Omni Genius – Chapter 26: Protrusions, Underwear


Regarding Qin Fang’s arrangement, Xiao Muxue naturally nodded her head and assented. Even though she was still nervous as this was her first time living together with a boy in the same room.

Qin Fang laid out the mattress, and while laying out his blanket, heard Xiao Muxue say something.

“I want to shower…”

“The bathroom is outside on your left. It’s very easy to find…”

Qin Fang was busy, and did not think much about her request. He simply gave her directions to find the bathroom. After all, it was not weird for her to make such a request as during this type of hot weather. If you don’t bathe everyday, there was no way you could sleep. However, he quickly found out that Xiao Muxue didn’t move, and so Qin Fang unconsciously lifted his head.

Xiao Muxue’s face was red, and made her look very cute. With just a glance, it made Qin Fang slightly dazed. Luckily, Qin Fang reacted quite quickly and immediately asked what was wrong awkwardly.

“What is it?”

“I…didn’t bring clothes.”

Xiao Muxue pinched the small and thin blouse she was wearing, and her face was bright red. She replied to Qin Fang’s question in embarrassment, and her voice was so small that it could practically only be heard clearly by her.


Fortunately, the house was really too small, and with only two of them inside, though Xiao Muxue’s voice was small, Qin Fang could still hear it. But, he was shocked when he heard what she said.

Xiao Muxue’s dress up was the same as before. With a small floral-patterned blouse, a pair of long jeans, and a pair of very normal slippers.

The blouse she wore was now a little dirty, and her jeans even changed colour due to the fight just now. All of them needed washing, but Xiao Mu Xue only came to Qin Fang’s house because she had no choice, and did not plan beforehand at all. Naturally, she did not bring a single piece of clothing with her too.


Qin Fang was instantly stumped. He was a male, so how do you expect him to find female clothes for Xiao Muxue?

“Why not go find Big Sis Pan?”

Such an idea floated up in Qin Fang’s brain, but he immediately rejected it. Big Sis Pan’s body was really big. If her clothes were worn on Xiao Muxue’s slender body, then it would be more exaggerating than wearing clothes for pregnant women.

“I really don’t have girl’s clothes. Why not do this? I have a T-shirt that should be able to cover the important parts when you wear it…”

As Qin Fang was talking, he easily found a white T-shirt from his wardrobe. This was given during some event when he was attending his high school. A pity that it was too big, so he had never worn it before. However, now it had some use.

“Okay, thank you…”

Xiao Muxue hesitated for awhile, but after comparing her current blouse to the T-shirt, the T-shirt was definitely more comfortable. Thus, she could only nod her head. Tonight she could be considered to have been sheltered by Qin Fang. If she became picky, then that would really be acting really out of line and shameless. Furthermore, she was not that sort of person too.

Just like that, the red-faced Xiao Muxue walked into the bathroom with Qin Fang as her escort. She then had a comfortable hot shower, while Qin Fang continued to tidy up his mattress and made the place clean. After all, with a girl staying here, he couldn’t be too untidy.

Now long after, while Qin Fang was still busy, the door to the house was pushed opened. Qin Fang didn’t even turn his head back and said

“Have you finished? Then it’s time for me to go…”

But just as when he was about to turn around and go to take a shower, he coincidentally came face to face with Xiao Muxue.

With shoulder-length raven-black hair which still had some water droplets on it and pretty face which became even prettier after a shower. Coupled with the fact that the big T-shirt covered only her upper body, and exposed a pair of white slender legs, Qin Fang couldn’t help but feel something hot rising from his body.

As if that wasn’t enough, because Xiao Muxue had just finished taking a shower, there were some water droplets that had not been wiped off yet, which caused the big T-shirt to become damp. This caused the T-shirt to stick to her body, further emphasising some very important parts of her body…

Especially a pair of protrusions, which had another protrusion on each of it, that showed a slightly different colour…

The feeling that was rising up in Qin Fang, especially after seeing the two protrusions, almost could not be contained. He even felt that his nose was getting moist, and was very likely to have a nosebleed at any moment. At the same time, his lower body couldn’t help but react, and swelled up.

