Omni Genius – Chapter 2: Skill:[Noodle Making]

“Have you woken up?”

When Qin Fang woke up, a voice resounded near his ear. The voice was that of a woman, and it sounded very familiar, it sounded like……

“Tang Fei Fei?”

As he slowly adapted to the surrounding brightness, Qin Fang finally realised who was the owner of the voice. It was unexpectedly, the class president of his high school class. She was also the class famous madonna, with a very beautiful appearance. Truly a beauty who was like a princess.

Of course, after half a month, she will once again become Qin Fang’s school mate. If he manages to amass his school fees that is.

Qin Fang and Fei Fei’s relationship was quite good. As they had similarly good grades, during the last year of high school, they frequently discussed about difficult problems together. There were even people who teased them about being a couple. However, Qin Fang back then was solely focused on studying, and did not pay attention to anything else.

“You have finally awoken! Now I can finally rest easy!”

As Tang Fei Fei’s voice once again resounded, Qin Fang’s vision has also coincidentally, just fully recovered. Thus, he could see the scene of the charming and lovable Tang Fei Fei patting her moderately sized chest with her white and tender hands in relief. And though the degree of shaking was not large, it was enough to make waves in Qin Fang, causing even his breathing to become rougher. (TL note:In excitement if you don’t get it)

Qin Fang was surprised by his reaction and blushed, before turning his head away in a hurry. After looking at the place he was at now, he heaved a sigh of relief as he was in his rented apartment and not in a hospital.

Getting injured was one thing. But if he was to get hospitalised, his one month’s pay would not even be enough to pay for the deposit for his fees, and he obviously will be unwilling to let Tang Fei Fei pay his hospital fees for him.

However, he was obviously not worried about just the hospital fees. He quickly reached into his pockets and after squeezing it and finding out that the letter was still there, heaved a greater sigh of relief. At the same time, he got out of his bed, and surprisingly did not think about the beating he had suffered under the hands of the gangsters earlier.

As Tang Fei Fei saw Qin Fang getting up from his bed, she immediately said,

“You’ve just recovered from your sickness, you must rest more!”

“I’m fine…”

Qin Fang was slightly dazed. He should have been injured, but his body was perfectly fine and even after walking a few steps, there were no abnormalities in his body. After that, he suddenly thought of something and asked in a surprised manner, “Was it you who saved me?”


Tang Fei Fei shook her head, “It was Sister Xiao Ning who saved you when she saw you unconscious in an alley. Coincidentally, she has seen a photo of you at my house before and in recognising that you are my school mate, called me over the phone to come and take care of you…”


Though Qin Fang was flabbergasted by his luck, both the good and bad one, he still squeezed out words of thanks, and stretched his hands to touch his forehead. There were no trace of injuries…When he was knocked on the back of his head and was sent into a semi-conscious state, he vaguely felt that his forehead was in extreme pain and should have been injured. However, he could not feel any trace of an injury, and his forehead was still as smooth and unblemished as before.

“Did I remember wrongly? Probably so!”

Qin Fang could not be certain as at that time, he was already in a dazed state and was barely conscious. Thus, hallucinating due to getting knocked by the wooden stick was not strange at all.

He then stretched his hand again to touch the back of his head. No pain!

Qin Fang was even more baffled. His forehead being uninjured was still explainable, but he was absolutely sure that he was hit on the back of his head. If not, he would not have gone into a coma in the first place. But now, there was not even a tinge of pain on the back of his head!

*gu gu gu gu~*

Just as Qin Fang was shocked by the lack of pain, a series of strange sounds resounded. This was immediately noticed by Qin Fang, and when he traced the sound to its source, he discovered the figure of Tang Fei Fei with a bright red face. That pale, smooth face was as red as an overripe apple, giving people an irresistible urge to want to go up and take a bite.

“Qin Fang, it’s quite late already, I-I should go back too…”

Tang Fei Fei’s face was flushed red with embarrassment. She came to take care of Qin Fang early in the morning, and did not even have time to eat lunch. Now that it was already almost evening, she had not eaten for almost half a day and thus it was normal for her to be hungry. It’s just that in the end, she was still a young lady. Showing such an embarrassing sight like having one’s stomach rumble in front of a male still made her feel quite awkward.

