Omni Genius – Chapter 33: Skill: [Riding]

“Dear Tang Feifei, please think about it once more properly. Going to White Jade Mountain is not a short trip. Going by car is definitely more comfortable than riding this bicycle there…”

When the punishment was decided, Qin Fang and Tang Feifei proceeded to go to White Jade Mountain. When Qin Fang pushed the bicycle onto the road, he couldn’t help but try to struggle out of this situation once more. He still had to think about his poor legs after all.


“Don’t think about escaping! I’m sitting on the bicycle! Haha~”


Tang Feifei was like a wily little fox, and thought that this was the worst punishment possible for Qin Fang she can administer him. A pity that even if Qin Fang was punished severely, her belly was still quite round, and her diet was definitely broken already.


“Fine, let’s go then…”


Though 20km was definitely not a short distance, if he could cycle that distance while being so close to someone as pretty as Tang Feifei, then Qin Fang thought it would be worth it to suffer for awhile. It was why he agreed to this punishment in the first place, instead of struggling vehemently.


After wiping the bicycle clean, Qin Fang and Tang Feifei said goodbye to Xiao Muxue who was watching the house and went on their way.


“Get on, Tang Feifei.”


After stabilising the bicycle, Qin Fang asked Tang Feifei to get on first. The expression on his face was as serious as ever, and had a hint of unwillingness. However, if you looked into his eyes, you could see some happiness in it.


Tang Feifei lifted up the edges of her skirt, and sat sideways on the back seat of the bicycle. The sitting position was quite good, not exposing anything at all, but Qin Fang accidentally saw some of Tang Feifei’s skin when she lifted her skirt up. His breathing immediately got rough from the unexpected eye candy.


*Inhale* *Exhale* *Inhale* *Exhale*


After secretly taking some deep breaths, he finally calmed down the urges a virgin male would have upon seeing that scene. Qin Fang then got onto the bicycle himself. He then suddenly stepped really hard on the pedal, and instantly, a great force propelled the bicycle forward. The acceleration of the bike due to Qin Fang’s actions was fast, and sudden.


Though his pedaling seemed like nothing, Tang Feifei who was behind was immediately destabilised by Qin Fang’s sudden pedaling and started shaking. Almost instinctively, she curled her arms around Qin Fang’s waist to finally stabilise herself again. (T/N: We all know you did it purposely, Qin Fang!)


Only, the position the two were in now looked really close. Especially during such a hot summer day, all the clothes they were wearing were really thin. Tang Feifei could clearly feel through her palms Qin Fang’s body temperature. What she felt even more, however, was the packs of abdominal muscles that were slightly protruding at Qin Fang’s abdomens.


“I didn’t think that Qin Fang, who looks so thin, would have abs!”


Maybe all girls who were reserved and pure had a little naughtiness in them, like how girls who were more naughty and open unexpectedly had their pure sides too. Akin to how Yin had a little Yang in them and vice versa… Anyways, what Tang Feifei first thought in her heart when she touched Qin Fang was not shame and thinking that this situation couldn’t be helped, but about Qin Fang’s abs instead.


“Ah! How shameless…”


However, Tang Feifei recovered quickly, and immediately felt she did something indecent. She couldn’t resist the urge to scold herself in her heart, and her white skin immediately got red. She also lowered her head in shame, and was almost hiding behind Qin Fang’s back already. However, her hand continued to stay on Qin Fang’s abs, not willing to leave even after a long while.


Qin Fang should be happy for being able to be in such close contact with a beauty like Tang Feifei. The hand on his abs were actually slightly moving, and should it move down even a little further, then…


However, what he was thinking about was not about the intimate contact, but…


<Skill acquired: [Riding]>



Skill Proficiency: Beginner

EXP: 0%

Description: Riding on a mount can raise movement speed by a set amount. The movement speed increased is determined by skill proficiency and EXP, and also by the quality of the mount.


Qin Fang didn’t think that with just a single step, he would be able to acquire a new skill, which he had been trying to do for so long, but to no avail. Even if the skill was [Riding], something that looked really simple and useless.


“Are you fucking kidding me?!”


Seeing such a skill, Qin Fang really felt like gritting his teeth.


