Omni Genius – Chapter 28: Caught Cheating By Tang Feifei?!

As the two talked, it slowly got later, and they also became sleepy. Without knowing who slept first, both of them fell to sleep.

*knock* *knock* *knock* *knock* (T/N: Do you want to build a snowman? Sorry, I can’t control myself…)

When morning came, just as Qin Fang was in a half conscious state, a series of knocks on the door could be heard. The knocking sound was very, very light, and since Qin Fang was not fully awake, he thought that it was somebody else’s door that was knocked.


Then, he vaguely felt something pass by his eyes. His eyes were still half-closed, and after slightly looking at the shadow, saw what it was. But, his brain was still down, so he proceeded to sleep again.




But, before Qin Fang fell back asleep, his eyes became wide-opened. He immediately recalled that in this house, other than him, there was still Xiao Muxue. Furthermore, the knocking also seemed to be coming from his own door.


The door opened. (T/N: RIP Qin Fang)


“Qin Fang, it’s so late already, why have you not gotten out of —”


Tang Feifei was puzzled about why Qin Fang who had always woken up earlier had not woke up.  Thus, she immediately went to Qin Fang’s house to ask him the reason. But when the door was opened, a young girl who was wearing a big white T-shirt, whose nipples could be slightly seen under it, appeared in front of her. That made her words stop immediately, as she froze.


“Did you come to find Qin Fang? He’s not up yet…”


Xiao Muxue looked at the girl in front of her who was as pretty as a fairy with surprise. Her age was not much different from her own, but her attire was obviously better. Seeing that she was calling Qin Fang’s name, she immediately said with a slight smile.


“Who are you? Why are you in Qin Fang’s house?”


Unlike Xiao Mu fe who was smiling, Tang Fei Fei’s face immediately darkened. Her tone also underwent a major change. Though a shadow flashed past her heart, she still forced herself to be calm and asked.


A young and pretty girl, wearing only a male’s big T-shirt. At the same time, Tang Feifei could easily see that the girl was not wearing anything underneath, and from the looks of things, was staying the night at Qin Fang’s. All these showed that something was definitely fishy.




Just as she was about to say something, Xiao Muxue heard noise from behind. Knowing that Qin Fang had already awoken, she stopped her words.


“That…I’m awake now.”


How could Qin Fang dare to sleep now? The moment he realised that Xiao Muxue was going to open the door, he knew that shit was about to hit the fan. Thus, he immediately got up, and while showing his face from behind Xiao Muxue, said awkwardly.


Seeing that Qin Fang was awake, Xiao Muxue smiled at Tang Feifei, and then entered the house. She looked like she was going to tidy up her bed.


“Qin Fang, you…shameless!”


Seeing such a display that looked like Xiao Muxue indeed stayed at Qin Fang, Tang Feifei’s heart became even more uncomfortable. She glared at Qin Fang, and really wanted to give Qin Fang a tight slap. When she scolded Qin Fang, she couldn’t even say vulgarities because of her proper upbringing.


“It’s not like that, Tang…”


Seeing Tang Feifei’s expression, Qin Fang knew immediately that she had misunderstood him. Seeing that Tang Feifei was turning around to leave, Qin Fang unconsciously stretched out his hands to try and pull her back so that she could hear his explanation.




Tang Feifei whose heart was burning with rage now didn’t even think much and slapped Qin Fang when she saw Qin Fang reaching his hands towards her. The slap sound was crisp, and Qin Fang’s face instantly had a handprint on it. The area even started swelling.




The slap was purely unintentional, and seeing Qin Fang’s face swell, Tang Feifei became worried. Just as she was about to explain, her gaze coincidentally slid past Qin Fang and landed on Xiao Muxue. Xiao Muxue now was just bending down to do something, and from where Tang Feifei was, she could see past the collar of the T-shirt and see something white and round.




With just that look, what little of Tang Feifei’s worry vanished completely, and she glared at Qin Fang again. After that, she turned her head away and walked outside.


Qin Fang only felt that his face was burning because of the slap. Tang Feifei’s slap was quite ruthless. It was not something that a person who didn’t like to exercise much like Qin Fang could bear without flinching.


“Tang Fei Fei, wait!”


However, seeing that Tang Fei Fei was walking away while fuming with anger, and had already exited the yard, Qin Fang panicked. This misunderstanding cannot come to be, and he immediately hurried after Tang Fei Fei.


Luckily, Qin Fang had taken note that there was a girl in his house while sleeping, and though it will be hotter, still wore T-shirt and pants. If not, if he had worn less, then it would be impossible to explain. Even chasing after Tang Fei Fei will be delayed as he had to put on clothes.


“That jerk, jerk, jerk!”


Tang Fei Fei was fuming, and while walking quickly, she was also angrily muttering the best curse words she could at Qin Fang. She didn’t know why, but she felt that her heart was sour, and even her eye sockets got moist.