“Tang Fei Fei, you’ve already taken care of me for the whole day, and I really don’t know how to express my gratitude. Why not have a meal here before you go?”

Though Qin Fang was not the type of guy who was able to skillfully coax girls, he was not the overly dense type either. He immediately understood what was the problem, and invited her for a meal while feeling slightly touched.

“A meal here?”

Tang Fei Fei hesitated when she received Qin Fang’s invitation. She then surveyed Qin Fang’s room. Though it was very clean, it was obviously much more simple compared to most rooms. Other than a small bed and a study desk, there was nothing else anymore.

Qin Fang was not embarrassed. He had already gotten used to this type of living conditions a long time ago, and was not depressed about it. He straightforwardly said,

“My room may be simple, but there is a public kitchen for use in the apartment. I think there should still be some vegetables left. I will make something for you!”

“You even know how to cook?”

Tang Fei Fei was surprised, but immediately smiled and said, ”Then I must personally taste it. Don’t make me disappointed!”

“En, my cooking skills are still considerably okay!”

Qin Fang nodded his head and immediately got up and left the room. He then started heading to the kitchen. Tang Fei Fei simply observed his actions, and ultimately decided to wait in the room for him.

The place Qin Fang rented was naturally the cheapest shantytown. In a prosperous city such as this, the region Qin Fang lived in was already considered a place for the poor. Here, the houses were either short single-story houses or old-fashioned apartments, and even the kitchen were shared.

When Qin Fang entered the kitchen, he saw Big Sis Pan, who was his next door neighbour, making a meal. When Big Sis Pan saw him coming, she behaved like a mouse who met a cat, and even her plump body trembled. Just as Qin Fang was walking towards the kitchen cabinet, her expression paled and gritting her teeth, said,

”Little Qin, let me tell you something!”

“What is it, Big Sis Pan?”

Regarding this thirty plus years old aunty, Qin Fang was not very familiar with her .However, she was famous for being overly familiar, and loved to take advantage of others. Thus, everybody avoided her like a plague, fearing the possibility of her taking advantage of them. It was said that her husband couldn’t take her behaviour and that’s why he divorced her.

However, she treated Qin Fang quite nicely. Whenever they met, she will greet Qin Fang with a smile, unlike other residents, who showed Qin Fang an icy cold face.

“This…….I forgot to shop for vegetables this morning, and used yours this afternoon…….”

Big Sis Pan said in a sorry tone. Her face also showed sorriness, and in her small eyes that were further squeezed until it almost could not be seen, a weird gleam could be seen.

Qin Fang was slightly shocked at first, but proceeded to laugh bitterly. He knew that she loved to take advantage of others. However, she has never taken advantage of him before. However, he never thought that she will lay her hands on him now of all times.

“If it’s used then so be it, it’s only a small matter!”

Since Qin Fang can’t say anything about her, he only made a forced smile, and prepared to turn around to go back.

“Ai, Little Qin……”

Just as Qin Fang was turning around, Big Sis Pan immediately called him, “There is definitely no vegetables, but since I’m making dumplings today, and there is some dough left, if you don’t despise the fact that the dumpling filling is instant made…….then take it for your usage!”

Perhaps she was really sorry, she who has always been stingy became generous, which was an once in a blue moon occurrence, and offered a ball of dough that was of substantial size to Qin Fang.

“Thank you very much!”

After hesitating for awhile, Qin Fang accepted the ball of dough in the end. It was too unrealistic to go and buy vegetables to make a meal now. With the ball of dough and dumpling fillings Big Sis Pan offered however, then making dumplings to eat will be easy.

Maybe she was truly, really sorry, she quickly ran away and only Qin Fang was left in the kitchen.

If you want to make dumplings, then you would naturally need to have dumpling skin. Most people in the city got ready-made ones, but Qin Fang was not a fan of those. He liked making his own ones better and after kneading the dough again and cutting the dough into many long strips with a knife, it was done.

He then picked up one such strip and wanting to further cut it into little dough balls, flipped it.


Skill learned:Noodle Making

Skill proficiency: Beginner

EXP: 0.1%


Just by flipping the dough strip, a sentence floated up in Qin Fang’s mind. Though there were no voice accompanying the sentence, it felt like someone was directly talking in his brain.

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Proofreader : Kerrigan

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