Omni Genius – Chapter 30: Fei Fei’s Invitation

“Sis Muxue, let me wash Qin Fang’s clothes instead!”


What made Qin Fang feel happy was not only that Tang Fei Fei said he was her boyfriend, but also the fact that she was actually snatching the right to wash his clothes. Especially when there were some of his underwear among the clothes. If this was known by his classmates who knew them, who knew how many would madly scream “A top grade cabbage was given to a pig!”

(T/N: Don’t ask me about Chinese metaphors. Sometimes, they are just like that. This particular one means that a pig had found and made his own a valuable item, the cabbage. Kinda like truffles you know?)


Tang Fei Fei was without a doubt the fresh, fresh ‘top grade cabbage’ in many people’s eyes. But Qin Fang knew that he was not that ‘pig’. Even if he was a little hopeful, he knew that being her boyfriend in name was the first step in a thousand mile conquest.


“No need for that. I’m almost finished already. You all can go and do your own things.”


Xiao Muxue smiled, and stopped Tang Feifei who was preparing to come over with those kind words.


“En, that’s fine too. Then I will talk with you instead…”


Tang Feifei was only pretending. If you really asked her to wash Qin Fang’s clothes, she wouldn’t be willing to. She immediately squatted beside Xiao Muxue cheerfully, and the two started talking. Noticing that Qin Fang was standing there in a daze, Tang Feifei hmphed again.


“Didn’t you say that you were going to wash your face and brush your teeth? Don’t tell me that you want to go out like that.”


Of course, what accompanied her words was a disdainful roll of the eyes.


“I’m going, I’m going now!”


Qin Fang was like the follower of a rich young lady, and the moment the lady gave an order, he carried it out subserviently.


When Qin Fang finished washing himself up and came back, the two pretty ladies who were still a little hostile towards each other just now was now as close as real sisters. The house was filled with the sounds of talking and laughter. As for Qin Fang’s clothes, they were already hung up to dry outside.


“These two beauties, it’s already quite late. We should go and open up our stall already…”


Looking at the colour of the sky, it should be around eight in the morning, and quite some time had passed since the start of breakfast rush hour. They really could not drag out their opening time anymore.


“Open stall? Open what stall? Could it be that I didn’t tell you that we are not opening stall today?”


Tang Feifei asked with a very shocked tone. Her facial expression became strange, and then she looked at Qin Fang. His face looked like he was at a lost.  She then started murmuring in doubt.


“Did I really not tell him?”


“It’s all your fault! You made me angry, causing me to forget about the important matters…”


In the end, Tang Feifei confirmed that she did not say anything, and then rolled her eyes at Qin Fang while scolding him jokingly. Towards Tang Feifei accusation, Qin Fang could only laugh helplessly, and couldn’t say anything back.


“Okay, don’t be angry already. Let’s talk about the important matters first. I came here so early to ask you to accompany me to a gathering…”


Tang Feifei only blamed Qin Fang in jest, and didn’t really mean it in her heart. She immediately smiled at Qin Fang and stated her real objective.




After hearing that word, Qin Fang’s face became dark.


Even if his age was not big, but after attending a few gatherings, he already knew the purpose of it. If not a place for showing off their girlfriends/boyfriends, then it was a place to show off one’s wealth. Hearing Tang Feifei inviting him to go, his heart was instantly reluctant.


Regarding his own worth and place, Qin Fang knew in his heart how low it was. He really did not like such pointless gatherings.


“Don’t think wrongly! The gathering will only have Li Yao, Fang Min, and a few other female classmates. Summer holiday is almost ending, and we are going to go our separate ways soon. Those girls are going to universities outside of this city, so we decided to gather before we go off on our respective roads. We are going to White Jade Mountain to have a BBQ party.”


Seeing that Qin Fang’s face was dark, Tang Feifei added with a smile. However, her eyes that were fixed on Qin Fang told another story. Her eyes conveyed the message that if Qin Fang rejected her invitation, she would pounce on and literally bite Qin Fang.


“So it’s like this… okay…”


The girls Tang Feifei mentioned were their classmates in high school, and their relationship with Tang Feifei was quite good. Qin Fang accepted because he knew that at least the girls Tang Feifei mentioned were not bad people.


“Yay! This is great!”


Seeing that Qin Fang agreed, Tang Feifei immediately made a double ‘V’ sign, and started laughing loudly.


Actually, Tang Feifei didn’t say that the girls asked her out not only to BBQ and go swimming. They had an extra condition, and it was to bring a male companion along.


Tang Feifei was very pretty and cute, and naturally had a lot of suitors. A pity that Tang Feifei did not fancy those people, and only had a slightly better relationship with Qin Fang. Additionally, Qin Fang was not the type to take advantage of girls, and that was why she made him a replacement. Last but not least, since she had already somehow become Qin Fang’s ‘girlfriend’ in name, it became even more natural.