“I will go and shower…”

Qin Fang was but a virgin, so how could he take this type of temptation? He quickly called out to Xiao Muxue, and lifted up the small basket containing shampoo, soap, and other things used for showering. He then rushed out of the house with abnormal speed. However, when he was escaping, the figure of him holding onto a certain vital body part was really unbecoming…


With such a display, even Xiao Muxue could not help but laugh. Instantly, it was like a beautiful flower had just bloomed.

“Ah! My clothes…”

However, Xiao Muxue obviously got happy too quickly. Only when Qin Fang left the house did Xiao Mu Xue realise. She had placed her underwear in the small basket, and was planning to wash it. She did not think that before she could even take it out, Qin Fang would take the small basket out, along with her underwear.

Xiao Mu Xue was now very embarrassed. A girl’s underwear was her most private belonging. Other than one’s own husband or boyfriend who are allowed to see, other people…

“Should I go take it back?”

Xiao Muxue unconsciously wanted to do so. But if she really did so, then the two of them would really get even more awkward. By her estimation, the awkwardness level would be so high to the point where she would not be able to sleep in peace here anymore.

“Let’s hope he doesn’t see it…”

Though she gave up the notion of retrieving her underwear, she still could not help but have such a hope.

“Phew~ Finally escaped! You really are too easy, aren’t you?”

Qin Fang heavily slammed the bathroom’s door, and slumped against it. He then breathed heavily, and even berated a certain part of his body

“This is…”

As he looked at the basket, Qin Fang naturally noticed the foreign object pressed under the shampoo and soap. The basket of things belonged to him, and he knew that the foreign object was not one of his belongings. Driven by curiosity, he stretched a finger and lifted the object up, and immediately blushed.

If he did not see, he would not have known. But once he saw it, he realised that the white object on his fingers was Tang Muxue’s —— bra. As for the other object that was below the bra that had the same white colour, Qin Fang knew what it was without needing to think. His face got even redder when he realised that.

“This Xiao Mu Xue is really…her changed clothes…”

Qin Fang couldn’t help but complain. But after thinking for awhile, he quickly realised that it was because of him snatching away the basket without giving Xiao Mu Xue time to remove her articles that this situation arose.

“I hope she doesn’t misunderstand…”

Qin Fang gave a helpless, umpteenth bitter smile. If he really got misunderstood as a pervert because of this, it would really not be worth it.


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    1. Saquacon

      Err, what childish anime humor exactly? Please tell me. If it is the image, I’ve already decided to put it as links instead as after viewing it on the site myself, I did find it breaking immersion. Sorry if you had read the post with the image in it. All future images and stuff will be properly put into links to avoid disrupting reading flow.

      1. Cupcake ninja

        he means the awkward reactions here. But it’s understandable, really, these reactions. A naive virgin alone witha cute girl, in this situation, its not unbelievable. The actions are not too unrealistic, its just that the inner thoughts of the MC make it seem even more awkward and cringy than it actually is. Again, all this is understanbable though.

        As for the girl staying over, that’s a bit unrealistic but that, too, i can understand. She was betrayed by her own uncle, and she doesnt want go back home to the person who almost caused her to be raped. And she wont feel safe alone in a hotel room. So she wants to go with the man who saved her, as she knows he’s a good person and feels secure with hom due to his heroic actions.

        I think that some people who complain about these developements just never delve deeper into the reasoning behind the characters’ thoughts or actions.

        1. Waht

          It doesn’t matter if something makes sense or not. The author can 100% plan something from start to finish, and make sure it makes 100% logical sense.

          That does not mean it is fun to read.
          Say, if it makes perfect, 100% logical and statistical sense, that someone would be mugged, run over, raped, whatnot — if it just happened, like all accidents do, randomally, would you still enjoy it, as it completely interrupts the story? Hey, it makes sense that it happened! MC-kun was on his bike, played with his phone, and bam! Truck-san appeared. It makes sense, but that does not necessarily mean the audience will appreciate it.
          And yes, I am aware I gave you like 5 examples after you already, probably, got it after the first one. derp :v You just gotta make that distinction, mate. “Logic” =/= “Fun”

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