Omni Genius – Chapter 21: If You Can’t Call Him Up, Then Beat Him Up (Pun intended)

With the assistance of the dumplings, Qin Fang’s HP was constantly maintained in a safe margin. Furthermore, every single dumpling had a ‘Physical Ability +7%’ property, which allowed Qin Fang to quickly recover the energy lost from fighting.

As Qin Fang’s HP went up and down, though the two gangsters were the aggressors all the time, the problem was that after hitting Qin Fang for such a long time, they had become exhausted. On the other hand, Qin Fang was still up and jumping about after eating the dumplings.




In the end, the two gangsters were utterly exhausted, being barely able to breathe now and yet Qin Fang was still full of energy. The two gangsters knew that they would not be a match for Qin Fang after seeing the disparity in their conditions. Thus, while wrapping their heads with their hands to protect themselves, they called for a time out.




Qin Fang couldn’t help but laugh coldly.


“What were you guys doing, only asking me to stop now? Weren’t you guys having fun beating me up just now?”


While Qin Fang was mocking them, the strength he used to beat them didn’t decrease at all. All of his hits greeted the gangsters’ body, and his kicks made them cry out in pain.


*smack* *smack* *smack*


The battle flow immediately changed. Just now, it was them surrounding and beating Qin Fang. But now, it was Qin Fang chasing and beating them.


If this was an ordinary situation, even if the two gangsters couldn’t defeat Qin Fang, they would still be able to escape. Escaping was the ultimate skill of gangsters after all. But the problem was that just now all they cared about was beating Qin Fang up, which used all their energy. Now, even if they wanted to run, they just didn’t have the energy to do so anymore. The only option left to them now was using the most basic tactic of splitting up and escaping.


On the other hand, Qin Fang’s physical condition was quite good. Though the plan thought up by the gangsters were quite good, they really did not have the energy to do anything anymore. Qin Fang first went to chase one of them, and while giving him a good beating, started leading the gangster back to the original battle zone like a shepherd rounding sheep.


He even gave Little Xue who was completely slack-jawed a wooden rod, and tasked her with keeping watch on the dead-beat gangster. He also clearly told her that if the gangster dared to move, she must give him a good whack.


At the start, the gangster wanted to bully Little Xue as he thought that she was a weak young lady, and didn’t dare to beat people. However, he didn’t think that Little Xue, perhaps frightened by the fact that she almost got XXXXed, didn’t hold back on her blows at all. The moment the gangster showed signs of movements, he immediately started getting whacked on the head, causing him enough pain to want to cry out for his father and call for his mom. After that whack, the gangster didn’t dare to do anything anymore, and focused on protecting his body.


As for Qin Fang, he naturally used the same tactic he used just now, and chased after the last gangster. The gangster thought he would be able to escape safely, but didn’t expect to be blocked by Qin Fang before he could even reach the street exit. Of course, he wasn’t spared from a violent beat down, and the second sheep was led back by the shepherd.


When Qin Fang came back, he saw the scene of Little Xue beating the gangster. As if she was beating the gangster with her eyes closed, she beat the gangster to the point of being half-dead.


“Okay, that’s enough! You are going to beat him to death!”


Qin Fang quickly went up to stop Little Xue. If she continued her whackings, then the gangster would really die. Qin Fang and Little Xue would be in hot soup if that happened.


“Die? Ah!”


The girl called Little Xue didn’t react at first, but when she heard the word ‘die’ from Qin Fang, she was immediately frightened. With a yelp, she threw away the rod in her hands, as if it was a murder weapon.


“It’s fine, it’s fine…”


Seeing that the girl was considerable frightened, Qin Fang quickly grabbed the slightly agitated girl and gently consoled her.


Perhaps Qin Fang’s words really had a soothing effect, as the girl actually really calmed down because of Qin Fang’s consoling. Now, she was squatting on the floor and while hugging her knees, cried. It showed how frightened she was.


However, Qin Fang didn’t say anymore words of consolation. What she needed most now was quietness and time for herself.


“Go over…”


Qin Fang kicked down the gangster who was relatively better off.


“…and get him up!”


Qin Fang commanded while glancing at Strong Rat.


After hearing Qin Fang’s command, to save himself from getting another beating, the gangster didn’t dare to do anything funny. Immediately, he ran to Strong Rat’s side, and while lightly patting his face, called out ‘Boss, Boss!’, trying to wake Strong Rat up.


However, Strong Rat remained motionless. This frightened the gangster. If not for the fact that Strong Rat’s chest was still moving up and down, the gangster would have thought that Strong Rat really kicked the bucket.




Qin Fang retrieved the rod Little Xue used, and seeing that the gangster couldn’t wake Strong Rat up, gave the gangster a good whack. At the same time, he didn’t forget to mercilessly threaten the gangster.


“Did you not eat?! If you can’t call him up, then beat him up! Do it mercilessly… I will give you two minutes. If you can’t beat him awake, then I will beat you into dreamland instead…”


Qin Fang’s methods were really ruthless. This was because he hated the gangsters, especially Strong Rat to the extremes. Not only did they make trouble at his stall, they even dared to harass Tang Fei Fei.


After chasing them away after much difficulty, they came back again to extort money from Fatty Chen. Though that was welcomed by Qin Fang, he didn’t think that they were so incorrigible to the point that they wanted to XXXX another young girl after failing to do so with Tang Fei Fei. Qin Fang really couldn’t tolerate their behaviour anymore.


*smack* *smack*


“Boss, Boss! Quickly wake up!”


*smack* *smack*


“Boss, Boss! Quickly wake up!”



Thus, such a repetitive scene unfolded in front of Qin Fang. The gangster first used slightly more strength to pat Strong Rat’s face. But Strong Rat was unperturbed, and remained motionless on the floor.


This obviously made Qin Fang unsatisfied, and he glared at the gangster. Qin Fang’s glare made the gangster feel like his soul was going to leave his body from fright, and this caused his next hit to become heavier. After every failed attempt, his hits continued becoming stronger, and now, it was him practically using all his strength to beat Strong Rat’s face. At the same time, he incessantly called out to Strong Rat.


Strong Rat’s skinny rat-like face became as swollen as a pig’s in no time at all. Leaving aside the fact that his two cheeks were bright red and swollen, they were even starting to bleed.


One must admit however that Qin Fang’s method of waking an unconscious person up was really effective. After going through such repetitive beatings, perhaps due to his face hurting too much, Strong Rat really awoke.


But, the moment he opened his eyes, he saw a strong slap coming his way. He unconsciously tried to dodge, but his swollen cheeks didn’t help his cause. With a slight tilt of his head, one of his swollen cheeks touched a small rock on the floor, and immediately gave Strong Rat torturous pain.


“Don’t…Don’t hit…Don’t hit anymore!”


Strong Rat struggled to squeeze out such words from his throat. His face was in pain and his mouth was swollen, thus he could only make guttural sounds from his throat.


On top of that, the plea was extremely soft. During such a hard beating that made loud *smack* sounds, the plea became almost unnoticeable. Additionally, the gangster paid attention to Qin Fang the entire time, thus failing to notice that his boss had already awoken.



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