“Then you better quickly change your clothes. We are going immediately…”


Due to resolving the misunderstanding taking up quite some time, Tang Feifei was in quite the rush. Thus, she pulled Qin Fang away to ask him to change his clothes. However, the moment she said ‘change clothes’ she noticed Xiao Muxue who was awkwardly standing at the side.


“Sorry, Sis Muxue. I forgot about you…”


Xiao Muxue was now wearing Qin Fang’s clothes. If they were to go, not only would Xiao Muxue not have clothes to wear, even getting something to eat was a problem.


“Why not Qin Fang and I go buy some clothes you like for you?”


The impish Tang Feifei’s heart was actually quite good, and understood that Xiao Muxue was in an awkward situation. Thus she took the initiative to offer a suggestion.


“No need, you guys can go and play. The weather is so hot, so the clothes would quickly dry. I will buy the clothes myself later.”


Xiao Muxue smiled, and pointed at the clothes that were drying.


“We better…”


Though what Xiao Muxue said was logical, Tang Feifei still felt quite sorry, and wanted to continue to persuade her. However, just as she was about to, she saw a sleepy Big Sis Pan walking out of the room.


“Hmmm? Little Qin, Feifei, why are you not at the stall when it is so late already?”


Big Sis Pan had a shop at South Gate Market, but usually didn’t go very early. She always directly went to eat breakfast at Qin Fang’s stall after they opened. She didn’t think that today Qin Fang and Tang Feifei would be at home, and did not open stall. She couldn’t help but mutter in her heart, “*sigh*, looks like I have to spend my own money for breakfast today…”


Qin Fang didn’t know about the thoughts in Big Sis Pan’s heart, but after hearing her words, he suddenly realised. He realised that Tang Feifei, Xiao Muxue and himself all haven’t eaten breakfast. In fact, he was really a little hungry.


“Big Sis Pan, Feifei and I have something to do today, so we are not running the stall. You two must be hungry, right? I will go and make some noodles for you!”


Currying the favour of the pretty girls at an opportune time was obviously not forgotten by Qin Fang. He immediately offered to make food for the two ladies with a smile. When he saw Big Sis Pan stopping, he noticed her expression, and added another sentence.


“Big Sis Pan, I will make a bowl for you too. You should be hungry too, right?”


Though he wasn’t going to open the stall, but the difficulty of making noodles was only in making the noodle strands. Other parts were relatively easier, and could easily be accomplished in a normal household kitchen.


“I’m only left with a little more EXP to raise the [Noodle Making] skill to Intermediate…”


Looking at the skill page, the EXP for the Beginner skill had almost reached the full 100%.


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    1. Waht

      Because apparently, this is a very, very Japanese story, writing by a very Chinese person. You get Xianxia’s irrationally evil opponents that antagonize the MC for the flimsiest of reasons, and the Jap’s passive-aggressive MC who takes everything like a sponge, and can only react to stimuli.
      The fact that this story tried to push romance over anything else, just made me lose interest quite severely. Telling me how much their nipples protrude through their shirts and that the MC “accidently” rubs their breasts as he’s getting slapped across the face isn’t my thing.
      For the rest of ye, have fun ya’ll.

  1. Hur Hur Hur

    Don’t really like the trend we’re the MC of a story is always told what too do my the main female lead or females since like come on you gonna tell me you aren’t even a bit upset that you got slapped and told off????

    1. Waht

      Chinese setting, Japanese protagonist. A horrible combination.
      Everything wants to destroy the MC (other than women), and the MC is a passive pussy when it comes to women, but a complete monster when it comes to men.
      Although, I preferred it when it was more Chinese than Japanese, really. At least it was balanced.
      You can’t show us an alpha OP-MC, and then dump him into “romantic comedy anime mode”, in which he goes 100% Japanese by being pussy-whipped.

      1. Waht

        Hate for the past few chapters aside, I guess those who hate the existence of the girls, should wait a few more chapters so the author can go back to focus on the game mechanics, and skip over everything else.

        1. XiaXinia

          if he mans up, it would be fine. i don’t hate the girls, i just hate that he lets feifei walk all over him and order him around, especially when she isn’t even his woman. if its like this the whole time, i’ll definitely drop it. its the whole reason i stopped watching anime and reading manga.

          1. Waht

            I guarantee to you, that it won’t ever stop. The author clearly wants to write his story this way. The MC will NEVER “get some balls”, why would he? He’s like this right now because it’s easier to write for the author, which is also why we see it so much in amateuristic webnovels.
            That being the case, as long as the author also has enough chapters in which there are them game-mechanics, I won’t have a reason to stop reading. It’s fun to read, when it’s not about boobies. I got Corruption of Champions if I want to read something ‘dirty’ y;

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