Omni Genius – Chapter 29: ‘Girlfriend’

“I’ve already seen…”


Tang Feifei still wanted to retort, but after seeing Qin Fang looking at her sincerely, she hesitated to complete her sentence. Thinking back to the few years she had known Qin Fang, she also felt that Qin Fang was not the type to do this type of things. If he was, then the first person he would lay his hands on would not be the girl she had not seen before, but Tang Feifei herself.

“Fine, explain. I hope you don’t make me too disappointed…”


After contemplating, Tang Feifei decided to give Qin Fang a chance to explain himself.


“Come, sit here first. This matter is quite complicated, let me slowly tell you about it…”


Seeing that Tang Feifei was finally moved by his actions, Qin Fang leaked out a small smile. He then pulled Tang Feifei’s hands, and brought her to a bench by the road that was not far away. He attentively used his arms to wipe the bench that was quite dirty, and even specially used his shorts to make it extra clean. He did all that as he was worried that the dust will make Tang Fei Fei’s white short skirt dirty.


Tang Fei Fei quietly watched Qin Fang working hard on cleaning the bench, and felt that he was quite silly. However…


“His silliness is quite cute.” She muttered.


“Why are you cleaning it so hard? If you have something to say, then say it. If not, then I will go already…”


However, the moment she remembered that girl whose appearance was not inferior to hers living in Qin Fang’s house without wearing anything underneath, Tang Fei Fei’s heart started burning with anger a little. Thus, Qin Fang’s cute gestures were immediately covered by the anger she felt.


“Okay, I will talk, I will talk.”


At this time, Qin Fang had already almost finished wiping the bench. He immediately set Tang Feifei on the bench, and then started talking about what happened last night.


“To talk about this matter, you have to start from the beginning. It was after I closed stall and went home… blah blah blah… and like that, Xiao Muxue came back with me. However, as you can see, my house is so small, so …blah blah blah…”


Qin Fang told Tang Feifei about everything that happened last night. As for secrets like eating dumplings to recover HP, he naturally glossed over it, and said that even though he was stabbed, it was not very serious, and only bled a little.


“Things are like that for the most part. Nothing happened between Xiao Muxue and I, really!”


“Nothing happened, really?”


“Nothing happened, really. You see! I have been injured already and the wound is still here…”


Qin Fang laughed bitterly, and after hesitating for a while, he lifted up a corner of his T-shirt. Among the skin exposed after lifting his shirt, was the wound which was already forming a scab.


“Okay, I will believe in you!”


After listening to Qin Fang’s narrative, Tang Feifei had felt that what he said should be true. She then looked at the wound on Qin Fang’s waist. Though it had already formed a scab, it was a long wound, and evidently quite a recent one. Thus, Tang Feifei completely believed Qin Fang’s story now.


“I didn’t expect that Xiao Muxue is also quite pitiful…”


Women were mysterious creatures. She was obviously hateful just now, and hated Xiao Muxue so much her heart might have even been scolding Xiao Muxue as a thieving vixen. But in the time taken to roll one’s eyes, Tang Fei Fei now thought that Xiao Muxue was pitiful. Now, she hated, she hated the fact that she couldn’t hug her and care for her like a baby right now.


“I was thinking last night that I should discuss this with you today. Xiao Muxue living at my home is definitely not suitable after all…”


Qin Fang unexpectedly wasn’t as dense as a black hole, and said such a sentence at an appropriate time. His words instantly made Tang Fei Fei feel important and any dissatisfactions she had completely vanished.


“Definitely not suitable. Fatty Chen is so bad, so we must never let her go back, but living in your house is not suitable. Why not this? I will go talk to Big Sis Pan and let Xiao Muxue live with Big Sis Pan. Or we could find another place for her to stay if that doesn’t work. As for the matter regarding Xiao Muxue working for us…since our stall was lacking manpower in the first place, why not let her help? We can even take the chance to shame Fatty Chen! Hehe, am I not evil?”


