Omni Genius – Chapter 27: Boy And Girl Alone

Looking at the underwear inside the small basket, Qin Fang can imagine that Xiao Muxue now was naturally wearing nothing underneath. As a virgin male in the spring of his youth, Qin Fang couldn’t repress the evil thoughts rising up in his heart.

Icy cold water showered upon Qin Fang’s body. He was seemingly trying to use the icy water to put out the desires in his heart, even if the effects were almost negligible. The moment Qin Fang thought about Xiao Mu Xue’s slender body, and the two peaks he saw, he felt like evil thoughts would grow on their own, and he couldn’t shoo them away.

In his brain, it was like two small persons were fighting. One was called Justice, the other Evil.

Evil was constantly inciting Qin Fang to push Xiao Mu Xue down, while Justice was constantly reminding Qin Fang that he must never take advantage of other people’s weakness.

With the two fighting, it made Qin Fang even more indecisive.

As time passed by slowly by the seconds, reasoning still won over desires in the end. Qin Fang knew that even if he had the urge, he didn’t have the courage nor was he willing to do it. If he did, wasn’t he no different than despicable gangsters like Strong Rat?

When Qin Fang returned, half an hour had already passed. To suppress the desire in his heart, the gentlemanly him doused himself with cold water for a full half an hour.

Xiao Muxue was already covered in the thin blanket, which also covered her slender body. Thus, Qin Fang couldn’t see anything, and Qin Fang’s big T-shirt was nowhere to be seen either. Obviously, Xiao Muxue was still wearing it. Furthermore, her back was facing Qin Fang, and she was seemingly asleep and was unaware that Qin Fang had returned.

“This is also good…”

Qin Fang secretly steeled his will. He cautiously tidied up his things, turned off the lights, and laid down on his tidied up mattress.

In the night sky outside, the stars were sparkling, and the bright moon had already passed the middle of the sky a long time ago. However, the location where it was now had just the right angle for it to shine into Qin Fang’s house through a small window. This allowed Qin Fang to admire the view of the moon.

On the bed beside him lies a young, beautiful girl. This was an experience that Qin Fang never had before in his eighteen years of life. Furthermore, his feelings now were very complicated, and looking at the night sky outside the window, he felt extremely melancholic.

Obviously, he couldn’t sleep.

What happened today was too sudden, and too out of the ordinary. Even if Qin Fang had already mentally prepared himself already, he still could not accept it in such a short time. He could only slowly organise his thoughts bit by bit. (T/N: Referring to getting stabbed and stabbing people. Unless that’s not strange for you and you are a yandere who randomly stabs people…)

Another thing was Xiao Muxue’s appearance, which also caused Qin Fang to be at a loss on what to do. His interactions with girls could be counted on one hand. He only had a slightly better relationship with Tang Feifei, whom he opened a noodle stall with. But compared to Tang Feifei who was an active and cute girl, Xiao Muxue was a gentle and quiet girl instead. Both of them were girls with completely different personalities, and they both left a deep impression in Qin Fang’s mind.

This night, was destined to be sleepless.

Other than Qin Fang, there was the girl whose body was facing the wall, Xiao Muxue. How could she sleep too?

She was only a very ordinary girl, and was staying in her relative’s house till now. She didn’t think that everything would change tonight. The only relative she could rely on in this city was her uncle, and he abandoned her while fully knowing she was going to get attacked by the three gangsters. He even didn’t send help or come back to save her to the very end.

From that moment on, Xiao Muxue had decided to leave the relative’s house that would bring her sorrow, and towards the uncle she was already not close to in the first place, she didn’t think about him anymore.

Begging Qin Fang to bring her home to stay was really a very big risk. But she did it while fully knowing the risks. After all, Qin Fang knew that he might not be a match for three gangsters, but he still voluntarily came to save her. This already showed Qin Fang’s character already.

She was an ordinary girl, and had also dreamed before. She dreamed that one day, a prince riding on a white horse would ride on the rainbows to save her, should she be in trouble. (T/N: Dafuq? Rainbows?)

Though the way Qin Fang saved her was far from her dreams, the figure of him holding a brick and fearlessly coming to save her still left a very deep impression in Xiao Muxue. She believed that she would not forget that figure in her whole life.

“Qin Fang, are you sleeping?”

After a very long time, Xiao Muxue still could not sleep. When she slightly turned her body, she could see Qin Fang tossing and turning with the help of the moonlight. Seeing that, she couldn’t resist the urge, and asked Qin Fang if he was awake.

