Omni Genius – Chapter 3: Tremendous EXP Increase

“What is going on?”

Shocked, Qin Fang looked around. The kitchen was empty, and was devoid of people except for himself. This made Qin Fang even more suspicious, but after thinking for awhile, thought that he was just overanxious. ”Did I hear wrongly? I must have! I bet my brain hasn’t fully recovered from the hit yet.”

As he thought so, he didn’t take the matter to heart, and continued to make the dumpling skin. But the moment he lowered his head, he really jumped in fright.

The dough strip on his hand was made wrongly. It should be called noodle strand now.


Because there was a notice floating lightly on the noodle strip, which said [Disastrously Made Noodle].

Qin Fang who had just gotten fired from a workshop obviously had a deep understanding of the situation inside games, and the notice written on the noodle strand on his hand was just like the name of a game item. It was even one with suffixes.

If seeing the name let Qin Feng’s eyes pop out and rendered him speechless, then when Qin Feng noticed the item description below the item name, he felt like crying and even spitting out blood.

<[Disastrously Made Noodles]—The maker of this is really too lazy, this type of noodle is really just a weapon used to murder someone>

He can swear to god that what he was trying to make was dumpling skin, and definitely not noodles. But only god will know why there was a notice appearing on the ‘noodles’, which content was akin to asking ‘what the hell are these noodles’, and even criticised it as a disaster.

However, even if Qin Fang did not want to accept it, he had to admit that the evaluation was appropriate. The dough lump was meant for making dumpling skin, and though he had already cut it into many smaller pieces, but if it were to be used as noodles, then it would indeed be disastrous.

Without even talking about whether this [Disastrously Made Noodle] could be well-cooked or not, assuming that it could, whoever eats it would definitely choke to death! It was really too rough and tough, making it impossible to swallow…

Thus, the explanation saying that the [Disastrously Made Noodle] was a murder weapon was perfectly apt.

At this time, Qin Fang really felt that he was seeing ghosts during the day. He really didn’t know what was going on, as these series of events were really too strange.

”Could my world have changed into a game world?”

He had never read novels about supernatural powers before because he really did not want to waste time on such things. Only by working overtime as much as possible was it possible for him to amass enough money for his school fees. However, his workshop colleagues spent most of their free time reading novels online and occasionally told him about it. Thus, he at least knew that novels of various genres existed, including those about supernatural powers. (T/N No idea how MC survived without novels until now)

However, after observing the objects surrounding him, he found out that they still remained normal. Even when he took up the knife beside him, there was no explanation of the knife at all. The same goes for the other things, except for the [Disastrously Made Noodle] on his hand.

“Oh yeah, the [Noodle Making] skill……”

Qin Fang suddenly remembered that the voice said something about a [Noodle Making] skill, which also had EXP written under it. As a former game worker, Qin Fang was obviously not unfamiliar with such terms.

And as he thought about that in his heart, he felt a status page pop up in his brain, or more specifically, a skill page, as on it, the words,

Skill: Noodle Making

Proficiency: Beginner

EXP: 0.1%


were clearly shown.

“Could it be that just like in games, I can use the skills I have learnt?”

Perhaps that since today has been an extremely strange day, even after experiencing a great shock such as this, Qin Fang just started accepting this as reality after only a short period of uncomfortableness. Even if this fact was extremely unbelievable, like a pie in the Arabian night sky.

After contemplating for awhile, Qin Fang could not resist the urge and started flipping the [Disastrously Made Noodles] in his hand. Unfortunately, the dough seemingly had already taken shape, and there was no reaction at all. The experience points did not increase.

Qin Fang hesitated for a while, and took another long strip of dough and started flipping it in his hand.

[Beginner Noodle Making skill: EXP. +0.1%]

As expected, after Qin Fang changed the dough for a new one, something really happened. The [Noodle Making] skill also showed its effect, as Qin Fang could feel his hands moving by itself, and the dough in his hand was also constantly dancing around. He was making movements like that of professional noodles making chef that Qin Fang had seen before.



The noodle strand broke!

<[Disastrously Made Noodles—The maker of this is really too lazy, this type of noodle is really just a weapon used to murder someone]>

Looking at the noodle strand, no, the two noodle strands in his hands that was already a huge improvement from his first one, Qin Fang begrudgingly accepted the harsh evaluation by the notice. However, a smile started forming on his face.

Breaking the noodle while making it was extremely natural. Qin Fang was in the end, but a beginner at making noodles. If he could compare to those professional noodle making chefs in such a short time, then wouldn’t they all have to go bang their heads against the wall?

“I don’t believe that I won’t be able to make a whole bowl of noodles today…”

While not noticing how his words if heard to others would render them speechless, and forgetting that there was somebody, Tang Fei Fei, waiting for him to make a meal for her in his room, Qin Fang started focusing on making more noodles.

<[Beginner Noodles Making] skill, EXP +0.1%>

<[Beginner Noodles Making] skill, EXP +0.1%>

<[Beginner Noodles Making] skill, EXP +0.1%>

<[Beginner Noodles Making] skill, EXP +0.1%>


Qin Fang himself already cannot remember how many times have the game-like notifications appeared already, and had also forgotten how many times a [Disastrously Made Noodle], noodles that havd to go through ‘dancing’ in his hands every time to be formed, had appeared in his hands.

And after using all the dough lumps, Qin Fang had no choice but to mix all the dough together and start making new dough again. After that, he started making noodles again……..

Though he continued failing, the EXP of the [Beginner Noodles Making] skill has been rising all the time. Despite the fact that the degree of rise each time was small, it did not stop Qin Fang from persevering in this laborious task.

As the EXP rose, the improvement Qin Fang made had also become more apparent. The suffix attached to the name of the noodle made has also started undergoing some changes.

For example, from [Disastrously Made Noodles] at the start, it became [Not Death Inducing Noodles], and then became [Barely Edible Noodles]… in other words, there were changes that showed his apparent improvement in skill.

The noodles he had been making has also become finer. From ridiculously thick at the start, to about the thickness of a newborn baby’s arm, then to the thickness of a chopstick, and finally, down to a normal noodle’s thickness…

Gradually, the noodles Qin Fang was making were now looking like real noodles, and not shaped like a murder weapon like the first one he made anymore.

Translator : Saquacon
Proofreader : Kerrigan

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    1. Saquacon Post author

      You can see it on the image. It’s a Chinese novel. Since nobody has translated it before, I took the liberty of translating the title myself to Omni Genius. It’s original is 全能奇才. It is ongoing, with 3000+ chapters.

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    Thanks for picking up this project.
    BTW a suffix is at the end of a word, Used here were actually prefixes.
    Ex Terrible Noodles of Death, “Terrible” would be a prefix and “Of Death” would be the suffix.
    Hope this helps.

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