Forgiving Xiao Muxue’s sudden appearance, and even understanding her tragic life, all this was because Tang Feifei overflowed with compassion. And her compassion solved all of Qin Fang’s problems in a go. She was especially cute at the end when talking about Fatty Chen. As if noticing that words like that shouldn’t come out of a prim and proper girl, she gave a very cute smile to Qin Fang, like those manga characters doing a ‘tee hee!’.


“Not evil, not evil, you are not evil at all! You are a very good person!”


Qin Fang nodded his head like a chick eating grains, and gave his 100% consent to Tang Feifei’s proposed arrangement.


“Now that we have finished talking, I can go back now, right? I haven’t even wash my face and brush my teeth yet…”


Tang Fei Fei was finally coaxed, and only now did Qin Fang say with a bitter face.


“Hmmm? If you didn’t say, I wouldn’t have noticed! Who is this dirty person in front of me?!


Tang Feifei went along with Qin Fang’s pace and joked about him. After that, she didn’t say anything anymore and went back with Qin Fang.


Perhaps due to the misunderstanding Tang Feifei had, without anyone knowing, the relationship between the two of them seemed to have gotten closer after the misunderstanding was resolved. They were no longer reserved and whatever misgivings towards each other they had was gone. Instead, they got even familiar with each other. So much so that the fact that Tang Feifei’s hand was held by Qin Fang all along was not noticed.


On the way back to the house, Qin Fang and Tang Feifei were talking and laughing merrily. When they returned, they coincidentally saw Xiao Muxue washing clothes. Probably due to the misunderstanding just now, Xiao Muxue didn’t care about the hot weather and actually went to wear Qin Fang’s uniform which he had not worn for a long time. Now that she was wearing Qin Fang’s uniform, at least she wouldn’t be considered to be walking around almost naked. Even if such a get up still made Qin Fang quite awkward.


When she almost finished washing the clothes in the bucket, Qin Fang and Tang Feifei came back. Looking at the two’s actions and mood, and realising that they were looking at her, Xiao Muxue’s face turned slightly red, showing that she was quite embarrassed.


The clothes in the bucket were all Xiao Muxue’s, but there was one particular article that Qin Fang found quite familiar. It looked like…his underwear?! Qin Fang’s face immediately changed. Now not only did he feel awkward and was bitterly smiling, he was also speechless.


“I was washing my clothes, and just happened to see your pile of clothes. Since they were all dirty, I helped you to wash them…”


Noticing the change in Qin Fang’s eyes, Xiao Muxue said shyly. In the end, she had lived for a night at Qin Fang’s and Qin Fang had even saved her before. Though marrying him for this was not really possible, but helping Qin Fang wash some clothing was definitely possible.


“Sis Muxue, I’m called Tang Feifei. I’m Qin Fang’s… girlfriend. Thanks for washing Qin Fang’s clothes. He’s always like that, waiting for the clothes to pile up to become a small mountain before washing them.”


Actually, Tang Feifei’s face did indeed slightly change when she saw Xiao Mu Xue washing Qin Fang’s clothes. However, when she saw Xiao Muxue’s expression, Tang Fei Fei an idea suddenly popped up in her head. She was originally already holding Qin Fang’s hands, so she directly hugged Qin Fang’s arm and said those words to Xiao Muxue. At the same time, her eyes were constantly observing Xiao Muxue.


“Qin Fang helped me so much, so washing some of his clothing is nothing at all.”


Xiao Mu Xue showed a very calm reaction, as if she was totally unperturbed, which indicated that Qin Fang and her were complete strangers.


However, when Tang Fei Fei said that Qin Fang was her boyfriend, Tang Fei Fei picked up the faint detail of Xiao Mu Xue freezing for a very short while. Even if she recovered very quickly, Tang Fei Fei was sure that the reaction she saw was not her seeing things.


And precisely because of that little freeze, Tang Fei Fei’s attitude towards Xiao Mu Xue changed from pure sympathy to have a little caution in it too. However, it was a friendly attitude overall.


Only Qin Fang was still standing at the side slack-jawed while the two pretty girls secretly exchanged blows. At the same time, he was thinking, ‘When did Tang Feifei become my girlfriend?…”


“But, if so…En, quite good!”


