Omni Genius – Chapter 20: With Dumplings In My Hands, Who Can Match Me In A Fight!




Not only were the gangster trio rendered into an idiot-like state, even the girl called Little Xue exclaimed in shock. Never in their lives had they seen somebody who after getting stabbed and was losing blood, had the mood to eat dumplings.

However, Qin Fang was that anomaly, or should one say a demon. With such a heavy injury, if it was somebody else, even moving would be a laborious task, much less having such a good appetite like Qin Fang.


“I’m fine…”


As Qin Fang was munching on the dumplings, he didn’t forget to direct a slight smile towards Little Xue that was beside him. However, in his heart, he was actually cursing her.


“Damn you! To save you, I almost threw away my life. But yet, you are still staying here like an idiot! Isn’t all my blood lost in vain now!?”


Of course, Qin Fang only thought so in his heart, and couldn’t possibly say such things in her face.


Even though there were complaints in his heart, and his blood was still oozing out from his wound, after the 7-8 dumplings entered his stomach, his HP shot up rapidly. The rise was obviously faster than the blood loss rate, and his life was temporarily saved now.


Not only that, as the number of dumplings decreased, the amount of blood lost also decreased, and his condition was even starting to stabilise. At the same time, Qin Fang’s complexion got became more red, and was not the frightening pale just now.


Little Xue did not really believe in Qin Fang’s words. But yet, Qin Fang’s complexion was gradually getting better, and the wound on his waist was also slowly closing. She could only look on at this bizarre situation with a blank gaze, and her mind went blank and nobody knew what she was thinking about.


“Boss, we…”


The two lackeys had goosebumps after seeing Qin Fang’s change, and could barely stay in their positions. If not for the fact that Strong Rat was still standing there, the two of them would have already run away a long time ago.


Just a while ago, when Strong Rat’s former lackeys ran away, he berated them in his heart that they were spineless garbage. Who would have thought that not long after, his two new lackeys would also become spineless garbage.


But, he looked at Qin Fang who was formerly on the verge of death. Instead of calling an ambulance when he was dying, Qin Fang actually started to eat dumplings, which was already creepy enough. But on top of that, him eating dumplings actually allowed him to stop losing blood, and his complexion even got better. Now, Qin Fang did not look like a person that was dying no matter how you looked at him.




Strong Rat was also flabbergasted. The situation in front of him was completely out of his realm of comprehension. He had already wanted to escape when he stabbed Qin Fang and saw him losing large amounts of blood.


He was planning on leaving the city, which was definitely better than getting charged for murder. But, in the blink of an eye, Qin Fang recovered, and he did not need to run anymore. Yet, the situation was too sinister, thus he still decided that leaving was better.


“Hey, Brother Strong. We haven’t settled our business yet, and yet you want to go?”


However, just as he was about to turn around to leave, a piece of rock was thrown at his head, causing Strong Rat to turn around due to the sharp pain. What he saw when he turned back was the figure of Qin Fang already standing up and doing a warm up, as if preparing to fight with them again.


“Kid, you must have seen what happened just now. The disturbance was caused by Fatty Chen asking us to do so. We only took his money and did our money’s worth. So, the both of us have no grudges towards each other, right?”


Actually, Strong Rat was terrified while looking at Qin Fang. Who had ever seen a person who could still stand up and exercise after getting stabbed? Only those who were fearless could be unperturbed after witnessing such a bizarre scene, and Strong Rat was definitely not fearless.


“No grudges? So you know we had no grudges…”


Yet, Qin Fang only replied with a cold smile, and cornered Strong Rat and his cronies step by step. Qin Fang’s gaze was also extremely fierce. This Strong Rat was really forgetful. Just now, he had already been beaten up for trying to harass a lady, but now, as if forgetting that happened, wanted to trample on another lady again.




The two lackeys also had goosebumps. However, Qin Fang was in the end, still one person. The reason they suffered such a loss just now was because they were not prepared for Qin Fang’s ambush. Now that it was 3 vs 1, and they were even in plain sight of each other, it was obvious who had the advantage. If the three of them could not even beat Qin Fang with such an overwhelming advantage now, then they can just quit being gangsters already.


“His injuries…”


Strong Rat was also hesitating. Getting stabbed in the waist was by no means a small injury. If Qin Fang was to lose lots of blood again, then he would really die.




But, Qin Fang didn’t even give them the choice of running away. A stone the size of a quail egg suddenly flew out from Qin Fang’s hand, and directly hit Strong Rat’s forehead. Instantly, blood started flowing…


<[Sneak Attack] skill activated, target is afflicted with [Dizzy] status>


[Sneak Attack] successfully activating surprised him, and the fact that the low probability [Dizzy] status debuff being applied surprised him further. This immediately made Qin Fang happy, and he took advantage of the fact that Strong Rat was unable to conduct his lackeys due to being in a [Dizzy] state to give Strong Rat’s chest a hard kick.




A deep and low sound resounded, and Strong Rat’s thin body actually flew because of Qin Fang’s kick. His whole body took the shape of ‘<’ and flew backward. Then, his body collided with the pole of the streetlights with great force, and showed no signs of moving.


“Boss!…Damn you! Die!”


The two lackeys were hesitating and couldn’t decide whether to fight or take flight. But now that Strong Rat was wasted by Qin Fang in an instant, they didn’t dare to hesitate anymore and immediately swung their fists at Qin Fang.


Qin Fang naturally didn’t want to show any weakness, and also swung his fists at the two, showing no fear of being outnumbered at all.


*smack!* *smack!* *smack!*

Qin Fang and the two gangsters threw their fists that were lacking in technique at each other. With the mentality of ‘if you hit me once, I will hit you twice’, they continued fighting. The girl called Little Xue was worrying about Qin Fang at the side, but she couldn’t think of any ways to help him.


Fighting was, to the two gangsters, as natural as eating. But to Qin Fang who had just graduated from high school, fighting was almost completely foreign to him.


Fists and kicks continued to rain down on Qin Fang. If it were some other ordinary person in Qin Fang’s place, they would have collapsed a long time ago. But Qin Fang was completely fine, and took the gangsters’ hit head-on, while taking advantage of openings to counter them too.


Even after getting smashed by a hard folding chair, Qin Fang only lost 4 HP. Compared to that, the gangster’s fist was nothing.


After getting hit by so long, Qin Fang had only lost 1 HP. On the contrary, Qin Fang’s retaliation was extremely strong, and almost all his retaliations caused the gangsters to reel back.


Time slowly passed, and the two gangsters were a little tired from all the fighting. Their opponent, Qin Fang, was also showing dulled movements, and they were certain of their victory.


But, just as they thought that they were going to win, Qin Fang suddenly rushed into one of the gangsters using his body, and used the momentum to break out of the encirclement. He then quickly took out dumplings from his pockets, and starting eating them.


The two gangsters were instantly slack-jawed. Who eats dumplings when they were fighting?


But, in the time where the two gangsters were stunned, Qin Fang had already eaten three dumplings. His formerly weary expression immediately vanished, and Qin Fang was once again invigorated. His punches also became sharper.


“Hehe…With dumplings in my hands, who can match me in a fight!”

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    I can’t help but think of that old time cartoon character that got super strong when he ate spinach. Only know this cause the commercials left an impression on me as a kid.

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    If dumplings are already more efficient than ramen that opens up the possibility of better options. Such as if he got one hp off of a small candy like a tik-tak.

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