Omni Genius – Chapter 32: The Power Of ‘Deliciousness +5’

The fact that the three girls didn’t find pursue the matter anymore after he used the ‘I used a secret sauce’ excuse made Qin Fang happy.


Big Sis Pan didn’t pursue the matter as the matter didn’t concern her at all. She was only Passerby A who was freeloading her meals, and her opinion was not of any importance. Thus, she naturally was lazy to ask the real reason. After all, even if she did, Qin Fang probably won’t say anything anyways.

For Xia Muxue, it was because she had seen with her own eyes the exchange between Qin Fang and Strong Rat. She heard with her very own ears Strong Rat telling a secret sauce recipe to Qin Fang. Thus, she naturally thought that Qin Fang’s noodles being so delicious was due to the secret sauce he spoke of.


As for Tang Feifei, it was because she was a girl who never had to worry about clothing and food. In other words, she was inexperienced in life. Thus, being quite simple minded, coupled with the identity of being Qin Fang’s ‘girlfriend’ and business partner, she was the happiest when Qin Fang showed such great improvement. Also, she had heard from Qin Fang something about the secret recipe too, though it was just a single sentence summary.


She didn’t think much of it when Qin Fang first told her, and now that she thought of it, she thought that the noodles being so delicious was a given now.


After convincing the girls that he didn’t put anything weird in the noodles thereby coaxing them, Qin Fang looked at the three girls wolfing down his noodles. He was obviously very happy, especially when looking at the Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue, the two pretty girls, eating. Though their way of eating was not elegant, it gave a sense of wildness instead.


*rumble rumble rumble*


As Qin Fang looked at the girls eating in a daze, his stomach started grumbling. Due to being happy, he actually forgot he himself had not eaten breakfast yet!


“Give me another bowl…”


“Me too!”


“This… I also want another bowl too!”


But the moment he turned around to go make food for himself, the girls behind him had already vanquished the noodles. They then started shouting out to him for more, almost making Qin Fang trip and fall.


For Big Sis Pan, knowing that she was quite a big eater – which caused her to get fat in the first place – Qin Fang had already given her extra noodles. It was definitely enough for even a big man to be half full.


For Tang Feifei, she wanted to keep her sexy body, and thus was very strict about her food intake. She never allowed herself to binge, and Qin Fang was used to her consumption habits already. Thus, he who had already grasped how much Tang Feifei ate for every meal gave her exactly how much she will eat usually.


For Xiao Muxue however, Qin Fang really didn’t know how much she ate. But, looking at her body figure, though she was a little bigger than Tang Feifei in one particular area, it was still around the same. Thus, Qin Fang gave her about as much as Tang Feifei’s portion.


That was why the result was so surprising for Qin Fang. Not only did they finish enough noodles to make them full in practically an instant, they even wanted more…


“Errr… are you guys sure?”


Fearing that he had heard wrongly, the doubtful Qin Fang asked them again for confirmation.


“Quickly go!”


And the three girls shouted out in unison. Against their power, Qin Fang had no choice but to endure his hunger and go and make noodles for them again.


Not long after, another three bowls of noodles were ready. The portion this time was not much different from the first batch, but Qin Fang estimated it should be enough to stuff the three girls.


This time, Qin Fang didn’t stupidly stand around and look at them eat anymore. After serving the noodles, he ran back to the kitchen to make a big bowl of noodles for himself. The portion was substantial, and at the same time, he noticed the properties of the noodles.


<[Very Delicious Ramen]—The taste is superb, the seasoning exquisite. Your cooking has improved!>


Qin Fang first looked at the evaluation. It was definitely much better than his first bowl of noodles which was evaluated as a [Simply Made Noodle].


He then looked at the item description.


[Very Delicious Ramen]

Consumption will increase HP +4, Physical Abilities +30%, Happiness +10%


The properties at the front didn’t differ much from the old bowls of ramen. However, at the end, there was another ‘Happiness +10%’. The value of the stat was two times that of the special dumplings made by Uncle Wang. And the special dumpling was definitely better than normal dumplings by a lot, with just a Happiness +5%.


“From the looks of things, my business have no choice but to be flaming hot, huh?”


After seeing the description, Qin Fang naturally first thought of how his business would be affected. His ramen were quite good, but its sauce was ordinary. If not, he wouldn’t have mind about Strong Rat’s secret sauce recipe so much.