One has to say that Qin Fang was hoping that it was really true.

Translator’s Notes:

Here’s a new chapter~ Anyways, many comments says that Tang Feifei overreacted, and Xiao Muxue planned this by not explaining. However, remember that Xiao Muxue didn’t know that Tang Feifei was on close terms with Qin Fang! I mean not every pretty girl that turns up in front of a guy’s doorstep is his future girlfriend, right… Also, as the previous chapter said, the slap was unintentional. Kinda like in dramas when the girl just slaps the guy when the guy tried to explain himself, due to anger. She was jealous, okay?! So, please forgive them… T.T

Staff List:

Saquacon (Translator)

Kerrigan (PR)     


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16 Replies to “Omni Genius – Chapter 29: ‘Girlfriend’”

  1. Xiaxinia

    she’s lucky she’s a girl and can easily get away with the slap! if i got slapped like that, i would be pissed to say the least, especially when i didn’t do anything wrong. then again, im not so forgiving towards girls like some guys who bend over backwards for them.

    1. Waht

      You’re clearly not an anime protagonist, then!
      It’s almost surprising that this is a Chinese MC, and not a Japanese one. I almost expected of him to “*return upon her a smack that would shake both heaven and earth, with incomparably incomparable strength that would make Mount Tai split in half, and make Nuwa herself shake with fear as if listening to an excruciating chorus of one million incomparable weeping demons.*”

      But, that just might be the Xianxia speaking. :v

      1. Xiaxinia

        hell no im not an anime protagonist. ugh, i would kill myself if i was that dense and cowardly, but then again i would probably be too dumb to notice it. can’t stand that they let girls stomp all over them and dont do anything about it. xianxia mc’s for the win lol. they aint afraid to kill a woman haha

  2. Cupcake ninja

    well i understood the slapping part, honestly. I thought it was a bit much, but sas you say, it happens. People get emotional, especially when the person they like is living with some person you never seen with them before. You’re bound to misunderstand. Girl especially are emotional creatures, so, well, i wont blame her. I still feel she could have been calmer a bit, but that’s neither here nor there.

    Even so, that other woman–i cant remember names so soon, im sorry–not explaining anything at all, or seeming embarrassed about being seen half-naked in front of another woman whom she knows is looking for the guy who saved her….well, you have to admit she’s partly to blame. And maybe there was a reason for her being like that, i dont know, maybe it’s explained later. If not then i would just assume she likes him–again, due to him having saved her and whatnot–and so she just ended up, well…im not sure how to say it…maybe staking her claim, or something along those lines? When seeing a pretty woman show up in front of the house of the person you like, you get a bit worked up. . Doesnt mean she’s a bad person at all, though, dont get me wrong, its understandable if that’s the case…

    …crap, im ranting again. I always do this….and im not even gonna get any nuffies for this….Oh well. Thanks for the chapter, really liking this series so far.

    1. Saquacon Post author

      No idea what are nuffies, but I appreciate you reading and caring enough about this series to give such detailed comments. I translate because there are people who like the series after all. No worries, I rant a lot too *wink* Please continue supporting! Readers reading and enjoying the work motivates me!

    2. Xiaxinia

      the girl didn’t explain because qin feng jumped in before she could. it clearly said that she was going to say something, but stopped because qin feng started trying to explain. as for the whole half naked thing, can easily be explained as being half asleep. she clearly was up all night talking to him, then went to bed. got up out of bed to answer the door half asleep. not weird at all.

    3. Waht

      I’m still amaze you put so much into this story, Cupcake. o7
      Also, you backpedal way too much in yer comments, peep. “I think X, but it’s okay if it’s not, I understand if it isn’t, but I think X, which is okay if not, really, but X”.
      Sometimes, getting used to the internet can do a lot of things to a person.

  3. rosyprimrose

    I still think she took advantage. She knows she was half-dressed and yet she still answers his door without knowing who it is. She should have woken him up and let him answer the door. How much of a ditz can she be?

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