“Not yet…”

Qin Fang stayed silent for awhile, before replying in the end.

“Me too…Can we talk?”

Xiao Mu Xue asked carefully.

“Sure. What do you want to talk about?”

“Of course, about you! I see that you are quite capable. You can defeat three people alone, and you even know how to make noodles…”

Xiao Mu Xue said jovially.

“I was also a victim of circumstances. My family was too poor. I didn’t want my mother to toil so hard, and so I came to Tranquil Sea City to work. Who would’ve known that…”

Qin Fang proceeded to summarise what happened between Li Feng and him.

“Luckily, there was always hope in life. I have a specialty, and though running a stall is quite tiring, I’m passing my days quite substantially.”

“How envious.”

Xiao Muxue smiled. Though the house was quite dark, Qin Fang could still imagine the expression Xiao Muxue was making now.

“Oh, right! Your injuries…”

Only now did Xiao Muxue remember that Qin Fang had gotten stabbed in the waist just now. Yet, he didn’t go to the hospital for treatment. That was very dangerous, as if the treatment was not prompt, there would be repercussions later.

“No problems. My body is different from others. As long as you don’t stab me to death immediately, regardless of how heavy the injury is, it will slowly recover. Don’t worry!”

Qin Fang smiled and said. Though the wound was still there, but the pain was long gone. The blood flow had also stopped completely too. Now, the wound was slowly closing, and perhaps when he wakes up tomorrow there would be no trace of a wound at all.

“I’m sorry, it was because of me that you got dragged into the mess.”

Xiao Muxue’s voice was very low, and she was in a gloomy mood too. Qin Fang guessed that she must have thought of Fatty Chen – who had left her in the lurch – again.

“Don’t overthink things. Who has never met difficulties and injuries before? It will all get better with time…”

“Thank you.”

“What is there to thank me for? Let’s talk about you. You don’t seem like you are a native of Tranquil Sea City…”

Qin Fang said cheerfully.

“You are so perceptive! I’m from Xu Zhou, and just like you, I’m going to Tranquil Sea University this year. In my hometown, there is only my grandmother and grandfather. To ensure that I can study in a conducive environment, they moved into an old folk’s home of their own accord. Thus, I had no choice but to come to Tranquil Sea City first. I had planned to work in my uncle’s stall, but…”

Xiao Muxue introduced her background in a succinct manner. Her financial situation was about the same as Qin Fang, but at least Qin Fang had his mum, while Xiao Mu Xue’s parents perished in a car accident. If not for the insurance payout that was quite substantial, Xiao Mu Xue would have already dropped out of school, and married someone already.

“Don’t think too much. The worst will come to an end someday…”

Qin Fang said in a faint manner. Xiao Muxue was gentle and quiet and did not like to talk too, but she had a sanguine personality. At least, while Qin Fang was still hung up over the fact that he had never met his father even once before, Xiao Muxue had already gotten over the pain of losing both parents at once. Now, she was fully devoted to living her life to the fullest.

“What I requested of you just now, do you agree?”

Xiao Muxue went silent for awhile, and then asked Qin Fang with a small voice.

“What request?”

Qin Fang was slightly taken aback, and couldn’t recall what she was talking about.

“About me going to your stall to work! Just give me lodging and food, I don’t need to get paid…”

Xiao Muxue hurriedly said, showing how concerned she was with this matter.

“This…it’s really inconvenient. Your uncle’s stall is right beside mine.”

Qin Fang said with a bitter face. Unfortunately, due to the light being too dim, Xiao Muxue obviously could not see his face.

“There is no need to care about that. I already have no relationship with him anymore…”

Though Xiao Muxue was gentle and quiet in bearing, she had a resolute personality too. She declared her ties with her uncle to be broken with finality. What Fatty Chen had done had already thoroughly hurt her, and thus she had no need to be courteous with him too.

“Fine…we can try.”

Qin Fang thought for a moment, and still agreed in the end. He did need more help, and in the first place he and Fatty Chen were already enemies like fire and water. Since Fatty Chen had already tried to sabotage him, then Qin Fang naturally won’t show mercy.

Since they were destined to fight, why not attack more viciously?

By putting Xiao Muxue at his stall to work, even if she didn’t help, just the fact that she was there was enough to drive Fatty Chen to the grave from embarrassment and shame. Furthermore, Xiao Muxue was so pretty, and should be able to improve business somewhat by being the second poster girl.

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