Omni Genius – Chapter 25: Bringing A Beauty Home To Stay The Night

“I think that…this matter…is best if you discuss about it with Boss Chen first…” (T/N: Referring to Fatty Chen)

Towards Xiao Muxue’s request, even if he was tempted, after thinking for awhile, Qin Fang still felt that it was not really suitable. In the end, he could only think of this roundabout way to reject her again.

“I’m not going back.”

However Xiao Muxue’s stand was still fairly firm, and she refused without hesitation.

Towards her rejection, Qin Fang could only be speechless. Fatty Chen was indeed shameless just now. Not only did he push his own niece into a fire pit, he even ran away when she was in danger. If Fatty Chen was standing in front of Qin Fang now, he would have probably swung a brick at him already.

However, after thinking a bit more, Xiao Muxue had Fatty Chen’s $10k plus on her now. Even in a big city like Tranquil Sea City, if the money was spent thriftily, she could still survive for a year. This fact made Qin Fang considerably less worried for Xiao Mu Xue.

“If you don’t want to go back then don’t go back then. Stay at my place first tonight. Tomorrow, whether you rent a house or live in a hotel is up to you.”

After thinking things through, Qin Fang waved his hands and stopped caring. Xiao Muxue and him were neither family nor relatives. He saved her today only because the measly amount of sense of justice he had in him acted up. He did not expect that doing so would bring a small trouble onto him.


Xiao Muxue obediently nodded her head. Due to her head being lowered, and the sky being slightly dark, Qin Fang did not notice that there was a tinge of red on Xiao Muxue’s face.

With little effort, they had already arrived at the yard of the apartment where Qin Fang lived. Just as they entered the apartment, they saw the figure of Big Sis Pan who was sleepy-eyed and wearing pajamas. She probably just went to the toilet, and they had coincidentally met.

Big Sis Pan at first didn’t care, and was preparing to go back to her room to sleep. However, just as when she took a step, she suddenly stopped. Qin Fang was actually observing Big Sis Pan’s reaction all along. The moment he saw her stopping, Qin Fang immediately said ‘Shit!’ in his heart.

“Little Qin…”

As expected, Big Sis Pan turned her face over.

“Big Sis Pan, you haven’t slept yet?”

Qin Fang bitterly smiled, but still greeted Big Sis Pan.

After looking at Qin Fang who was being a little awkward, and then looking at Xiao Muxue who had her head down beside Qin Fang, Big Sis Pan opened her mouth.

“I’m going to sleep immediately. The lady is…?”

Obviously, Qin Fang’s ‘acting like nothing is wrong’ technique failed in front of the experienced Big Sis Pan. Big Sis Pan immediately took the initiative to inquire about the girl Qin Fang brought along. Big Sis Pan was a woman herself, and though Xiao Muxue had her head lowered, looking at her shy demeanour, Big Sis Pan immediately felt that something was fishy.

During this past half a month, she ate free meals at Qin Fang’s noodle stall every day. Thus, Big Sis Pan’s relationship with Tang Fei Fei was extremely good. If not for her being older than Tang Feifei by more than a decade, they would have become sworn siblings already.

As for Qin Fang’s and Tang Feifei’s relationship, it was a little unclear. She was an outsider and did not want to meddle, but Qin Fang was now bringing a pretty girl home in the middle of the night. This showed that they were obviously going to stay the night together… and this was not a small matter.

“She is…”

Qin Fang smiled bitterly. Just as he was about to explain Xiao Muxue’s identity and circumstances, Xiao Muxue who did not talk much all along unexpectedly opened her mouth first.

“Big Sis, my name is Xiao Muxue. I’m Qin Fang’s…friend.”

Perhaps due to her not deciding what her relationship with Qin Fang was yet, Xiao Muxue hesitated for awhile, before using the word ‘friend’.