Recently, he has been trying all sorts of way to acquire more skills, but had never been successful. He didn’t think that after such difficulties, the way in which he acquired the skill and the skill he would acquire would be one that rendered people speechless. (T/N Notes: See? It’s not Qin Fang doesn’t want to acquire more skills and be badass. He simply doesn’t understand the system, yet…)


“[Riding], [Riding]… why didn’t you give me [Driving]?!”


Qin Fang felt helpless. He really couldn’t figure out what was the logic behind skill acquisition, and could only give a powerless retort.


“What is it, Qin Fang?”


When Qin Fang got depressed, he didn’t even notice when Tang Feifei asked him what was wrong. Only when Tang Feifei pinched his abs did he recover due to surprise.


“It’s nothing, I’m just preparing myself for the long, arduous journey ahead. It’s over 20 kilometres! A truly perilous and long journey indeed…”


Qin Fang turned his head back and gave a bright smile while making some jokes. However, his legs didn’t stop moving nor did it slow down.  Though the EXP of the [Riding] skill was indeed rising, it didn’t rise as fast as [Noodle Making] which increased by 0.1% every time a noodle was made, much less as terrifyingly fast as [Sneak Attack] which raised by 1% for a successful sneak attack. However, it won in the fact that a bicycle was continuously pedaled, so the sheer number of times the action was completed caused the overall EXP rise to be slightly faster than both skills.


“Why not… we take a car instead?”


Seeing Qin Fang’s state, Tang Feifei’s heart couldn’t help but soften. Thus, she asked as such. Even if she was still bitter about Qin Fang causing(?) her diet to be broken. (T/N: As I said, diets are not meant to be broken.)


“No need for that Tang Feifei. Actually, riding a bicycle is quite good. There won’t be traffic jams, and there will be a gentle breeze while we ride too. On top of that, I can even train my body, so it’s really not bad!”


Qin Fang was quite optimistic about this matter. There really were quite a few benefits to riding a bicycle, and most importantly… he wanted to raise the EXP of the [Riding] skill!


“Since you said so, thanks for your trouble!”


A pretty smile immediately appeared on Tang Feifei’s face. When she was still excited, her body slightly touched Qin Fang’s back, and her breasts obviously touched his back too. The sensation caused Qin Fang mind to go wild.


“Oh yeah! Qin Fang, you don’t need to call me Tang Feifei anymore, just call me Feifei from now on.” (T/N Notes: Yes, finally! Why am I so happy? See Translator’s Notes at the end.)


As her relationship with Qin Fang got closer, Tang Feifei also became more open. She even allowed Qin Fang to call her in a way she didn’t really like boys to call her by. This was Tang Feifei’s acknowledgment of Qin Fang in disguise, but Qin Fang didn’t know…




White Jade Mountain was located in the south-western region of Tranquil sea City and being next to a river, was a place with great sceneries. At the foot of the mountain, there was White Jade Lake which was not that big. However, with its clear water and scenery that looks like it was from a painting, it was suitable for BBQ, camping, and sightseeing. Especially when there was a resort beside it, White Jade Lake Resort, which scale and class was not bad at all. In fact, White Jade Lake Resort was one of the top class resorts in Tranquil Sea City. (T/N: The title ‘Resort With The Most Original Name’ belongs to… White Jade Lake Resort!)


White Jade Lake Resort, situated between White Jade Mountain and White Jade Lake. With very complete facilities, and a small-scale open BBQ area, it was a place where many people would go for camping and BBQ during weekends and holidays.


At the same time, White Jade Lake was a natural water play area. Swimming, touring the lake, diving, you could do almost anything water-related there.


And that was the place Qin Fang and Tang Feifei were going now. That was the place the classmates who were going to leave the city to further their studies planned their farewell party.


Translator’s Notes

I was really happy when Tang Feifei allowed Qin Fang to call her by Feifei. Cause it means less words for me to type. What else did you expect? Anyways, for those of you wondering, calling someone by only their name in Chinese culture is like calling someone their given name for the Japanese, calling someone by a nickname in English, etc. Anyways, it shows your familiarity with someone, and doing so without being allowed is considered rude. That’s why I have to suffer and type out full names all the time…


Anyways, I can finally release stuff! Damm those pirates (taking our works)! They should take a page from Luffy! I currently owe… 9 chapters?! Good luck me…

Staff List:

Saquacon (Translator)

June (PR)     


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