Omni Genius – Chapter 31: Skill Upgrade, Evolving To [Main Skill]

Author’s Notes:

I had planned to write about an adulterous relationship in the last chapter, but obviously failed. Back to the story, lots of awesome skills will be appearing from now on, so enjoy~


After reaching the kitchen, Qin Fang started preparing the girls’ breakfast. Though making noodles was simple, Qin Fang still made it meticulously.

The flour were all there for the taking. Since Qin Fang was running a noodle stall, he naturally could not make do without basic ingredients such as flour, and had an abundance of them in the kitchen. He quickly made the flour into dough proficiently, and started pulling noodles.


The EXP of the skill had already reached Beginner 100%. All he needed was to take another step, and he could raise the skill to Intermediate. Qin Fang couldn’t help but hold expectations toward an [Intermediate Noodle Making] skill.


*pa pa pa*


A lump of dough was carefully kneaded in Qin Fang’s hands a few times, and then he started pulling the noodles. As he moved both his hands, lots of ‘whoosh’ sounds could be heard, and the noodles would from time to time have an intimate encounter with the kitchen table, making the ‘pa pa pa’ sounds.


<[Noodle Making] skill proficiency 100%, Skill level upgraded to Intermediate>


<Due to [Noodle Making] skill undergoing an upgrade, it has evolved to a [Main Skill], [Culinary Art]>


[Culinary Art]

Skill proficiency: Intermediate

EXP: 0%


<Feature to evolve skills to [Main Skill] unlocked. Please search for more [Main Skill] on your own.>


Qin Fang didn’t even finish pulling his noodles, and yet a series of words resounded in his head. This immediately made Qin Fang dumbstruck, and he even forgot about pulling the almost finished noodles in his hands.


“[Main Skill]? [Culinary Art]?”


Qin Fang’s brain was slightly puzzled. The [Culinary Art] skill was self-explanatory, and could easily be understood. However, the thing about skills evolving to [Main Skill] was what made Qin Fang puzzled.


“Could it be that [Noodle Making] is considered as a part of [Culinary Art], which is equivalent to a sub-skill in a game? And [Culinary Art] is a [Main] skill that covers more skills? En, it should be like that…”


Even if the [Main Skill] was acquired suddenly, Qin Fang was still very happy in his heart. Unconsciously, he opened up his skill page, and saw that in the skills listed there really was a [Culinary Art] written there. At the same time, there were a few branches from [Culinary Art], but because Qin Fang had not learned other sub-skills yet, only [Noodle Making] was able to be used among all of them.


[Main Skill]: [Culinary Art]

Skill proficiency: Intermediate

Description: Can cook all sorts of delicious food, Deliciousness+5


Though the content of the description of the [Main] skill was very little, it made Qin Fang very happy. This [Main Skill] [Culinary Art] actually directly started from Intermediate! This skipped the whole Beginner stage, which saved Qin Fang a lot of trouble.


As for the ‘Deliciousness +5’, it was yet another new type of property. For now, Qin Fang could not determine its effects accurately. However, deducing from the word’s meaning, its effect should be making food he made even more delicious. (T/N: Thanks, Sherlock!)


“Qin Fang, is the noodle ready? We are all hungry already…”


Just when Qin Fang was feeling light-headed from joy, Tang Feifei’s voice came from outside. At the same time, the laughter of three girls could be heard.


“It’s almost ready already!”


Qin Fang immediately replied loudly, and took another lump of dough to start pulling noodles again.


After the [Noodle Making] skill advanced to Intermediate, there was a glaring difference between when it was still at Beginner proficiency. The best thing about the skill advancement was that Qin Fang felt that the process of making noodle was much easier now. His hands moved even faster, and his actions became even smoother.


Pulling noodles, putting it into the pot, taking it out of the pot… in between, Qin Fang even had time to prepare the seasonings.


Perhaps due to the effects of the [Main Skill] [Culinary Art], even the way Qin Fang prepared the seasonings became more precise and fast. In his brain, there was a soft voice directly telling Qin Fang what type of seasonings and how much of it was needed to make the dish more delicious.


Even if Qin Fang had already tried his best to season as the voice told him, in the end, he still had only recently acquired this skill. He couldn’t add the exact amount the voice told him to, and still added a little more or a little less.


With an increased speed and smoother movements, the three bowls of noodles were quickly completed. He immediately put the bowls onto a tray and brought it out for the three outside.


“Noodle’s coming!”


Of course, when Qin Fang tried to be funny and called out a phrase that waiters in TV dramas would shout, it immediately caused the three girls to laugh out loud.


