, and he lost around 7-8 HP of his 10 in the blink of an eye.


Qin Fang who was losing blood profusely immediately felt heavy-headed, and was showing signs of fainting.


When he lost 5-6 HP last time, he was already put in an extremely dizzy state. But the situation now was even more severe, seeing how his HP almost became zero in an instant. If it were to become zero, Qin Fang had no doubt that it would mean his death right at that moment.


“Uuuuu…are you okay? Please don’t die!…”


The girl called Xiao Xue forgot about escaping at this moment. Blood was flowing like a river from Qin Fang’s waist, and his face was deathly pale. All this was caused by him trying to save her, so how could she just leave and turn a blind eye to everything?




Strong Rat looked as if he was heavily injured, but it was only pain. Compared to Qin Fang, it was infinitely better. The two dazed lackeys had already recovered by now, and after seeing Qin Fang who was bleeding profusely from his waist, they were at a loss about what to do.


They were only normal gangsters. If you called them to fight and extort money, they would still do it. But if you were to call them to kill, then even if you gave them 10 person’s worth of courage, they still wouldn’t dare.


Yet, in front of their eyes, there was the figure of Qin Fang with a dagger stabbed into his waist. It was obvious that Boss Strong Rat was the one to do it, so how could they not worry. In the end, if Qin Fang were to really die, then Strong Rat would be a murderer, and they would be the accomplice.


The worry Strong Rat showed was in fact not much lesser than the lackey’s. Seeing so much blood, he also panicked, and almost immediately ran away. But he couldn’t as his legs went soft due to the fear.




And at this moment, the three of them saw with open eyes Qin Fang who was bleeding non-stop pulling out the dagger by himself. Immediately, a splash of blood spurted out, and further made the three terrified.


However, when they noticed what Qin Fang did afterwards, they immediately felt that what was flowing on the ground was not blood, but tomato sauce.


The blood was still flowing, and Qin Fang’s face was still deathly pale. But, he actually took out a few dumplings from his body, and started eating them with big mouths……

Translator’s Notes:

Hey guys, sorry for not releasing anything yesterday. Was caught up by real life again… Anyways, Kerrigan and I are working hard for the mass release, so even though it won’t happen exactly on New Year’s, it will happen. Hey, it’s the thoughts that counts, right? Right?… Well, moving on, I will be talking about my release schedule here, since I am sure it is ambiguous to you all. Under the orders of Kobato-sama, I will be releasing 6 chapters per week from Tuesday to Sunday. However, this is subject to change if school reopens and turns out to be a bitch. No worries though, I will keep up this schedule until Chapter 65, where things start getting good.

Thank you for reading this long-ass author note, and I hope for you reader’s continued support. Thank Kerrigan too for awesome PRing!



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