Omni Genius – Chapter 22: Evil Is Defeated By Evil

In such a quiet night, the *smack* sounds that came from the slaps were very loud and clear. A pity that there was nobody around to witness the scene.


The formerly crying girl had already stopped crying, and turned her face to look at Qin Fang’s direction. Her tear-stained but beautiful face that was like raindrops on a pear blossom caused pain in Qin Fang’s heart.

Qin Fang knew that the girl was very beautiful, but did not expect her pitiful expression would raise the attack power of her beauty by several times. She was so beautiful that she almost KO’ed Qin Fang who was still a virgin with a single look.


Anyways, though the gangster didn’t see it, Qin Fang did notice that Strong Rat had awoken already.


However, he pretended that he didn’t know anything, and continued watching the gangster slap the face of Strong Rat that looked more like a pig head than ever before. Only when blood started coming out did he say something.


“Okay, you can stop now.”


When the gangster heard those words, he felt as if he was hearing a voice from heaven. Without even caring about the poisonous gaze Strong Rat was directing at him, the gangster went to a side to start catching his breath. He was already exhausted after the fight with Qin Fang, and to avoid getting hit, he practically used all his strength to beat Strong Rat up. Now, he really had no strength to even move.


“Brother Strong, I can’t believe we are meeting again so soon…”


Qin Fang said as he lightly brushed the dagger that was stained with blood across Strong Rat’s throat. The icy cold feeling of the dagger against his skin caused his body to tremble, and he didn’t even dare to so much as twitch. He was probably worried that if he did, the dagger would open up a new breathing hole in his throat.


The tone Qin Fang used with Strong Rat was extremely calm, making the conversation seem as if it was between two old friends catching up, and not between a victor and his prisoner that was under his mercy.


“Bro-Brother…no, Big Brother! Please be magnanimous and let me off like letting out gas!”


Strong Rat was really able to stand tall against the weak and bow down and submit against the strong. The situation in front of him was already very clear. He and his two lackeys combined together couldn’t do anything to Qin Fang, and even resulted in one being beaten to the verge of death, and another being tired to the point of being unable to move. The last one was him, who was already on the verge of wetting his pants.


“Let you off?”


Qin Fang couldn’t help but laugh coldly. These small-time gangsters were all like that. When they had the advantage, they would act arrogantly and domineering, and couldn’t wait to make life a living hell for others. But when they were at a disadvantage, they would be more cowardly than cowards, and couldn’t wait to lick your feet.


Pointing at the wound on his waist, the blood had already stopped, but the scar was still there. It was approximately the length of half a finger, and it was very clear.


“If I let you off just like that, then what did I get stabbed for?”


Talking about getting stabbed by a knife just now, Qin Fang was actually really scared. He was scared that he would really die just like that. Unexpectedly, though there was pain, the knife didn’t hit his vitals. Blood loss was severe, but it was not to the point where it would cause him to die. All these factors allowed him to keep his life despite getting stabbed.


But precisely because of the near-death experience, Qin Fang felt like he had just walked past death’s door. His back was ice cold from the fear too. That’s exactly why he wouldn’t let Strong Rat off so easily.


“I will pay, I will pay your medical fees, okay?”


Strong Rat looked at the wound, and also had goosebumps.


He fought frequently, and had also seen people getting stabbed before. Injuries that were as severe as Qin Fang’s now had been seen once or twice by him before. But which of the stabbed didn’t start crying and shouting about going to the hospital after getting stabbed? Only Qin Fang was able to somehow stop the blood loss, but the wound…


Qin Fang had the initiative now. Strong Rat understood, that if he didn’t lose something here, he wouldn’t be able to leave. Luckily, he had extorted $10k plus from Fatty Chen, and thus he took the stack of money out from his pocket again.


“Boss, this money is meant as a present for you…”


Strong Rat at this time could be considered to have taken a stance already. Escaping was impossible, and he didn’t have the energy to fight. Thus, he could only use money to avert this trial. His face was trying its best to make a pitiable and scared expression, hoping that it would allow Qin Fang to stop pursuing this matter.


According to his calculations, Qin Fang was but a street stall owner. Even if his business was good, it would not be able to generate $10k plus profit in one month. He threw this money at Qin Fang, hoping it would make Qin Fang dizzy with excitement and let him go.


“Since it’s Brother Strong’s gift, then I wouldn’t be courteous…”


Qin Fang’s eyes flashed abnormally, then his face had a dazzling smile plastered onto it. When he took the $10k plus from Strong Rat’s hands, he also thanked Strong Rat.




However, Qin Fang’s display was seen differently in the girl called Little Xue’s eyes. The girl opened her mouth as if wanting to say something, but just as she was about to say it, she swallowed it back again.


The money was her uncle’s and was even delivered personally by her. But yet, the gangsters were giving the money to Qin Fang like presenting the Buddha with borrowed flowers. She couldn’t help but be unable to accept such a situation. (T/N: ‘presenting the Buddha with borrowed flowers’ – figurative to say to win favor or influence using somebody else’s property)


However, when she recalled Fatty Chen’s heartlessness, and the fact that Qin Fang had saved her, protected her purity and even get stabbed for her, the girl’s heart immediately stopped her desire to speak. She even thought that the money should be Qin Fang’s in the first place.


“Take it and quickly go back.”


However, just as when the girl was still thinking about why Qin Fang deserved the money, Qin Fang had already thrown the stack of money to Little Xue. Furthermore, he said one simple sentence while doing so, and was trying to chase her away.


“Are you giving it to me?”


The girl instantly blanked out, and was befuddled by Qin Fang’s strange and unexpected actions.


But Qin Fang didn’t even want to dilly-dally with her, and had already turned his head to face Strong Rat.


“I have properly received your present. Now we should talk about how much medical fees you should pay me…”




Strong Rat was just in the midst of praising himself for making such a good decision. He didn’t expect that Qin Fang would give such a backhand blow when he hadn’t even celebrated for a minute yet. If he could really vomit blood now, then he would definitely vomit it all over Qin Fang’s face.


“Bo-Boss… this is not how you play with people!”


Strong Rat’s swollen face was all squeezed together, and looked even more vulgar. At the same time, he even tried to up his pitiful expression and pleaded while looking at Qin Fang.


“Play? I have never played with people before…You said it yourself, the money just now was a present for me. I gave you face, and I accepted it. But I can’t get stabbed for nothing, right? Medical fees must be paid… If you don’t pay, however, I don’t mind injuring you too. Then we would be equal.”


Qin Fang had a very gentle smile on his face, and while slowly saying such words, he also used the blood-stained dagger to lift up Strong Rat’s shirt. Qin Fang slid the dagger along Strong Rat’s waist, and he also checked Strong Rat’s waist with his own from time to time. He also softly muttered words along the lines of ‘I think it was here…”.


“Don’t, don’t! I will pay, I will pay okay?!”


The dagger was as cold as usual, and the yet to be dry blood on it stained Strong Rat’s waist. The fresh blood trail gave Strong Rat an extremely strong visual shock, and washed away his unwillingness to pay the medical fees completely. While trying to dodge wholeheartedly, Strong Rat also agreed to pay.


“Evil is defeated by evil…Ah! He wasn’t a bad guy, right?”


Not far away, the girl who was still shocked from receiving the money saw with her own eyes what happened. She couldn’t help but think of the phrase ‘Evil is defeated by Evil’, but immediately thought that the phrase was not really appropriate. She was instantly sorry, and her pretty face was immediately flushed red, further accentuating her beauty.

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