“Tang Feifei, wait for me!”


Though Qin Fang was wearing slippers, his running speed was at least faster than Tang Feifei’s. Not long after, Qin Fang caught up. Without turning back her head, Tang Fei Fei could hear Qin Fang’s slippers making ‘ta ta ta’ sounds, and Qin Fang obviously did not forget to call out to Tang Fei Fei.


At almost the same time that Qin Fang finished calling Tang Feifei, Tang Feifei could feel a big hand pulling her arms. When the arm passed through her armpits, it accidentally rubbed against an ample body part, and her face immediately went red with embarrassment.


“Let go.”


But when she thought about what (she thought) Qin Fang did, Tang Fei Fei’s face got red with anger instead. She swung her arms, trying to shake Qin Fang’s hands off.


“I’m not letting go, listen to my explanation first!”


Qin Fang didn’t dare to back off now. Though his methods were quite shameless, dragging a girl back and all, but that was his only option.


“I saw with my own eyes already, what is there to explain? Who would have thought? Our handsome Qin Fang is quite the romantic, huh? Directly bringing a pretty girl home to stay the night.”


Tang Feifei’s heart was sour, and her mouth was also like a cannon, exploding with sharp words.


Qin Fang did not think such a display from Tang Feifei strange. Tang Feifei had always been the cute and active type, and if you went further, you could say that she was a little aggressively assertive, like the way she was acting now.


“Things are not what you think it is…”


Qin Fang pulled Tang Fei Fei’s arm and refused to let go, while Tang Fei Fei continued to struggle. While doing so, Tang Fei Fei couldn’t help but accidentally let Qin Fang’s hand lightly brush against her bulges. Qin Fang himself may not have noticed, but as the person who was brushed against, Tang Fei Fei couldn’t ignore the weird feeling that came from the light brushings. Thus, her face became thoroughly red.


However, Tang Fei Fei’s change was not seen as an important matter in Qin Fang’s eyes. He only thought that Tang Fei Fei’s red was becoming redder due to anger, and he became even more panicked. Regardless, he himself didn’t know why, but he had a feeling, a weird feeling that if he let go now, something would be lost……

Translator’s Notes:
Anyways, as you guys saw, Omni Genius finally did the mass release for New Years today! Yay! Happy New Year~

Now, Omni Genius will resume its normal schedule, that is posting a chapter from Tuesday to Sunday. If there are changes, I will write them here. Anyways, Tang Feifei being jealous is so cute!

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  1. Cupcake ninja

    First off, thanks for the chapter mate!

    Hm, i get that she probably likes him. But that slap was uncalled for bruh. I mean she has no relationship other than a work partner with him. She shoulda stayed calm. Well, not calm, but at least not slap the poor guy! But i dont know….seemed like that other girl just deliberately riled things up, she didnt try to explain at all. It looks like she may have gotten attached to him? Not entirely without reason, since he saved her. I mean going through something like that with someone is proven to do much to create a bond between them and you. That’s why even in action movies and such people tend to develope romantic feelings for each other.

    But even so, this girl just being so ambiguous, not seeming shy at all, looks bad. No wonder Feifei misunderstood so much, the girl added fuel to the fire. Hm, thought that thing at the end, i still think it was a bit much. That whole inadverdently brushing up against her no-no’s part.

    1. Xiaxinia

      i don’t think xue did it intentionally, i just think its her personality. she just opened the door, and before she got a chance to say anything, qin feng jumped it. she did nothing wrong, except answering the door in that outfit.

    2. Waht

      Cupcake, I admire your attempts to rationalize the depth of this story, and I salute you. But seriously, you can do better with what you put your mind to rationalize. The level of this story is so low it’s near the toilet’s level. The author is basically a horndog who wanted to write an OP-MC story, and had a bunch of girls set up in specific scenarios in which they’ll immediately fall in love with his MC. This entire scene can be summed up as “I just wanted drama, and a lot of boob narrative”.

      If your way to enjoy any form of story by taking it seriously, regardless of how it’s written, have at it. But without knowing any better, this is almost tragic to see.

  2. Ero

    Thx for the chapter and damn her whole reaction was so bad at least let that guy explain but he doesn’t even have too you may like him and work with him but you can’t control him so what if he brought a girl home that’s none of her business.(tho our MC would never do that) and that slap was uncalled for.I kind wanted the MC to get upset and put her in her place sometimes you gotta get mad when you recieve injustice.

  3. Waht

    A misunderstanding scene.
    H’yup. I’m not even proud to have predicted it. At this point, I just wonder how far the rabbit hole of ecchi cliches will go. He even constantly “rubbed her bulges and gazed upon her protrusions” throughout this chapter. The ecchi is getting very powerful in this one, and the cringe is real.

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