Of course, this was what Qin Fang thought by himself. As for whether Xiao Muxue really thought like that, or whether Big Sis Pan would believe, that was hard to say.

“Oh, girlfriend right? Little Qin, you’ve hidden her quite well!”

Hearing what Xiao Muxue said, Bis Sis Pan made a face as if she suddenly understood something, and didn’t become angry or anything. Instead, she happily teased Qin Fang.


Qin Fang was really panicking now. If Big Sis Pan misunderstood now, even jumping into Yellow River can’t get him clean. Thus, he quickly tried to deny Big Sis Pan’s claim. (T/N: even jumping into the Yellow River can’t get you clean; figurative to say to become inexorably mixed up)

“Okay, okay! Don’t explain already! I, your Big Sis, understand! It’s already quite late, and I’m also tired. I’m going to sleep now~…”

Who was Big Sis Pan? She was vicious in word exchanges, and the moment she saw that Qin Fang was trying to deny her claim, she immediately waved her hands and made the false relationship true. Then, she turned around and went back to sleep.

“I’m finished…”

Seeing Big Sis Pan’s figure disappear behind the door, Qin Fang smiled bitterly for the umpteenth time today.

Those who lived nearby all knew Big Sis Pan’s personality. Other than loving to take small advantage of others, she was also known as a loose-mouthed person. Qin Fang bringing back a young lady to stay overnight would probably be known by everyone nearby tomorrow.

“I’m sorry…”

Xiao Muxue was obviously a smart girl, and seeing Qin Fang’s expression, she knew that she had brought him trouble. Her already lowered head lowered even more, and her shoulders slightly trembled, as if she was going to cry already.

Qin Fang sighed.

“ “Don’t cry, don’t cry!…This is not your fault, it’s mine.”

When had Qin Fang ever faced a situation where a girl was going to cry? He who already had very little interactions with females had even less experience with girls crying. The moment he saw that Xiao Muxue was going to cry, he immediately panicked.

“I’m sorry…”

Seeing Qin Fang’s nervous figure, Xiao Mu Xue held back the tears in her eyes, faced Qin Fang who was really starting to have a nervous breakdown, and apologised once again.

“Forget it. Let’s go in quickly. If I get seen by another person again, I—”

Qin Fang felt some helplessness. As he talked, he also quickly took out his keys and started opening the door. But before he could finish his words, another person started talking again.

“Hey, Little Qin! Why are you coming back so late?”

Obviously, the voice was not Xiao Mu Xue’s, but Qin Fang’s neighbour’s.

“Yeah, Uncle Wang. I had something to do tonight that’s why I came back late.”

“Hoho! You little rascal…En! Not bad.”

Uncle Wang only slightly glanced at Xiao Mu Xue, and didn’t inquire about the details like Big Sis Pan. He only gave Qin Fang an ‘if you know what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)’ face, and went to do his own things afterward, leaving Qin Fang who had a face as bitter as bitter gourds behind.

“I’m sorry…”

Qin Fang really didn’t think that today all the situations he feared would all came true. On the other hand, Xiao Muxue apologised once again.

“Haaaa, let’s go in…”

Qin Fang could only sigh. Since the room’s door was already open, he led Xiao Mu Xue into the room. As for what sorts of rumor will spread, that was not what Qin Fang could control.

Qin Fang’s room was really very small. Except for a bed, and a small table at a corner, there was only a small area for people to stand.

“The place is a little bit small, hope you don’t mind. You sleep on the bed, while I get a mattress…”

Qin Fang was considered quite generous. Since he had already brought the person back, he would never mistreat the girl. Thus, he pulled out a mattress and laid it on the floor, while taking his blanket from his bed too. He then found a new set of bed sheet and changed his bed. Though it was quite simple, but luckily, it was summer now so one wouldn’t have to worry about catching a cold.

This arrangement was already the best Qin Fang could think of. He couldn’t possibly… arrange for the two of them to sleep in the same bed, right?


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