He did not think that before he could even research the [Secret Sauce Recipe] he got, he would get a [Main Skill], which even gave him ‘Deliciousness +5’ stat. This immediately raised his ramen’s standards to a whole new level.


Just from the three girl’s reaction, Qin Fang did not need to think to know that his business would also raise to a whole new level too.


“Should I just give up on school, and focus on doing business?”


Qin Fang’s couldn’t help but think about his mother who was still toiling hard at home. He really hoped that she could live a better life.


“No, no I can’t. Mother worked so hard just for me. For me to be able to have a bright future. I can’t disappoint her!”


Qin Fang quickly rejected the plan to dropout from school.


So what if his noodle business became extremely good? All he could do was expand his business, and upgrade to become a noodle restaurant, and that was the limit. Could he earn enough money to own big businesses like hotels through selling noodles? No!


Why was his ramen so good? Was it not because he could gain and raise the level of skills? Furthermore, this was an ability no one but him had. He could not possibly be a chef for his whole life, right? This was obviously not his goal. This, his conclusion was…


“Skills. I want to learn more skills.”


Qin Fang this time was really for of expectation towards the mysterious skills. He firmly believed that with this ability, he would definitely be able to earn a lot of money to let his mother retire in peace and stop working so hard.


“*tsk* *tsk*, the taste is as expected, quite good!”


After tasting his first bowl of ramen that was made with his new skills, Qin Fang was instantly tempted to swallow the noodles whole to the point of swallowing his tongue too. Luckily, he was still quite rational, and ate like a normal person.


When Qin Fang quickly finished his noodles, the three girls had also finished their second bowl too. Now, they were patting their belly and groaning.


“I’m stuffed!… *burp*”


No need to say, this was Big Sis Pan. As always, she behaved like a man, and even her burps were so shockingly loud.


“So full…”


This was Xiao Muxue. Even though she was very full, she was still quite reserved till the very end.


“My slimming diet… Qin Fang! Give me back my broken diet! %#&@!*%!”


That was… obviously Tang Feifei. Qin Fang did know that she had a diet going on, and… she obviously completely broke it today. By herself too. 


“What!? These three beauties, I did ask if you are sure you wanted more beforehand…”


Facing the fierce gazes of the three girls, Qin Fang could only stretch his friends in front of him, and made a helpless look. (T/N: Honestly, if put in Qin Fang’s situation, I would run away. Girls get irrational when their diet is broken. Well, at least my sister did and effing chased me all over the house for giving her snacks to eat. T.T She was the one who took it too…)


“You still dare retort?! … It’s all your fault, it’s all your fault! I want to punish you, I will punish you!”


The other two wasn’t that mad, but Tang Feifei was infuriated. She incessantly complained to Qin Fang while thinking up of all sorts of ways to punish Qin Fang. Suddenly, she caught sight of an old second-hand bicycle in the yard. Her eyes lit up, and she immediately had an idea.


“Yes! This is it! We won’t ride a car to White Jade Mountain. You will use the bicycle to get me there!”


“Ummm… please, no…”


Hearing Tang Feifei’s punishment, Qin Fang immediately felt his legs tremblings. He started begging for mercy, and his face really looked like a small puppy begging for forgiveness after pooping in the house. However, in his heart, he was screaming, “WTF?! The distance between here and White Jade Mountain is at least 20km!”


“No can do. You have to use the bicycle to send me there. Hehe, are you gonna do it, or not?”


However, facing Qin Fang’s plead for mercy, Tang Feifei used a hand gesture that looked very much like what a sadism queen would do to reject his pleadings. She then looked at Qin Fang with a very sadistic face, and looked really like a little fox.


“Fine! You win!”


Under the coercion of Queen Tang Feifei’s sinister threat, Qin Fang gritted his teeth and agreed. However, when his eyes passed by the bicycle, a smile rose on his lips without him knowing. After all, the bicycle was on the smaller side. If two people were to ride on it, the person behind would either have to pull on or hug the person in front to stay on it. 


Obviously, the one in front pedaling would be Qin Fang, and Tang Feifei would be the person behind. With that arrangement… let’s just say it will be a blessed situation. (T/N: Sneaky Qin Fang!)

Translator’s Notes:

As the guys working on this translation, aka me and Kerrigan’s exam results had just been released, we will be temporarily held up. Thus, you might not see chapters up even if it was scheduled to. No worries, though. We will properly keep track on how many we owe! As of now, we still owe one for not posting on 10th January. Please continue supporting us despite the inconsistency! We are chapter by chapter closer to Chapter 65!