Laughing was laughing, but the three girls would not let their stomach make any more noises. They immediately sat down and started eating.


“Ah~ so hungry! I will start eating first!”


As Qin Fang’s ‘girlfriend’, Tang Feifei naturally started eating first. Without even caring about the other two, she directly used her chopsticks to send the noodles into her mouth.


Xiao Muxue and Big Sis Pan naturally won’t be willing to wait anymore too. Starving was not a pleasant experience after all.


Only, before they could even start eating, they realised that Tang Feifei’s face was very strange, or more specifically, frozen.


“What is it? Is the noodle not nice?”


Before Big Sis Pan said anything, Xiao Muxue who was already on very close terms with Tang Feifei casually asked. She then unconsciously ate a mouth of noodles, and her eyes went wide.


“It’s so delicious…!”


Big Sis Pan was a little suspicious. Though Qin Fang’s noodles were not bad, she had already eaten it for so many days, and had at least gotten used to it somewhat already. Tang Feifei even more so, as she was eating it everyday. However, Big Sis Pan had never seen Tang Feifei making the face she was now after eating Qin Fang’s noodles before.


As for Xiao Muxue, she didn’t really mind her reaction. After all, it was her first time eating Qin Fang’s noodles, and most people would be surprised when it was their first time trying it. She only thought that Xiao Muxue was exaggerating.


She shook her head, while criticising Xiao Muxue in her mind that she didn’t have much experience. After that, she lowered her head, and sent a mouth of noodles into her mouth without minding it much.


“En, the flavour’s quite good! There’s improvement…”


During the first taste, Big Sis Pan didn’t really notice anything, and only felt that the flavour of the soup had improved considerably. But before she could finish her thoughts, the noodles went into her stomach, and the flavour of it finally came out. Thus, her face also froze like Tang Feifei’s too.


“Qin Fang, what drug did you put into the soup?”


“Qin Fang, you didn’t put any drugs into the soup, right?”


Tang Feifei and Big Sis Pan said at almost the same time, and directly glared at him while asking menacingly.


Both of them ate Qin Fang’s noodles every day. However, the flavour of yesterday’s noodles compared to today’s noodles was completely different, like it was made by two different people. In other words, today’s noodles didn’t taste like one made by Qin Fang at all. After all, today’s noodles was really too awesome.


“This… is it really that good?”


Being asked so fiercely by the two, even Qin Fang got a little scared. These three bowls of noodles were made just after his [Noodle Making] skill advanced to Intermediate. He himself did not even know what it tasted like.


“It’s delicious.”


“It’s very delicious.”


“It’s extremely delicious!”


The three girls looked at each other, and nodded their heads at the same. They then each gave their unbiased opinion on his noodles, making Qin Fang scared of their praise.


Though he knew that advancing the skill to Intermediate would show an improvement in the taste, he did not think that the improvement would be that big. Even Tang Feifei and Bis Sis Pan felt that the noodle wasn’t made by Qin Fang at all.


“Oh yeah, this must be the doing of the ‘Deliciousness +5’…”


Just as when Qin Fang was befuddled, he suddenly thought that the change in taste wasn’t simply due to the [Noodle Making] skill advancing to the Intermediate level. There was also another skill that he acquired, which was the [Main Skill] [Culinary Art]. And [Culinary Art] had a property, which was ‘Deliciousness +5’.


The three girls having such a big reaction was without a doubt due to the dish becoming ridiculously more delicious. Isn’t this due to the ‘Deliciousness +5’?


“This… I just learned a new secret recipe for the seasoning, so…”


Seeing the three girls who were looking at him with sharp gazes, Qin Fang simply held his head, and said so embarrassedly.


“Oh, so that’s it…”




The three girls said the same thing at the same time, and after looking at each other, lowered their heads at the same time yet again and started attacking their noodles.


Big Sis Pan was still okay, as she was older and had a more rough demeanour, with a slightly rougher eating habit. She was always the type to make sounds when eating. However, even Tang Feifei who was a prim and proper girl and Xiao Muxue who was a gentle and quiet girl ate roughly like Big Sis Pan. The scene of the girls wolfing down their food with no grace at all made black lines appear over Qin Fang’s head.

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    4 – They all forgot their manners and started wolfing down the noodles , yeah sure as hell that says they feel easy around you or that food is just too delicious , its actually a big red sign . In front of you they didn’t bother to act even slightly timid like they probably don’t even see you as a person of opposite sex that they’re interested in.
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