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    1. XiaXinia

      she’s a bitch and he’s a pussy. i liked her in the beginning but now she is just starting to piss me off. i hope he grows a backbone soon. if anyone has read ahead, can they let me know if he stops being a pussy.

      1. Saquacon Post author

        Ermmm, you misunderstand. Qin Fang could have rejected this punishment if he wanted to, but he didn’t. He was taking advantage of the situation to get some ‘intimate’ contact. As said in the chapter. That’s why he’s sneaky. As for whether Feifei is a bitch or not, I’m 100% sure she is not. Unless you consider all tsunderes in anime history a bitch.

        1. XiaXinia

          yes, i consider most of them bitches, there extremely few that i like. my hate for them started with louise from zero no tsukaima. i’ve pretty much loathed them ever since.

          even excluding this time, he cowers every time she gets angry, and does what she wants. as long as she gets an angry look on her face, he caves. also, he agreed even before he looked at the bike. that was when he noticed what kind it was and got happy. he didn’t do it for the intimate contact, that was a bonus. he would have done it regardless.

          “Fine! You win!”

          Under the coercion of Queen Tang Feifei’s sinister threat, Qin Fang gritted his teeth and agreed. However, when his eyes passed by the bicycle, a smile rose on his lips without him knowing.

          he clearly didn’t know before he agreed

          1. XiaXinia

            hm, now that i read it again, this sentence “however, when his eyes passed by the bicycle, a smile rose on his lips without him knowing” can be interpreted 2 ways. either he already knew, or just realized it. if it its the first one then i am in the wrong. though outside of this one case, he is still a pussy.

        2. Waht

          Mr.Translator, just so you know, what you wrote precisely equals what internet folks address as “a beta fag”. He eats the figurative boot that stumps down on him, just so he can get some “intimate action” with the opposite sex.
          Now, one of the main issues with this sort of writing style, is that it is not used to portray the “femdom” genre, in which the audience actually enjoys an alpha female dominating a male — instead, it is just used “for laughs”. Because, if a female gets angry, surely she cannot ever harm a male. A woman’s punch or temper, is “harmless”, according to these stories. It’s only seen as ‘cute’. But there are people who find that unacceptable, they do not want emotionally inept *children* in their “romantic” stories.

          Seriously. If you think about it, most “romance” in anime, just has the protagonist act as the harem’s father. They are his little baby girls, and they look up to him for emotional guidance and support as their daddy. The issue is that anime cannot possibly conceive of the idea of adult relationships, and quite a lot of webnovels cannot grasp what mature relationships even look like, instead getting stuck within the tender age of “I pull her hair because I don’t know how else to get close to her” 10 years old.

          Now, I just want to say, that I hope you don’t take offense here. This rant is here to define from start to finish, why “tsunderes can be a problem”, since it seems like you’re not particularly savvy on the issues people have with them.

          And Xiaxinia, as I said — this story will evidently NEVER stop have the MC behave like a bent twig whenever women are involved. It’s a basic rule in writing: the easiest way to write anything, is to bully your MC, and you can see that in most Jap stories, and in plenty amateuristic webnovels in which the author has very little idea how the next chapter looks like. I tried writing a bit myself, and I very quickly found myself in a position in which I couldn’t stop tormenting my main character, just because I thought it’d really funny to see their reaction. But as we clearly see, that can be incredibly irritating for some, but it will never go away.
          Peace out, folks.

          1. XiaXinia

            well said, bro! this is the entire reason i stopped watching anime, reading manga and JLN. the fact that all the mc’s where dense, punching bags and that it never went anywhere romantically. i know he has sex in this series though but that isn’t enough to make up for being a punching bag. i’ll give it a while to see if my mind changes.

  1. Christian

    this girl remind me of Sakura too abusive for my taste she just earn the 2nd place as my most hated webnovel woman i’m starting to feel a japanese vibe in this story which i hate so much because every-single MC in j-novel is either too stupid or too idiot there’s no argument same could be said in every-single japanese novel/anime/manga which always focus on abusing and degrading the male mc which is disgusting for me. Anyway sorry for ranting i’ll just see where this novel is going if this one will be good or just gonna be another pathetic jap-inspired chinese novel which i said again is always failure

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